Sep 15 15:59:19 <ForestL>    !mods gaming
Sep 15 15:59:20 <redditBot>    r/gaming has 11 mods: qgyh2, Dacvak, V2Blast, AutoModerator, el_chupacupcake, Pylons, pastanate, airmandan, IKingJeremy, synbios16, and Thorse
Sep 15 15:59:28 <IKingJeremy>    Sup?
Sep 15 15:59:33 <ForestL>    http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/1mg2sw/video_footage_of_anita_sarkeesian_admitting_she/
Sep 15 15:59:37 <ForestL>    4chan raid
Sep 15 15:59:40 <ForestL>    http://boards.4chan.org/v/res/210029564
Sep 15 16:00:18 <IKingJeremy>    Investigating now.
Sep 15 16:00:22 <IKingJeremy>    Thanks for the heads up.
Sep 15 16:00:35 <ForestL>    IKingJeremy, automod removed the post in r/games
Sep 15 16:00:43 <ForestL>    it has 53 upvotes
Sep 15 16:00:46 <ForestL>    http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/1mg3wg/proof_that_anita_sarkeesian_is_a_fake_gamer_girl/
Sep 15 16:05:53 <Addyct>    http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/1mg2sw/video_footage_of_anita_sarkeesian_admitting_she/cc8wzhz?context=2
Sep 15 16:05:55 <Addyct>    lol…
Sep 15 16:07:13 <Addyct>    “SHE’S A THEIF AND A LIAR!” “but shes doing exactly what she said she was going to do with the money, how is that stealing?” “GET THIS SRS SHIT OUTTA HERE”
Sep 15 16:07:45 <ForestL>    I love when they try to raid….
Sep 15 16:13:39 <ForestL>    Paradox
Sep 15 16:14:23 <ForestL>    IKingJeremy, people are spamming the link, might want to watch out
Sep 15 16:14:35 <IKingJeremy>    I removed it.
Sep 15 16:14:46 <IKingJeremy>    I’ll keep an eye on others.
Sep 15 16:15:13 <IKingJeremy>    I’m watching football games, but I’ll check during commercials when I can.

Sep 15 18:39:39 <Paradox>    touch me again and i will squash you
Sep 15 18:39:48 *    Piemonkey licks Paradox
Sep 15 18:39:54 *    Paradox squashes Piemonkey
Sep 15 18:40:04 *    Piemonkey orgasms
Sep 15 18:41:06 <dzneill>    I got my gold by buying it…. well huey gave me a year once… but whatver…
Sep 15 18:42:03 <ForestL>    !mods videos
Sep 15 18:42:04 <redditBot>    r/videos has 14 mods: qgyh2, S2S2S2S2S2, illuminatedwax, doug3465, lukemcr, DrJulianBashir, videos_mod, relic2279, Geekymumma, GuitarFreak027, roger_, Lynda73, roger_bot, and mocotazo
Sep 15 18:42:16 <dzneill>    !mods dzneill
Sep 15 18:42:17 <redditBot>    r/dzneill has 3 mods: dzneill, noonches, and redtaboo
Sep 15 18:42:24 <ForestL>    this post might of been VM by 4chan, they raided r/games and r/gaming http://np.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/1mg948/video_footage_of_anita_sarkeesian_admitting_she/
Sep 15 18:42:24 <dzneill>    heh
Sep 15 18:44:31 <dzneill>    Who runs that bot? Because it needs to put a “/” before the subreddits,  /r/videos instead of r/videos, etc.
Sep 15 18:44:46 <meatcat>    Paradox,
Sep 15 18:44:53 <dzneill>    Paradox, wth
Sep 15 18:45:01 <HandicapperGeneral>    Paradox pls
Sep 15 18:45:46 <dzneill>    !mods meatcat
Sep 15 18:45:47 <redditBot>    r/meatcat has 1 mod: noonches
Sep 15 18:45:51 <dzneill>    hmm
Sep 15 18:46:33 <meatcat>    lol
Sep 15 18:50:07 <snarkypants>    http://np.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/1mg948/video_footage_of_anita_sarkeesian_admitting_she/cc90zzj
Sep 15 18:50:10 <snarkypants>    i like this comment
Sep 15 18:50:15 <snarkypants>    its how a feel about it
Sep 15 18:50:20 <snarkypants>    idk why everybody is all over her
Sep 15 18:51:40 <dzneill>    Yeah… I’ll be the first to say I have no fuckin’ clue who she is…
Sep 15 18:53:14 <ForestL>    dzneill, don’t get into a gaming sexism debate
Sep 15 18:53:18 <ForestL>    no matter what you think
Sep 15 18:53:20 <ForestL>    you lose
Sep 15 18:53:21 <dzneill>    I should have phrased that better, snarkypants, can you link me?
Sep 15 18:53:37 <snarkypants>    link you to what
Sep 15 18:53:40 <snarkypants>    what i guilded?
Sep 15 18:53:49 <fishingcat>    The internet is incapable of having a conversation about sexism
Sep 15 18:53:56 <fishingcat>    It just makes everyone stupid
Sep 15 18:54:00 <dzneill>    [17:50:21] <snarkypants> http://np.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/1mg948/video_footage_of_anita_sarkeesian_admitting_she/cc90zzj
Sep 15 18:54:00 <dzneill>    [17:50:25] <snarkypants> i like this comment
Sep 15 18:54:00 <dzneill>    [17:50:29] <snarkypants> its how a feel about it
Sep 15 18:54:14 <dzneill>    uh, I seem to not know what that is referring ti
Sep 15 18:54:21 <snarkypants>    http://np.reddit.com/r/videos/search?q=sarkeesian
Sep 15 18:54:33 <snarkypants>    dzneill: you have a lot of reading to do, lol
Sep 15 18:54:46 <ForestL>    no, stay away
Sep 15 18:55:21 <ForestL>    it will only make you worse off by reading the crazyness that the sarkeesian chaos is
Sep 15 18:57:11 <snarkypants>    http://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/1hyieg/who_is_anita_sarkeesian_and_why_does_she_get_so/
Sep 15 18:57:19 <snarkypants>    dzneill: hopefully that sums it up
Sep 15 18:59:11 <snarkypants>    i love outofthelopo
Sep 15 18:59:31 <snarkypants>    loop
Sep 15 18:59:52 <dzneill>    snarkypants: ok, I’m going to withdraw my intrest in this, I see nothing but drama in taking a side.
Sep 15 18:59:56 <snarkypants>    lol
Sep 15 18:59:57 <dzneill>    dz out
Sep 15 18:59:58 <snarkypants>    yeah
Sep 15 19:03:13 <snarkypants>    !mods advice
Sep 15 19:03:14 <redditBot>    r/advice has 7 mods: Sephr, radiohead_fan123, please_help_me, dzneill, snarkypants, noonches, and AutoModerator

Oct 18 20:19:56 <CandyManCan>    i can create a sub and curate it so it pretty much supports my personal for profit fansite
Oct 18 20:20:02 <CandyManCan>    and as long as i dont manipulate/get caught
Oct 18 20:20:03 <CandyManCan>    its cool?
Oct 18 20:21:00 <BipolarBear0>    That’s a good question
Oct 18 20:21:03 <BipolarBear0>    I think it’d set a precedent
Oct 18 20:21:17 <CandyManCan>    im pretty sure that is happening right now
Oct 18 20:21:37 <BipolarBear0>    Link?
Oct 18 20:21:51 <CandyManCan>    ie, curse and curse affiliated people have managed to squat a sub
Oct 18 20:22:11 <CandyManCan>    and they are pushing curse related stuff
Oct 18 20:22:15 <CandyManCan>    like “curse game wiki
Oct 18 20:22:21 <CandyManCan>    instead of random wikia wiki
Oct 18 20:22:22 <BipolarBear0>    What’s the subreddit
Oct 18 20:22:30 <CandyManCan>    r/heroesofthestorm
Oct 18 20:22:34 <CandyManCan>    its new
Oct 18 20:22:37 <CandyManCan>    for that new blizzard moba
Oct 18 20:22:49 <BipolarBear0>    So
Oct 18 20:22:52 <BipolarBear0>    What’s Curse and Curse
Oct 18 20:23:02 <CandyManCan>    well
Oct 18 20:23:11 <CandyManCan>    originally it was a place to go to download mods for world of warcraft
Oct 18 20:23:17 <CandyManCan>    but now its basically a website ring
Oct 18 20:23:20 <CandyManCan>    remember those?

Nov 29 02:18:35 <davidreiss666>    maybe the admins
Nov 29 02:18:40 <BipolarBear0>    http://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/1ro8os/this_happened/
Nov 29 02:18:40 <SlaveI>    (BipolarBear0) This happened… : conspiracy – posted by KingContext 8 hours ago – 287 upvotes, 53 downvotes – 39 comments
Nov 29 02:18:49 <BipolarBear0>    2nd top post on /r/conspiracy, also about me
Nov 29 02:19:11 <BipolarBear0>    “Bipolarbear0 is a piece of shit.” 87 up, 43 down
Nov 29 02:19:13 <BipolarBear0>    Er
Nov 29 02:19:15 <BipolarBear0>    14 down
Nov 29 02:19:20 <BipolarBear0>    73 net upvotes
Nov 29 02:19:25 <HandicapperGeneral>    http://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/1ro8os/this_happened/cdpaums
Nov 29 02:19:26 <SlaveI>    (HandicapperGeneral) KingContext comments on This happened… – posted by KingContext 8 hours ago – 288 upvotes, 51 downvotes – 40 comments
Nov 29 02:19:28 <HandicapperGeneral>    lolwut
Nov 29 02:19:30 <davidreiss666>    when I messaged the admins I let them know about the “this happened” pne too
Nov 29 02:19:41 <BipolarBear0>    Ah yeah, InterrogatoryBunny
Nov 29 02:19:46 <BipolarBear0>    Backstory to that:
Nov 29 02:20:00 <BipolarBear0>    a while back in #drama we were doing the usual circlejerk about how /r/conspiracy hates blacks and jews
Nov 29 02:20:29 <BipolarBear0>    Create an account, post really blatantly racist shit on it, and see how many upvotes it got in /r/conspiracy
Nov 29 02:20:44 <BipolarBear0>    To keep this experiment pure, I told nobody until the 2nd to last post I made
Nov 29 02:21:00 <BipolarBear0>    Just let /r/conspiracy do it themselves
Nov 29 02:21:14 <BipolarBear0>    So, no outside brigading or anything. And the results were great:
Nov 29 02:21:35 <BipolarBear0>    “A Jew owns reddit” – 145 net upvotes

Feb 03 01:21:56 <BipolarBear>    See, before they were just doing some low level harassment
Feb 03 01:22:06 <BipolarBear>    Minor stalking but for short periods of time
Feb 03 01:22:12 <BipolarBear>    After /r/news banned RT, they were everywhere
Feb 03 01:22:20 <noahjk>    didn’t that just happen recently?
Feb 03 01:22:21 <BipolarBear>    Following me around the site, leaving username mentions calling me all manner of things
Feb 03 01:22:27 <BipolarBear>    Maybe 6 months ago?
Feb 03 01:22:39 <BipolarBear>    And what was the last straw for me was the foray into actual defamation
Feb 03 01:22:56 <BipolarBear>    Not content with the other stuff, they began to spread the rumour that I had stolen funds from RT4 and MSF
Feb 03 01:23:18 <BipolarBear>    RT4 was a non-profit civil liberties organization that I had cofounded, and we had a donations drive
Feb 03 01:23:23 <BipolarBear>    I never had access to the funds there
Feb 03 01:23:44 <BipolarBear>    And then the MSF thing related to another donations drive one of my subreddits, /r/syriancivilwar, did for Syrian refugees via the humanitarian organization
Feb 03 01:24:03 <noahjk>    speaking of /r/conspiracy… did you guys see the /r/conspiritard that went on the superbowl postgame show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6oiy11-eWc&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Feb 03 01:24:03 <AutoFalc0n>    (noahjk) Guy runs on camera during Super Bowl post game – length 19s – rated 4.93/5.0 (230) – 301 views – fgocinski on 2014.02.03
Feb 03 01:24:07 <BipolarBear>    This took hold across multiple subreddits and eventually reached a point where I contacted the admins about it
Feb 03 01:24:13 <HandicapperGeneral>    yeah we saw it, man. everybody’s seen it
Feb 03 01:24:15 <noahjk>    I think they’re scared ever since /r/trees did that huge scam
Feb 03 01:24:21 <noahjk>    my bad bro.
Feb 03 01:24:26 <noahjk>    just saw it myself.
Feb 03 01:24:30 <BipolarBear>    They basically said there’s absolutely nothing they will do
Feb 03 01:24:46 <BipolarBear>    I considered legal action
Feb 03 01:25:03 <BipolarBear>    And over the days as it got worse and worse, I actually contacted a lawyer and presented evidence in the form of screenshots

Feb 24 23:41:20 <Paradox>    dakta its good
Feb 24 23:41:23 <Paradox>    earthy
Feb 24 23:41:23 <Paradox>    but good
Feb 24 23:50:31 <noahjk>    what’s up fellas
Feb 25 00:21:31 <Paradox>    @gis smegma
Feb 25 00:21:32 <AutoFalc0n>    (Paradox) http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120218103213/marveldatabase/images/f/f2/Smegma_(Earth-9047)_1.jpg
Feb 25 00:42:42 <davidreiss666>    BipolarBear0, really.  I’m sorry, but try r/News or r/Business please
Feb 25 00:42:57 <BipolarBear0>    It’s already in /r/news
Feb 25 00:43:12 <HandicapperGeneral>    uh oh
Feb 25 00:43:22 <BipolarBear0>    Just… Dunno, man. I know you know the rules of your subreddit better than anyone else, being a moderator, but it seems very relevant
Feb 25 00:43:53 <BipolarBear0>    And the fact that it’s breaking news has to count for something
Feb 25 00:44:04 <davidreiss666>    somebody doing something in the business world is not a tech story just becuase the guy uses a computer
Feb 25 00:46:00 <BipolarBear0>    The guy is an extremely popular virtual cryptocurrency exchange

Mar 14 02:34:35 <HandicapperGeneral>    where am I deploying to, Paradox
Mar 14 02:34:37 <BipolarBear0>    Generals don’t deploy, motherfucker
Mar 14 02:34:39 <Paradox>    your mom
Mar 14 02:34:51 <BipolarBear0>    Did you know that Her0ofwar wears swim trunks in public?
Mar 14 02:34:53 <HandicapperGeneral>    that would be nice, i haven’t seen her since last summer
Mar 14 02:34:53 <Paradox>    BipolarBear0 general Raam did
Mar 14 02:35:13 <BipolarBear0>    http://www.reddit.com/r/AdviceAnimals/comments/20dfjo/spring_is_around_the_corner_after_all/cg26bd3
Mar 14 02:35:14 <AutoFalc0n>    (BipolarBear0) hero0fwar comments on Spring is around the corner after all… – posted by mchammer685 3 hours ago – 2,792 upvotes, 733 downvotes – 97 comments
Mar 14 02:35:19 <BipolarBear0>    General Raam is a video game character
Mar 14 02:35:22 <Paradox>    @gis general raam rule 34
Mar 14 02:35:23 <AutoFalc0n>    (Paradox) http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130322005723/gearsofwar/images/8/88/Myrrah_Character_Model.jpg
Mar 14 02:35:28 <Paradox>    lel
Mar 14 02:36:33 <HandicapperGeneral>    beary what kind of monster wears swim trunks when not commuting to or from a water-based activity
Mar 14 02:36:44 <BipolarBear0>    Me when I was 8 years old
Mar 14 02:36:49 <BipolarBear0>    But then I was 8 years old
Mar 14 02:36:55 <BipolarBear0>    What’s his excuse
Mar 14 02:36:56 <HandicapperGeneral>    you little shit you dont even surf
Mar 14 02:37:07 <Paradox>    he had his butthole reattached
Mar 14 02:37:20 <BipolarBear0>    http://i.imgur.com/weHjjDv.jpg
Mar 14 02:37:43 <BipolarBear0>    http://i.imgur.com/hhd037O.jpg
Mar 14 02:38:12 <Paradox>    @gis u wot m8

Mar 15 14:40:31 <BipolarBear0>    This is perhaps the most retarded thread ever conceived
Mar 15 14:40:32 <BipolarBear0>    http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/20hkiu/the_admins_have_shadowbanned_a_game_developer_who/?sort=confidence
Mar 15 14:40:36 <AutoFalc0n>    (BipolarBear0) The admins have shadowbanned a game developer who recently made headlines on Reddit by accusing Anita Sarkeesian of stealing her work. She tried to do an AMA and quickly found the thread deleted and her entire account banned without explanation. : gaming – posted by JustReward 2 hours ago – 3,807 upvotes, 1,204 downvotes – 372 comments
Mar 15 14:41:13 <allthefoxes>    wut lol
Mar 15 14:44:49 <BipolarBear0>    ! mods gaming
Mar 15 14:44:52 <BipolarBear0>    k
Mar 15 14:44:56 <BipolarBear0>    !mods gaming
Mar 15 14:44:56 <redditBot>    r/gaming has 10 mods: Dacvak, AutoModerator, el_chupacupcake, Pylons, pastanate, airmandan, IKingJeremy, synbios16, Thorse, and gamingmoderator
Mar 15 14:45:08 <airmandan>    yes I’m reading it right now
Mar 15 14:45:19 <airmandan>    i haven’t got a single damn clue wtf is going on
Mar 15 14:45:21 <IKingJeremy>    Sup?
Mar 15 14:45:28 <BipolarBear0>    It’s simple, airmandan
Mar 15 14:45:30 <airmandan>    i was aware of the post regarding allegedly stolen artwork

Mar 15 15:00:27 <HandicapperGeneral>    someone care to fill me in on what happened there
Mar 15 15:00:38 <IKingJeremy>    People like this receive sexual satisfaction by playing the victim.
Mar 15 15:02:02 <IKingJeremy>    Basically the admin shadowbanned someone, posted about it on their blog, someone made a witch hunt type post about it on r/gaming, and now they are crying censorship because it got removed.
Mar 15 15:03:04 <IKingJeremy>    To clarify, the individual that was shadowbanned posted about being shadowbanned on her blog.
Mar 15 15:15:02 <IKingJeremy>    !mods games
Mar 15 15:15:02 <redditBot>    r/games has 16 mods: Deimorz, Dacvak, tevoul, Pharnaces_II, fishingcat, foamed, Forestl, Piemonkey, XavierMendel, DeltaBurnt, AutoModerator, GamingBot, IceBreak, nalixor, GamesMods, and agentlame
Mar 15 15:15:06 <IKingJeremy>    http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/20hyhi/the_admins_have_shadowbanned_a_game_developer_who/
Mar 15 15:15:06 <XavierMendel>    Yo
Mar 15 15:15:06 <AutoFalc0n>    (IKingJeremy) The admins have shadowbanned a game developer who recently made headlines on Reddit by accusing Anita Sarkeesian of stealing her work. She tried to do an AMA and quickly found the thread deleted and her entire account banned without explanation. [deleted from Reddit frontpage] : Games – posted by JustReward 2 minutes ago – 3 upvotes, 0 downvotes – 3 comments
Mar 15 15:15:13 <IKingJeremy>    Same person, same link on your sub.
Mar 15 15:15:13 <XavierMendel>    Got’m
Mar 15 15:15:16 <IKingJeremy>    k
Mar 15 15:15:27 <XavierMendel>    Automod filtered it in under 15 seconds
Mar 15 15:15:42 <XavierMendel>    2/3 comments had to be removed manually
Mar 15 15:15:42 <IKingJeremy>    Still got 3 upvotes. More evidence of vote manipulation.
Mar 15 15:15:45 <XavierMendel>    We can do better…
Mar 15 15:15:54 <XavierMendel>    Mhm
Mar 15 15:16:05 <XavierMendel>    It got a comment by a random user
Mar 15 15:16:08 <XavierMendel>    Which automod filtered
Mar 15 15:16:12 <IKingJeremy>    As a mod of both gaming and IAMA I’m getting this at both ends.
Mar 15 15:16:17 <XavierMendel>    But it couldn’t have been seen on /new since automod filtered it too fast
Mar 15 15:16:22 <XavierMendel>    Which means he had to have been linked there
Mar 15 15:16:29 <IKingJeremy>    Only way it could be worse is if I was an admin.
Mar 15 15:17:18 <XavierMendel>    IKingJeremy: Feel free to look into this person http://www.reddit.com/user/Monkeyman611/
Mar 15 15:17:30 <XavierMendel>    They’re the one commenter that could’ve only gotten there by being linked
Mar 15 15:17:37 <redtaboo>    http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/20hkiu/the_admins_have_shadowbanned_a_game_developer_who/cg3e165
Mar 15 15:17:38 <AutoFalc0n>    (redtaboo) Deimorz comments on The admins have shadowbanned a game developer who recently made headlines on Reddit by accusing Anita Sarkeesian of stealing her work. She tried to do an AMA and quickly found the thread deleted and her entire account banned without explanation. – posted by JustReward 2 hours ago – 5,210 upvotes, 2,062 downvotes – 731 comments
Mar 15 15:17:52 <XavierMendel>    They just modmailed us
Mar 15 15:18:26 <IKingJeremy>    Redditor for 8 months. 1 link karma, 84 comment karma. No verified email address. That is a secondary account if I ever saw one.
Mar 15 15:19:14 <XavierMendel>    http://www.reddit.com/user/JustReward
Mar 15 15:19:26 <XavierMendel>    Recent comments http://www.reddit.com/user/JustReward
Mar 15 15:22:43 <IKingJeremy>    airmandan
Mar 15 15:22:46 <IKingJeremy>    http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/20hytp/so_whats_up_with_airmandan_deleting_that_anita/
Mar 15 15:22:46 <AutoFalc0n>    (IKingJeremy) So whats up with airmandan deleting that Anita post : gaming – posted by Gboon 6 minutes ago – 5 upvotes, 1 downvotes – 2 comments
Mar 15 15:22:48 <IKingJeremy>    lel
Mar 15 15:24:25 <XavierMendel>    Huh
Mar 15 15:24:33 <XavierMendel>    This justreward person
Mar 15 15:24:42 <XavierMendel>    You notice they only ever comment on gender/sjw stuff?
Mar 15 15:26:39 <XavierMendel>    This is still getting votes http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/20hyhi/the_admins_have_shadowbanned_a_game_developer_who/
Mar 15 15:35:41 <IKingJeremy>    I contacted the admin about it about 3 minutes after removing it.
Mar 15 15:36:02 <IKingJeremy>    They will look into it to see if vote manipluation is taking place.
Mar 15 15:36:12 <XavierMendel>    I’m sure they know about it
Mar 15 15:36:30 <XavierMendel>    Deimorz is scary good at keeping track of everything going on
Mar 15 15:36:37 <IKingJeremy>    I know.

Mar 15 15:51:11 <ForestL>    IKingJeremy
Mar 15 15:51:17 <ForestL>    you around?
Mar 15 15:51:21 <MillenniumFalc0n>    Lol red321 http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/20hkiu/the_admins_have_shadowbanned_a_game_developer_who/cg3cohu
Mar 15 15:51:44 <ForestL>    edit the flair in that thread
Mar 15 15:52:00 <ForestL>    say something like “admin comments below”
Mar 15 15:52:13 <XavierMendel>    He sounds all conspiracy in that comment, but
Mar 15 15:52:20 <XavierMendel>    He does have a point in that PIMA srs comment
Mar 15 15:52:39 <XavierMendel>    Kemitche just goes completely silent after being presented with it
Mar 15 15:55:59 <MillenniumFalc0n>    ]Keiichi81 314 points 2 hours ago
Mar 15 15:55:59 <MillenniumFalc0n>    The reason was for being critical of Anita Sarkeesian and thus indirectly critical of new age feminism. It’s no secret that many reddit mods are SRS allies
Mar 15 15:56:03 <MillenniumFalc0n>    Loo
Mar 15 15:56:15 <MillenniumFalc0n>    Were all just tools of the fempire everyone
Mar 15 15:57:38 <XavierMendel>    Despite SRS being banned from modtalk
Mar 15 15:57:56 <XavierMendel>    And y’know, most of us hating SRS for making our jobs more difficult than they need to be
Mar 15 15:58:54 <IKingJeremy>    Submission is already removed. It doesn’t really need flair too.
Mar 15 16:00:58 <stopscopiesme>    MillenniumFalc0n: shill says what?
Mar 15 16:01:47 <XavierMendel>    JIDF
Mar 15 16:01:50 <MillenniumFalc0n>    Every time I see threads like that I hate reddit a little more
Mar 15 16:02:27 <BipolarBear0>    XavierMendel: I’ve been here over two years now and know a little more about what happens among moderators and who some of the admins are then most others that visit reddit and I will say that I’m getting very annoyed by who is in control of some subreddits and by the bias of some admins and where the stand on certain issues.
Mar 15 16:03:15 <XavierMendel>    Isn’t that true of most mods?

Apr 19 02:06:48 <BipolarBear0>    Although /r/politics has half the traffic of /r/news despite being larger in terms of subscriber count
Apr 19 02:07:04 <BipolarBear0>    It’s simply not on the same level, and over time it will plateau at a lower traffic level
Apr 19 02:07:14 <BipolarBear0>    Whilst /r/futurology and other news subreddits will continue to grow
Apr 19 02:07:16 <syncretic>    when did it undefault
Apr 19 02:07:21 <JustPassingThrough>    yesteday
Apr 19 02:07:22 <BipolarBear0>    Yesterday
Apr 19 02:07:25 <syncretic>    why
Apr 19 02:07:30 <JustPassingThrough>    dude
Apr 19 02:07:33 <BipolarBear0>    Cupcake essentially said they were acting like children
Apr 19 02:07:38 <JustPassingThrough>    you have such an amazing emotional ride ahead of you
Apr 19 02:07:44 <syncretic>    lolwut
Apr 19 02:07:45 <BipolarBear0>    Offered a condemnation of the modteam
Apr 19 02:08:00 <syncretic>    lolwut
Apr 19 02:08:03 <BipolarBear0>    Removing other mods, public fighting, et cetera
Apr 19 02:08:08 <syncretic>    link?
Apr 19 02:08:13 <BipolarBear0>    Is there a link?
Apr 19 02:08:19 <syncretic>    whaaat
Apr 19 02:08:22 <JustPassingThrough>    http://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/23dyes/recap_the_failed_moderation_and_gaming_of/
Apr 19 02:08:29 <thereasonablecamel>    it’s in srd
Apr 19 02:08:30 <BipolarBear0>    Essentially, the issue stemmed from a disagreement about moderation
Apr 19 02:08:30 <thereasonablecamel>    ^^
Apr 19 02:08:33 <thereasonablecamel>    ^*
Apr 19 02:08:38 <JustPassingThrough>    al’s recap, with some of davidreis’ input in the comments

May 02 00:49:30 <BipolarBear0>    You are the shepherd to the sheep of SRD
May 02 00:49:50 <BipolarBear0>    If a sheep brutally rapes and murders a family of three, they don’t toss the sheep in prison, they toss the shepherd in prison
May 02 00:50:02 <BipolarBear0>    But that’s Wales’ penal system, so it might be different stateside.
May 02 00:50:17 <nalixor>    BipolarBear0, have you heard of a NZ movie called Black Sheep?
May 02 00:50:23 <BipolarBear0>    I have
May 02 00:50:25 <BipolarBear0>    Never seen it though
May 02 00:50:27 <BipolarBear0>    Is it good?
May 02 00:50:28 <nalixor>    what
May 02 00:50:30 <SolarAquarion>    a friend of mine caused someone to be fired via RobotAnna https://storify.com/FakeRobotGamer/puppet-labs-employee-gets-me-to-apply-for-a-job-th
May 02 00:50:30 <nalixor>    it’s amazing
May 02 00:50:35 <nalixor>    it’s a NZ flick about zombie sheep
May 02 00:50:37 <nalixor>    what’s not to love?
May 02 00:50:43 <BipolarBear0>    That sounds pretty awesome
May 02 00:51:04 *    noeatnosleep is in bed with the wife, who wants to know who he is talking to.
May 02 00:51:09 *    noeatnosleep puts the phone down.
May 02 00:51:10 <SolarAquarion>    RobotAnna caused someone to be fired from a job via IRC logs
May 02 00:51:12 <noeatnosleep>    Night.
May 02 00:51:14 <SolarAquarion>    noeatnosleep: kek
May 02 00:51:30 <XavierMendel>    So, SolarAquarion
May 02 00:51:46 <XavierMendel>    That robotanna thing
May 02 00:52:46 <XavierMendel>    I really don’t know how to say it, but: She calls him an “anti-feminist” but her twitter avatar is a girl killing the reddit snoo with the male symbol and a “disallowed” symbol over it.
May 02 00:53:02 <BipolarBear0>    I think that’s called anti-social
May 02 00:53:06 <XavierMendel>    Unbiased wikipedia guideline appropriate 10/10
May 02 00:53:19 <XavierMendel>    Also her pinned tweet is literally “fuck off males”
May 02 00:53:23 <XavierMendel>    https://twitter.com/FakeRobotGamer
May 02 00:53:30 <SolarAquarion>    XavierMendel: look at her avatar
May 02 00:53:30 <BipolarBear0>    Most forms of extremism like that
May 02 00:53:37 <BipolarBear0>    They always bash other forms of extremism
May 02 00:53:44 <BipolarBear0>    But they’re always 10 orders of magnitude worse
May 02 00:53:57 <SolarAquarion>    XavierMendel: i like her avatar.  It entertains me

May 05 23:32:51 <nalixor>    When the Aeroflot plane landed in Moscow, people clapped.
May 05 23:33:00 <nalixor>    not because they were happy they were in Moscow.
May 05 23:33:08 <nalixor>    But because it was sheer relief that we weren’t a flaming pile of rubble.
May 05 23:34:02 <davidreiss666>    There was a news report a while back about the Russian pro hockey teams
May 05 23:34:56 <davidreiss666>    I guess they fly between games on old Soviet planes from the 1960s and 1970s.  Stuff that has a lower safety record than most third world airlines
May 05 23:36:12 <nalixor>    I would describe the airplane that I flew to Moscow in as a flying garage. I swear it was a converted military airline that they used to tranport tanks in.
May 05 23:37:06 <nalixor>    They’d obviously never heard of anything even approximating climate control.
May 05 23:37:18 <nalixor>    “ha ha ha, comrade. Climate control? If you are too hot, I can open window.”
May 05 23:51:58 <Sems>    what was it, three years ago that the slovakian national team was killed in a plane crash?
May 05 23:53:11 <Sems>    nope, russian
May 05 23:59:05 <MillenniumFalc0n>    Tfw krispykrackers doesn’t want to talk to /r/earthporn anymore
May 05 23:59:13 <krispykrackers>    lol
May 05 23:59:17 <krispykrackers>    nobody was talking to *me*
May 05 23:59:43 <krispykrackers>    did someone just say something?
May 05 23:59:43 <MillenniumFalc0n>    But we had more low effort jerking to do in your presence!
May 05 23:59:56 <XavierMendel>    I apologized profusely but nothing could remove the scorch marks from her hair… or her heart…
May 06 00:00:12 <krispykrackers>    haha
May 06 00:00:17 <nalixor>    D:

May 13 00:39:01 <ForestL>    multi-mod, “gaben” “master race” “cunt” “fedora” “sjw” and stuff like that
May 13 00:39:29 <redtaboo>    !mods wtf
May 13 00:39:35 <redtaboo>    hm
May 13 00:39:37 <redditBot>    r/wtf has 13 mods: masta, ani625, BritishEnglishPolice, Kylde, wtf_mod, thegrammarunicorn, WTFGESTAPO, BitterDivorcedDad, Ihatewhenthathappens, AutoModerator, Lynda73, careless, and Anti-Kerensky
May 13 00:39:40 <Gaget>    what does sjw mean?
May 13 00:39:42 <redtaboo>    oh, slow
May 13 00:39:46 <dihydrogen>    San Jose whales
May 13 00:39:51 <dihydrogen>    (social justice warriors)
May 13 00:39:58 <dihydrogen>    there are a lot of retarded acronyms on reddit
May 13 00:40:03 <dihydrogen>    people like to identify with cliques
May 13 00:40:36 <ForestL>    we also have “anita” on auto-report
May 13 00:40:36 <ForestL>    le
May 13 00:40:38 <Gaget>    I wish I could ban the words gaben and master race from bapc
May 13 00:40:42 <multi-mod>    wtf is anita?
May 13 00:40:47 <Gaget>    It is bleeding.
May 13 00:40:50 <Gaget>    Over from PCMR
May 13 00:40:53 <Gaget>    hard
May 13 00:40:55 <dihydrogen>    i have “pls” banned
May 13 00:41:00 <dihydrogen>    things like “volvo pls”
May 13 00:41:06 <dihydrogen>    also the stupid dongers shit
May 13 00:41:58 <multi-mod>    I wish they could ban dongers from twitch
May 13 00:43:43 <multi-mod>    last night I cracked and banned all the [blank intensifies] stuff
May 13 00:43:54 <Gaget>    I’ll never understand the LoL bullshit.
May 13 00:44:03 <BipolarBear0>    I played LoL once

May 13 13:53:50 <Forest|_>    IKingJeremy hates freedom
May 13 13:53:55 <IKingJeremy>    16:10 or whatever time that is supposed to be.
May 13 13:54:40 <fritzly>    ok guys refresh my memory.  Was /r/gaming so bad that they created /r/games, or was /r/games so bad they made /r/gaming?
May 13 13:54:51 <XavierMendel>    The first one
May 13 13:54:55 <Forest|_>    r/gaming is/was the bad one
May 13 13:55:21 <XavierMendel>    r/games can be bad too, it depends on the thread
May 13 13:55:41 <Forest|_>    any LoL or Dota thread…….
May 13 13:55:52 <XavierMendel>    Yeah, any moba thread is more or less dead
May 13 13:56:04 <Forest|_>    had one thread where like 3 out of 90 comments were not removed
May 13 13:56:12 <XavierMendel>    Any thread that mentions anita sarkeesian is bad
May 13 13:56:19 <XavierMendel>    zoey whoever, can’t remember her name
May 13 13:56:26 <Forest|_>    quinn
May 13 13:56:29 <XavierMendel>    if it mentions CoD it’s gonna be bad
May 13 13:56:33 <XavierMendel>    Usually
May 13 13:56:43 <Forest|_>    The Quinnspiracy
May 13 13:56:44 <XavierMendel>    If it’s about journalism or awards it’ll usually be bad
May 13 13:57:00 <Forest|_>    oh yeah
May 13 13:57:14 <fritzly>    and xaviermendel:  I brigade so hard (you know you like it)
May 13 13:57:49 <Forest|_>    XavierMendel, did you see Quinn got a NFC chip in her hand
May 13 13:57:59 <XavierMendel>    A what in a who
May 13 13:58:21 <Forest|_>    had to use a needle the width of a pencil
May 13 13:58:53 <Forest|_>    XavierMendel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K9xQLDUJzc
May 13 13:58:54 <EDI>    (Forest|_) Day 2 of CYBORG HAND – length 44s – rated 4.86/5.0 (146) – 57,327 views – zoe quinn on 2014.05.04
May 13 13:59:21 <XavierMendel>    I’ve been considering getting magnets implanted in my hands
May 13 13:59:30 <Forest|_>    Deus Ex is in a NFC chip that is in her hand
May 13 13:59:35 <XavierMendel>    That way I can sense magnetic fields when I enter them
May 13 14:00:19 <XavierMendel>    I’m not sure how but I wonder if I could do a similar thing with radiation
May 13 14:00:36 <XavierMendel>    Implant some spent uranium in my hand and when it gets warmer or some shit I’ll know the area is radioactive?
May 13 14:00:41 <XavierMendel>    I don’t think that’s how it works
May 13 14:00:44 <XavierMendel>    but that’d be badass

May 15 17:38:11 <nalixor>    ky1e, you could try finding a non-reddit css community
May 15 17:38:19 <ky1e>    I’ve tried
May 15 17:39:16 <ky1e>    they kinda ignored me, didn’t care much about reddit
May 15 17:39:35 <fritzly>    whats the karma needed to be exempt from rte?
May 15 17:39:41 <fritzly>    rts
May 15 17:40:11 <ky1e>    designer talk was the forum I tried
May 15 17:40:13 <Relic2279>    I could have sworn kylde said it was 1000 but that could be wrong, memory fuzzy
May 15 17:40:16 <ky1e>    I think the RTS karma limit is 1000
May 15 17:40:19 <ky1e>    yeah
May 15 17:40:38 <ky1e>    I think kylde told me that in a pm once
May 15 17:40:41 <titrc>    I know wikia has some css wizards
May 15 17:41:02 <titrc>    http://htmlcss.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
May 15 17:43:13 <nalixor>    ky1e, really?
May 15 17:43:19 <nalixor>    I swear one of the rts mods told me it was 50 karma
May 15 17:43:24 <nalixor>    to be exempt
May 15 17:43:50 <ky1e>    for some reason I remember 1000
May 15 17:43:51 <nalixor>    or someone here
May 15 17:44:12 <ky1e>    titrc – I’m checking that out, thanks
May 15 17:44:21 <ky1e>    seems like a cool tool as well
May 15 17:45:00 <titrc>    :)
May 15 17:46:08 <fritzly>    just wondering.  Reported a guy with 250 link karma, didn’t know if the bot would get it

May 25 13:08:35 <nalixor>    SolarAquarion, can you show me what your exact automod rule looks like in a pastebin?
May 25 13:09:15 <SolarAquarion>    nalixor: i updated it now
May 25 13:09:19 <SolarAquarion>    nalixor: try again
May 25 13:09:23 <nalixor>    okay.
May 25 13:10:12 <nalixor>    you are doing that too much. try again in 7 minutes.
May 25 13:10:20 <nalixor>    it’s gonna have to wait 7 minutes, SolarAquarion. :(
May 25 13:10:25 <SolarAquarion>    ok
May 25 13:10:45 <SolarAquarion>    !mods thebluepill
May 25 13:10:46 <nalixor>    in the meantime, can you show me your automod rule?
May 25 13:10:46 <redditBot>    r/thebluepill has 61 mods: AlyoshaV, 2122012, williammc, HarrietPotter, HenryPouet, materialdesigner, manboobz, greenduch, WingedPastry, Not_Shitty, Quietuus, Bluepillschool, Jess_than_three, cojoco, stopspammingme, supergauntlet, LordUb3r, SolarAquarion, AFlatCap, moonmeh, MillenniumFalc0n, SaraByAccident, TotallyNotCool, TakesJonToKnowJuan, fb95dd7063, MISANDRYLADY, JennThereDoneThat, SpermJackalope, mMelatonin, …
May 25 13:10:46 <redditBot>    … ArchangelleGabrielle, lolsail, mymomsaid, SwedishCommie, MANBOT_, Dramatological, scaredsquee, kutuzof, canti28, Disposable_Corpus, Illuminatesfolly, sweetafton, The3rdWorld, Ragnar_OK, omgwtFANTASTIC, Carl_DeRon_Brutsch, RobotAnna, NickWasHere09, OffensiveUser, empress_eyja, serrabellum, and 11 more
May 25 13:10:55 <nalixor>    jesus, that’s a lot of mods
May 25 13:11:09 <SolarAquarion>    nalixor: http://i.imgur.com/8dvCJ5m.png
May 25 13:11:24 <SolarAquarion>    Cylon: sup
May 25 13:11:35 <Cylon>    hi
May 25 13:11:42 <nalixor>    you have some lazy ass mods!
May 25 13:11:48 <nalixor>    jesus
May 25 13:11:53 <nalixor>    how many extensions are you running
May 25 13:11:59 <nalixor>    and why isn’t your chrome running like shit
May 25 13:12:15 <SolarAquarion>    Cylon: you only did 3 actions this whole month

Jun 04 01:21:17 <BipolarBear0>    He’s going straight to /r/conspiracy to post the logs
Jun 04 01:21:26 <fritzly>    all the juicy gossip
Jun 04 01:21:59 <fritzly>    after seeing some leaks from r/defaultmods I was disappointed a bit when I finally got in there
Jun 04 01:22:55 <mobilehypo>    there’s been almost zero activity since i got added sometime last week
Jun 04 01:24:33 <XavierMendel>    So, wait
Jun 04 01:24:35 <XavierMendel>    Who’s dontago?
Jun 04 01:24:54 <fritzly>    newest /r/worldnews mod
Jun 04 01:25:06 <XavierMendel>    I see
Jun 04 01:25:13 <JustPassingThrough>    yeah, hes also been super helpful in /news modmail
Jun 04 01:25:25 <Paradox>    http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130803085543/spongebob/images/f/f0/Subliminal_Message_Girl.jpg
Jun 04 01:25:48 <BipolarBear0>    He capitalizes mod
Jun 04 01:25:54 <BipolarBear0>    That’s the only weird thing
Jun 04 01:26:32 <mobilehypo>    didn’t you know Mod is a proper noun
Jun 04 01:26:47 <BipolarBear0>    Nah, he capitalizes all of it
Jun 04 01:26:51 <BipolarBear0>    Says MODs
Jun 04 01:26:52 <XavierMendel>    My Dick is a proper noun
Jun 04 01:27:41 <mobilehypo>    oh hm, we could come up with a great acronym
Jun 04 01:27:51 <JustPassingThrough>    i always thought that was a fun quirk

Jul 16 18:15:59 <BipolarBear0>    Do you let the votes decide
Jul 16 18:17:01 <dylan522p>    hell no
Jul 16 18:17:07 <dylan522p>    votes are so stupid so often
Jul 16 18:17:58 <dylan522p>    like some idiot is trying to tell me that hawii has more memory bandwidth than GK110 rev B/…..
Jul 16 18:18:40 <Lurlur>    Mods should just let the votes decide. Redditors know what is best
Jul 16 18:19:21 <dylan522p>    Kappa?
Jul 16 18:19:37 <Lurlur>    Eh?
Jul 16 18:20:00 <dylan522p>    . your kidding right?
Jul 16 18:20:09 <Lurlur>    Yes
Jul 16 18:20:27 <dylan522p>    Kappa is basically a /s
Jul 16 18:20:28 <dylan522p>    http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131126013116/adventuretimewithfinnandjake/images/8/81/Kappa.png
Jul 16 18:20:31 <dylan522p>    That is kappa
Jul 16 18:20:42 <Gaget>    dylan522p, if you ever hear “let the votes decide” in this channel it is a joke.
Jul 16 18:21:06 <dylan522p>    ok lol I’ve only been in this channel for a week or two and active past few days
Jul 16 18:25:23 <dylan522p>    is multi-mod litrally your username?
Jul 16 18:25:26 <dylan522p>    or just for irc
Jul 16 18:25:47 <Lurlur>    Don’t talk to multi-mod, it’s a bot
Jul 16 18:26:02 <dylan522p>    I swear to god multi-mod was talking last night
Jul 16 18:26:07 <Lurlur>    nah

Jul 27 13:23:12 <redstonehelper>    XavierMendel: I love the QED at the end
Jul 27 13:23:32 <XavierMendel>    ?
Jul 27 13:23:38 <redstonehelper>    in the conspiracy post
Jul 27 13:23:39 <TomRiddle>    dae remember QEDomelets
Jul 27 13:23:53 <XavierMendel>    whatever happened to him
Jul 27 13:23:59 <TomRiddle>    no idea.
Jul 27 13:24:08 <TomRiddle>    I think he stopped karma whoring a while  back
Jul 27 13:25:27 <XavierMendel>    >Go bitch hunting instead, because /u/agentlame is a bitch
Jul 27 13:25:29 <XavierMendel>    from modmail
Jul 27 13:25:42 <multi-mod>    lolwut
Jul 27 13:25:55 <XavierMendel>    They’re not calling it witch hunting, instead calling it bitch hunting
Jul 27 13:25:57 <XavierMendel>    classy
Jul 27 13:26:06 <XavierMendel>    all from different mods too
Jul 27 13:26:08 <multi-mod>    what do they have against him?
Jul 27 13:26:18 <XavierMendel>    multi-mod: he’s a white oppressor, obviously
Jul 27 13:26:33 <XavierMendel>    mod shilluminatimason jidf
Jul 27 13:26:33 <multi-mod>    I won’t even ask
Jul 27 13:27:08 <TomRiddle>    what did agentlame do this time to oppress those poor people
Jul 27 13:27:16 <Sems>    he existed
Jul 27 13:27:24 <TomRiddle>    damn you agentlame

Aug 07 13:36:37 <Piemonkey>    hundreds of thousands of pissed off gamers
Aug 07 13:36:41 <Piemonkey>    GAMERS.
Aug 07 13:36:45 <Piemonkey>    so
Aug 07 13:36:48 <Piemonkey>    in conclusion
Aug 07 13:36:51 <Piemonkey>    http://i.imgur.com/4B84vHz.jpg
Aug 07 13:37:37 <Lurlur>    Can’t open imgur at work
Aug 07 13:37:43 <Lurlur>    But i get the idea
Aug 07 13:38:14 <Piemonkey>    oh
Aug 07 13:38:16 <Piemonkey>    here then
Aug 07 13:38:20 <Gaget>    Lurlur can get on reddit and work but not imgur.
Aug 07 13:38:21 <Piemonkey>    http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140601135932/epicrapbattlesofhistory/images/d/d7/Joker_here_we_go.jpg
Aug 07 13:38:25 <Gaget>    It is like… what’s the point?
Aug 07 13:38:29 <Piemonkey>    yeah, my old webfiltering was like that
Aug 07 13:38:36 <Piemonkey>    you can set up an autoredirect to an imgur mirror
Aug 07 13:38:37 <Piemonkey>    well
Aug 07 13:38:38 <Piemonkey>    i could
Aug 07 13:38:38 <Lurlur>    Heh, I can’t get on ALL of reddit
Aug 07 13:38:40 <Piemonkey>    dunno abuot Lurlur
Aug 07 13:39:04 <Lurlur>    I can’t do anything, really
Aug 07 13:39:13 <Lurlur>    I’m quite, quite useless

Aug 19 05:48:41 <XavierMendel>    !mods gaming
Aug 19 05:48:41 <redditBot>    r/gaming has 12 mods: Dacvak, AutoModerator, el_chupacupcake, Pylons, pastanate, airmandan, IKingJeremy, synbios16, Thorse, gamingmoderator, lula2488, and mookler
Aug 19 06:48:56 <IKingJeremy>    Sup?
Aug 19 06:50:45 <XavierMendel>    IKingJeremy: ohey
Aug 19 06:50:52 <XavierMendel>    I wanted to talk to you about this zoe quinn shit
Aug 19 06:50:56 <XavierMendel>    See what you guys are doing about it
Aug 19 06:51:23 <IKingJeremy>    I just got on reddit about half an hour ago.
Aug 19 06:51:28 <IKingJeremy>    Getting caught up.
Aug 19 06:51:28 <XavierMendel>    I’ve been holding off commenting on all those “/r/games mods are evil censorship” things on /r/gaming
Aug 19 06:51:33 <XavierMendel>    There’s quite a bit.
Aug 19 06:51:42 <IKingJeremy>    There was a post on our front page about that.
Aug 19 06:51:45 <IKingJeremy>    The r/games mods
Aug 19 06:51:48 <IKingJeremy>    I removed it.
Aug 19 06:51:56 <IKingJeremy>    Working through the modque right now
Aug 19 06:52:02 <IKingJeremy>    Getting ready to tackle modmail

Aug 19 08:48:33 <IKingJeremy>    The exact same post was submitted to the subreddit under a sensationalized false info title.
Aug 19 08:48:39 <IKingJeremy>    And was removed.
Aug 19 08:48:43 <Forest|_>    yep
Aug 19 08:48:52 <IKingJeremy>    http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/2dyoeq/totalbiscuit_calls_out_reddit_and_rgames_for/
Aug 19 08:49:04 <Forest|_>    yep
Aug 19 08:49:17 <IKingJeremy>    Your subreddit /r/games isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article and it is false info. Neither is reddit for that matter.
Aug 19 08:49:20 <Forest|_>    oh
Aug 19 08:49:38 <Forest|_>    Elchupacupckae reached out to her on twitter
Aug 19 08:49:45 <Forest|_>    #conspiracy
Aug 19 08:49:57 <Forest|_>    IKingJeremy, the whole this is dumb as fuck
Aug 19 08:50:15 <Forest|_>    the only possible problem would be if Zoe Quinn used sex to get people to write about her
Aug 19 08:50:31 <Forest|_>    but the kotaku/RPS writer never wrote anything about Depression Quest
Aug 19 08:50:33 <Forest|_>    ever
Aug 19 08:50:40 <Forest|_>    on either website
Aug 19 09:17:03 <redstonehelper>    anybody else got a message from /u/1800JESUS69?
Aug 19 09:17:11 <redstonehelper>    “I know what you did. Can we talk please?”
Aug 19 09:17:29 <Lurlur>    Eep, scary
Aug 19 09:17:53 <preggit>     Yeah, he sent that to dozens of people

Aug 19 11:32:49 <Piemonkey>    !mods bestof
Aug 19 11:32:49 <redditBot>    r/bestof has 12 mods: illuminatedwax, S2S2S2S2S2, bechus, davidreiss666, Skuld, soupyhands, AutoModerator, GodOfAtheism, Aschebescher, greatyellowshark, 316nuts, and stopscopiesme
Aug 19 11:32:49 <creesch>    !mods bestof
Aug 19 11:32:49 <redditBot>    r/bestof has 12 mods: illuminatedwax, S2S2S2S2S2, bechus, davidreiss666, Skuld, soupyhands, AutoModerator, GodOfAtheism, Aschebescher, greatyellowshark, 316nuts, and stopscopiesme
Aug 19 11:32:58 <Lurlur>    Don’t blame you creesch
Aug 19 11:33:01 <Piemonkey>    any of you guys here?
Aug 19 11:33:06 <x316nuts>    sup
Aug 19 11:33:09 <Piemonkey>    http://www.reddit.com/r/bestof/comments/2dziaj/moderator_deletes_every_comment_on_a_thread_about/
Aug 19 11:33:14 <Piemonkey>    that should probably be removed ASAP
Aug 19 11:33:15 <x316nuts>    sigh
Aug 19 11:33:25 <Piemonkey>    this whole zoe quinn bullshit has been insane
Aug 19 11:33:29 <creesch>    that is more srd stuff than anything else
Aug 19 11:33:33 <x316nuts>    that shit’s gunna fuckin ruin my day
Aug 19 11:33:33 <Lurlur>    It’s just not your day x316nuts
Aug 19 11:33:39 <creesch>    who is zoe quinn?
Aug 19 11:33:48 <x316nuts>    you’ll know by the end of today
Aug 19 11:33:49 <Lurlur>    No creesch!
Aug 19 11:33:49 <x316nuts>    don’t worry
Aug 19 11:33:56 <Lurlur>    Stay pure!
Aug 19 11:34:01 <x316nuts>    ididn’t know 90 minutes ago and now i’ve seen her naked.. so .. fuck
Aug 19 11:34:07 <Piemonkey>    jeez
Aug 19 11:34:11 <Piemonkey>    i didn’t even go that far
Aug 19 11:34:11 <creesch>    oh gaming related
Aug 19 11:34:17 <Piemonkey>    and i’ve been dealing with this shit for two days now
Aug 19 11:34:18 <creesch>    ok I am staying clear away from that

Aug 19 12:25:47 <fritzly>    gaget you here? Undelete isn’t very happy with you so watch for angry pms
Aug 19 12:26:18 <Lurlur>    too late fritzly
Aug 19 12:26:26 <fritzly>    RIP gaget
Aug 19 12:26:32 <fritzly>    he is kill
Aug 19 12:26:47 <Lurlur>    He even had an account set up to look like him.
Aug 19 12:29:50 <allthefoxes>    http://www.reddit.com/r/ZoeQuinnConspiracy/
Aug 19 12:29:59 <allthefoxes>    we did it reddit
Aug 19 12:30:53 <Flashynuff>    allthefoxes, i made a reddit live thread to keep track of the spammers. do you want to be a contributor?
Aug 19 12:31:01 <allthefoxes>    yes please
Aug 19 12:31:12 <allthefoxes>    let me get on my comp
Aug 19 12:31:17 <allthefoxes>    get serious.
Aug 19 12:34:41 <allthefoxes>    aight
Aug 19 12:36:35 <allthefoxes>    time to get some fuckers banned
Aug 19 12:37:20 <allthefoxes>    http://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/2dzc7x/rgaming_mods_are_deleting_every_comment_that_is/cjuo5m0?context=3
Aug 19 12:37:58 <preggit>     Wow, what a shitstorm.  I don’t know why you’d let the mod in the center of the drama make an official announcement on it: http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/2dzrlv/on_zoe_quinn_censorship_doxxing_and_general/
Aug 19 12:38:10 <preggit>     I could have predicted that would not be received well
Aug 19 12:39:49 *    allthefoxes eats more popcorn
Aug 19 12:39:52 <fritzly>    this is the worst shit storm I’ve seen in a long time
Aug 19 12:39:57 <allthefoxes>    eheheh
Aug 19 12:39:59 <allthefoxes>    heheh
Aug 19 12:40:00 <allthefoxes>    heh
Aug 19 12:40:01 <allthefoxes>    hehh
Aug 19 12:40:02 <fritzly>    I feel bad for the /r/gaming mods
Aug 19 12:40:07 <Lurlur>    OMG

Aug 19 12:56:34 <sodypop>    (unless there are more than 100 mods, that is)
Aug 19 12:57:14 <TomRiddle>    DaedalusMinion: Aaron would have wanted Skeen to have /r/atheism back
Aug 19 12:57:24 <noeatnosleep>    It is private sodypop
Aug 19 12:57:34 <DaedalusMinion>    poor guy getting his name dragged through this trivial shit
Aug 19 12:57:59 <sodypop>    noeatnosleep, it’s on the list so it should be good to go
Aug 19 12:58:03 <noeatnosleep>    KK ty
Aug 19 12:58:12 <fritzly>    Flashynuff, the live thread keeps going down
Aug 19 12:58:20 <Flashynuff>    i think that
Aug 19 12:58:32 <Flashynuff>    *i think that’s reddit’s fault
Aug 19 12:58:40 <fritzly>    Im sure it is, just a heads up
Aug 19 12:59:34 <DaedalusMinion>    @g zoe quinn
Aug 19 12:59:35 <EDI>    (DaedalusMinion) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoe_Quinn — Zoe Quinn – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Zoe Quinn is an independent video game developer, 2D artist and programmer
Aug 19 12:59:43 <DaedalusMinion>    @g zoe quinn reddit
Aug 19 12:59:43 <EDI>    (DaedalusMinion) http://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/2dw9hh/why_is_zoe_quinn_maker_of_depression_quest_so/ — Why is Zoe Quinn, maker of Depression Quest, so reviled in…: “1 day ago … The whole Phil Fish debacle brought my attention to it. I’ve never played her
Aug 19 12:59:50 <DaedalusMinion>    Ah
Aug 19 13:01:00 <allthefoxes>    LOL http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/2dz0gs/totalbiscuit_discusses_the_state_of_games/cjup0b0
Aug 19 13:01:29 <Flashynuff>    these people are idiots
Aug 19 13:01:36 <TomRiddle>    Flashynuff: >reddit.com <–yep
Aug 19 13:01:45 <TomRiddle>    jees, that post was gilded 15 times
Aug 19 13:01:52 <Flashynuff>    what on earth do they think they will accomplish by spamming other than getting banned
Aug 19 13:03:07 <Lurlur>    My cat is stoned. How is my cat stoned?
Aug 19 13:03:07 <fritzly>    le revolution
Aug 19 13:03:31 <brownboy13>    Fight The Power™
Aug 19 13:03:41 <allthefoxes>    there is this one spammer

Aug 19 17:15:06 <rya>    TIRAMISU IS LOVE
Aug 19 17:15:11 <rya>    TIRAMISU IS GOD
Aug 19 17:15:16 <rya>    TIRAMISU IS LIFE
Aug 19 17:15:59 <Lurlur>    I think my cat has come down a bit from his catnip overdose
Aug 19 17:16:16 <fritzly>    sounds like he needs another hit
Aug 19 17:16:18 <Forest|_>    someone reported a 2 month old dacvak comment
Aug 19 17:16:26 <fritzly>    lol
Aug 19 17:16:28 <fritzly>    why?
Aug 19 17:16:35 <Forest|_>    mod of r/gaming
Aug 19 17:16:43 <Forest|_>    who are literally hitler
Aug 19 17:16:55 <Forest|_>    because they reached out to talk to Zoe Quinn
Aug 19 17:16:56 <fritzly>    > reporting admins comments
Aug 19 17:17:07 <Forest|_>    which must mean Zoe Quinn is paying them off
Aug 19 17:17:25 <Forest|_>    because logic totally works that way
Aug 19 17:18:54 <fritzly>    seems logical
Aug 19 17:19:08 <rya>    some people just have no other work
Aug 19 17:20:24 <fritzly>    whats the proper way to pronounce imgur?
Aug 19 17:21:55 <Forest|_>    image-r
Aug 19 17:22:02 <Forest|_>    er
Aug 19 17:23:01 <fritzly>    k, that makes sense
Aug 19 17:23:01 <rya>    what the hell was wrong in talking to zoe quinee anyway ?
Aug 19 17:23:09 <fritzly>    nothing
Aug 19 17:23:09 <rya>    all i can see is the message “sure”
Aug 19 17:23:29 <fritzly>    they exchanged emails so they think there were shadowy back room conversations
Aug 19 17:23:33 <rya>    i fucking hate the users who are accusing shit in that post so much now
Aug 19 17:23:52 <rya>    damn people for wrongly accusing
Aug 19 17:28:48 <fritzly>    stupid reddit crashing websites it links to
Aug 19 17:35:49 <rya>    gaget y
Aug 19 17:35:53 <rya>    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Aug 19 17:36:03 <rya>    :(

Aug 19 20:39:42 <allthefoxes>    because he refused to demod chupa and told someone to fuck off
Aug 19 20:39:43 <Gaget>    lol
Aug 19 20:39:44 <fritzly>    but some people didn’t take it well
Aug 19 20:39:55 <multi-mod>    I wanted to do it a few times
Aug 19 20:40:01 <multi-mod>    especailly the people that would modmail dongers
Aug 19 20:40:20 <Gaget>    I’m thinking about writing up a big post in /r/Gaget calling them out on all their bullshit.
Aug 19 20:40:26 <allthefoxes>    nah
Aug 19 20:40:29 <allthefoxes>    just let it die
Aug 19 20:40:59 <multi-mod>    yea, no one will remember in like 2 days
Aug 19 20:41:16 <fritzly>    unless gaget you want to add more butter to this popcorn
Aug 19 20:41:41 <Gaget>    You know what I can’t believe about all this? Everyone is so focused on Zoe.
Aug 19 20:41:48 <Gaget>    Even if it is true… she did nothing wrong.
Aug 19 20:42:02 <Gaget>    The game reviewers are the ones who give good reviews for pussy.
Aug 19 20:42:05 <multi-mod>    just ask yourself what qgyh2 would do in this situation
Aug 19 20:42:11 <allthefoxes>    nothing!
Aug 19 20:42:15 <Gaget>    They’re the ones without integrity.
Aug 19 20:42:24 <allthefoxes>    BUT SHE FUCKED FIVE GUYS ZOMGGG
Aug 19 20:42:44 <allthefoxes>    she had sexxxxxxxxxxx clearly shes evil because shes a woman having sex
Aug 19 20:42:53 <allthefoxes>    /s*
Aug 19 20:43:12 <Gaget>    I don’t believe it is true — but even if it is true we have game reviewers willing to trade ratings for a little bit of probably fairly mediocre pussy.
Aug 19 20:43:23 <Gaget>    BUT GUESS WHAT? Even that doesn’t matter.

Aug 20 19:24:08 <XavierMendel>    It’s a good thing we have none of that in America. /s
Aug 20 19:24:12 <XavierMendel>    But yeah
Aug 20 19:24:25 <XavierMendel>    If you make your paycheck-providers mad they won’t provide the paycheck
Aug 20 19:24:31 <XavierMendel>    It’s that simple
Aug 20 19:24:33 <Gaget>    fox news comes close. But I think fox owns the republicans sometimes and not the other way around.
Aug 20 19:24:56 <allthefoxes>    Hello
Aug 20 19:24:59 <XavierMendel>    hi
Aug 20 19:25:02 <XavierMendel>    Anyway
Aug 20 19:25:17 <XavierMendel>    I disagree with your statement that if zoe quinn were a guy nobody would care
Aug 20 19:25:25 <XavierMendel>    Lots would but it’d be a different group of people
Aug 20 19:25:41 <XavierMendel>    There’d be less widespread outrage, but more concentrated outrage.
Aug 20 19:25:51 <Gaget>    XavierMendel, who would be mad?
Aug 20 19:25:57 <Gaget>    Surely not the virgins of /r/gaming?
Aug 20 19:26:18 <XavierMendel>    The feminist extremists, probably.
Aug 20 19:26:33 <XavierMendel>    They get mad when a man posts random tweets. They’d get mad at that.
Aug 20 19:27:04 <XavierMendel>    There’d still be a lot of outrage, plus there’d still be the important bits there (sex for positive reviews)
Aug 20 19:27:06 <Gaget>    The thing you have to remember is that that group of people defaults to angry shrew.

Aug 21 13:29:00 <Lurlur>    nope, spoke too soon
Aug 21 13:29:40 <Lurlur>    No i didn’t
Aug 21 14:20:39 <Gaget>    nalixor, did you guys allow any threads about zoe in /r/games?
Aug 21 14:23:46 <nalixor>    yes.
Aug 21 14:23:50 <nalixor>    our big meta post
Aug 21 14:23:57 <nalixor>    and a discussion topic about the industry
Aug 21 14:24:10 <nalixor>    with assurances that no one would talk specifically about Zoe Quinn
Aug 21 14:24:17 <nalixor>    we barely had to police it
Aug 21 14:24:20 <nalixor>    people were pretty well behaved
Aug 21 14:24:39 <Gaget>    They keep bringing more shit up in /r/pcgaming and the head mod keeps approving it.
Aug 21 14:24:48 <Gaget>    It is like — really dude?
Aug 21 14:25:13 <Gaget>    3 mods already quit.
Aug 21 14:25:30 <nalixor>    sounds like a shit sub.
Aug 21 14:25:44 <nalixor>    !mods pcgaming
Aug 21 14:25:44 <redditBot>    r/pcgaming has 10 mods: paro, HardwareLust, misterwizard, CSFFlame, PineappleMeister, Ali-Sama, OpTic_Niko, Gaget, AutoModerator, and BotWatchman
Aug 21 14:26:04 <nalixor>    paro?

Aug 21 14:38:55 <TomRiddle_>    le reddit army, gagq
Aug 21 14:38:57 <TomRiddle_>    Gaget*
Aug 21 14:40:41 <TomRiddle>    sadly
Aug 21 14:41:12 <creesch>    more like angry teenage gamers
Aug 21 14:41:26 <creesch>    Teenagers can be vicious and in /r/gaming you have a sub filled with them
Aug 21 14:41:44 <TomRiddle>    yep
Aug 21 14:41:53 <nalixor>    Gaget, sometimes on twitter the person has to be following you before you can DM them.
Aug 21 14:41:54 <creesch>    (yes I am assuming that if you like /r/gaming it is very likely you are very young, sue me)
Aug 21 14:42:00 <TomRiddle>    I wish they’d go back to posting DAE REMEMBER THIS GEM? *holds up Nintendo*
Aug 21 14:42:06 <nalixor>    I am assuming Zoe had DMs from everyone turned off.
Aug 21 14:46:34 <Lurlur>    How long should I give mod_mailer before I decide it didn’t work?
Aug 21 14:46:44 <TomRiddle>    Lurlur: you usually have to use it twice
Aug 21 14:47:27 <Lurlur>    It worked fine when I used it yesterday :/
Aug 21 14:48:09 <TomRiddle>    Oh
Aug 21 14:48:16 <TomRiddle>    i’ve only ever used it once and I had to send it twice
Aug 21 14:48:48 <Lurlur>    Just don’t want to spam everyone with multiple messages.
Aug 21 14:49:10 <Lurlur>    I only like to bother nalixor like that 😛
Aug 21 14:49:30 <nalixor>    I’ll bother you
Aug 21 14:49:41 <nalixor>    that was meant to be more threatening
Aug 21 15:05:13 <allthefoxes>    anyone have some shitty CSS that wouldd make a sticky post big and scary

Aug 23 20:15:43 <IKingJeremy>    Removed less than 15 minutes after it was put up.
Aug 23 20:50:05 <Gaget>    IKingJeremy can you let me in on it?
Aug 23 20:50:09 <Gaget>    For /r/pcgaming?
Aug 23 20:50:21 <Gaget>    We’re getting a shit ton of zoe quinn nonsense here.
Aug 23 20:51:06 <IKingJeremy>    Pm
Aug 23 21:04:59 <IAmAN00bie>    is that conversation leak supposed to prove something?
Aug 23 21:15:28 <rya>    http://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/2ee9jl/if_youre_gonna_kiss_me_kissmeright_damn_it/
Aug 23 21:15:35 <rya>    AHAHAHA
Aug 23 21:15:50 <rya>    havent seen a quality funny gif in a long time heh
Aug 23 21:30:59 <IAmAN00bie>    lol
Aug 23 21:31:18 <IAmAN00bie>    so many channers being shadowbanned for brigading, and they pretend like they’re not influencing anything
Aug 23 21:31:37 <IAmAN00bie>    yo how many of you guys have slept with Zoey Quinn, admit it already
Aug 23 21:31:50 <IAmAN00bie>    we’re all in on this amirite xD
Aug 23 21:35:44 <Sems>    she’s a nice lady, no need to be rude
Aug 23 21:37:35 <IAmAN00bie>    wut
Aug 23 21:37:46 <IAmAN00bie>    i was mocking the reddit mob
Aug 23 21:38:01 <IAmAN00bie>    for thinking we all slept with Zoey Quinn cause we don’t let them witch hunt her
Aug 23 21:38:20 <TomRiddle>    wait, we weren’t supposed to sleep with her?
Aug 23 21:39:09 <Sems>    ^
Aug 23 21:39:22 <Sems>    i’m not sure what you’re trying to say, n00bie, but i dont like it
Aug 23 21:39:52 <IAmAN00bie>    sorry Sems
Aug 23 21:40:04 <Sems>    it’s okay
Aug 23 21:40:06 <IAmAN00bie>    just a bit miffed at all the conspiracy folks
Aug 23 21:40:13 <IAmAN00bie>    they’re literally everywhere
Aug 23 21:40:22 <Sems>    i’m using my many alts to downvote everything you say on reddit because i’m a tad sore about your mind
Aug 23 21:40:27 <TomRiddle>    this is good for shekelcoin
Aug 23 21:40:30 <x316nutsx>    Don’t let those nut jobs get to you

Aug 24 12:59:27 <Sems>    it all started with a private chan and a dream
Aug 24 12:59:43 <Sems>    “i want somewjere that i can invite mf then kickban him”
Aug 24 12:59:51 <Lurlur>    lol
Aug 24 12:59:58 <Sems>    and he kept coming back
Aug 24 13:00:10 <Sems>    and it was great
Aug 24 13:00:19 <TitanT>    Would you describe it as “all his own fault”?
Aug 24 13:00:32 <Sems>    yes
Aug 24 13:00:55 <fritzly>    sems, titan, stopscopiesme,  I need a favor from one of you
Aug 24 13:01:05 <fritzly>    http://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/2eg78g/the_quinspiricyquinngate_reaches_category_5_as/cjz7h0k?context=3
Aug 24 13:01:07 <Sems>    right now mf is staring at his monitor going “i’m right here you guys i can see everything wth i hate you sems”
Aug 24 13:01:08 <fritzly>    pls play along
Aug 24 13:01:30 <Sems>    lol
Aug 24 13:01:52 <fritzly>    his last acc was /r/CantCatchMeMods
Aug 24 13:02:09 <fritzly>    he deleted it after a mod mail conversation with us
Aug 24 13:02:19 <fritzly>    he made a post in /r/conspiracy
Aug 24 13:02:24 <fritzly>    but it was taken down by the mods
Aug 24 13:02:30 <fritzly>    so he thinks we were responsible
Aug 24 13:02:39 <Sems>    lol
Aug 24 13:03:12 <Sems>    he delted his comment :(

Aug 25 11:07:10 <XavierMendel>    XavierMendel: what question
Aug 25 11:07:24 <XavierMendel>    Wait.
Aug 25 11:07:24 <Batarang>    About if more stuff came out.
Aug 25 11:07:30 <XavierMendel>    Oh
Aug 25 11:07:37 <XavierMendel>    Well, something did
Aug 25 11:07:40 <XavierMendel>    I guess I’m in a video now
Aug 25 11:07:43 <XavierMendel>    So there’s that.
Aug 25 11:07:51 <Batarang>    Is it a sexy video?
Aug 25 11:07:54 <XavierMendel>    haven’t seen it
Aug 25 11:07:57 <XavierMendel>    I wish
Aug 25 11:10:33 <Batarang>    I’ve got to say, this is a huge mess.  It’s impressive how many people you’ve upset and who care but then I felt like that about the original drama.  I still can’t bring myself to care about Quinn.  Maybe it seems more important from within the gaming community.
Aug 25 11:12:42 <XavierMendel>    Few care about zoe quinn really
Aug 25 11:12:44 <XavierMendel>    I certainly don’t
Aug 25 11:13:03 <XavierMendel>    She just kicked off everything
Aug 25 11:17:55 <Batarang>    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-28863315 – Mmm, delicious.
Aug 25 11:18:03 <Batarang>    Cambodian rats!
Aug 25 11:18:14 <Batarang>    Jesus, those are some huge rats
Aug 25 11:26:25 <fritzly>    Hey who considers this image nsfw?
Aug 25 11:26:26 <fritzly>    http://i.imgur.com/BL1RHGT.jpg

Aug 30 19:15:41 <allthefoxes>    its like they cant look at foxes anywhere else
Aug 30 19:15:48 <allthefoxes>    on the whole internet
Aug 30 19:15:50 <BipolarBear0>    Or day, rather
Aug 30 19:15:55 <BipolarBear0>    (I write for a midsized news site which gets an order of magnitude more readers)
Aug 30 19:16:01 <BipolarBear0>    But the smaller forums like /r/conspiracy
Aug 30 19:16:06 <BipolarBear0>    And apparently /r/undelete
Aug 30 19:16:07 <allthefoxes>    BipolarBear0 confirmed shill
Aug 30 19:16:09 <BipolarBear0>    And SRD
Aug 30 19:16:14 <BipolarBear0>    Are the last bastions of freedom in the world
Aug 30 19:16:29 <nalixor>    It’s also why I think some people cry censorship at the drop of a hat. They’ve forgotten that there’s more to the internet than just reddit.
Aug 30 19:16:32 <BipolarBear0>    Some guy accused me of being a shill for Zoe Quinn in /r/drama last week
Aug 30 19:16:39 *    nalixor shudders.
Aug 30 19:16:57 <BipolarBear0>    I told him 99% of the internet doesn’t even know who Zoe Quinn is, much less care, and 99.99999999% of the world doesn’t know or care either
Aug 30 19:17:28 <BipolarBear0>    20 percent interest eh allthefoxes
Aug 30 19:17:37 <allthefoxes>    I got stacks on stacks
Aug 30 19:17:55 <allthefoxes>    well
Aug 30 19:17:56 <allthefoxes>    I will
Aug 30 19:17:59 <BipolarBear0>    Has your JIDF paycheck not come yet
Aug 30 19:18:02 <allthefoxes>    It is
Aug 30 19:18:05 <allthefoxes>    got it today
Aug 30 19:18:08 <allthefoxes>    just banks suck
Aug 30 19:18:10 <nalixor>    BipolarBear0, someone tried submitting this a few hours ago: http://i.imgur.com/fIID6Zw.png

Aug 31 02:42:46 <Forest|_>    IKingJeremy, u around?
Aug 31 02:42:55 <IKingJeremy>    Sup?
Aug 31 02:43:18 <Forest|_>    I know it was removed, but looks like some vote cheating in here http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/2f2cmd/quinnspiracy_theory_white_castles_and_ivory_towers/
Aug 31 02:44:54 <IKingJeremy>    Probably, but there’s no real way for mods to see it unfortunately.
Aug 31 02:45:19 <Forest|_>    yep
Aug 31 02:45:38 <EnigmaBlade>    he seems a bit upset
Aug 31 02:45:41 <Forest|_>    yep
Aug 31 02:45:45 <Forest|_>    people are crazy
Aug 31 02:45:45 <EnigmaBlade>    how dare you shadowban the posts
Aug 31 02:46:06 <Forest|_>    also, it has a 78 vote %
Aug 31 02:46:28 <Forest|_>    so I would bet some of the votes came from voting on the user page

Aug 31 02:55:07 <Forest|_>    oh wow
Aug 31 02:55:19 <Forest|_>    the user who wrote that
Aug 31 02:55:20 <IAmAN00bie>    people are posting it multiple times in the hopes of getting it off
Aug 31 02:55:29 <Forest|_>    just commented in the r/videos post
Aug 31 02:56:15 <IAmAN00bie>    lol which one?
Aug 31 02:56:18 <IAmAN00bie>    there’s like 5 of them
Aug 31 02:56:40 <Forest|_>    This one http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/2f2dsn/quinnspiracy_theory_white_castles_and_ivory_towers/ck59q3k?context=3
Aug 31 02:56:46 <Forest|_>    lol
Aug 31 02:56:53 <Forest|_>    he also posted in r/shadowban
Aug 31 02:58:24 <Forest|_>    wait
Aug 31 02:58:32 <Forest|_>    IAmAN00bie, you send r/videos a modmail?
Aug 31 02:58:35 <IAmAN00bie>    lol
Aug 31 02:58:39 <IAmAN00bie>    implying they’ll give a shit
Aug 31 02:58:54 <IAmAN00bie>    they last response about it was “we’re the only free speech sub that won’t remove it!”
Aug 31 02:59:18 <IAmAN00bie>    check the post histories of everyone submitting the video
Aug 31 03:01:12 <Addyct>    Ok, I don’t want to seem all conspiracytheoristy, but there sure are a lot of pro-catholic posts hitting the front page recently
Aug 31 03:01:28 <Addyct>    and all of the comments in them that are even remotely negative or challenging are pounded by downvotes.
Aug 31 03:01:36 <IAmAN00bie>    !mods games
Aug 31 03:01:37 <redditBot>    r/games has 16 mods: Deimorz, Dacvak, tevoul, Pharnaces_II, fishingcat, foamed, Forestl, Piemonkey, DeltaBurnt, AutoModerator, GamingBot, GamesMods, nalixor, selib, Protocol_Fenrir, and Blackadder18
Aug 31 03:01:39 <IAmAN00bie>    http://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/260827585
Aug 31 03:01:44 <frotzly>    Sounds like a conspiracy Addyct
Aug 31 03:01:44 <Bipo1arbear>    maybe reddit is getting less edgy?
Aug 31 03:01:46 <IAmAN00bie>    4chan is vote brigading the quinnspiracy video there
Aug 31 03:01:50 <IAmAN00bie>    ctrl+f “rebbit”
Aug 31 03:01:57 <Forest|_>    IAmAN00bie, yap
Aug 31 03:02:07 <Forest|_>    it was auto-removed
Aug 31 03:02:08 <Piemonkey>    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpQmFfdYFzY
Aug 31 03:02:10 <Piemonkey>    WU-TANG
Aug 31 03:02:11 <IAmAN00bie>    messaging admins
Aug 31 03:02:18 <Foamed>    gah
Aug 31 03:02:23 <EDI>    (Piemonkey) Wu Tang Clan – Protect ya neck video – length 4m 36s – 2,129 likes, 30 dislikes (98.6%) – 432,555 views – Para Dox on 2013.08.09 – NSFW
Aug 31 03:02:30 <Foamed>    thanks, IAmN00bie

Aug 31 10:41:18 <hansjens47>    😀
Aug 31 10:41:19 <Lurlur>    lol, throwaway, alt or post shadowban…?
Aug 31 10:41:28 <Lurlur>    Or a filthy, filthy liar
Aug 31 10:41:37 <hansjens47>    reddit’s barely 9 years old i think
Aug 31 10:41:53 <hansjens47>    to be around for 9 years, you’d have to be one of the very, very first people to use the site
Aug 31 10:42:16 <Lurlur>    Yeah
Aug 31 10:49:22 <Forest|_>    oh wow
Aug 31 10:49:30 <Forest|_>    that r/gaming post is up to 51 votes
Aug 31 10:49:36 <Forest|_>    not vote cheating at all….
Aug 31 10:49:51 <hansjens47>    link?
Aug 31 10:51:01 <Forest|_>    hansjens47, http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/2f2cmd/quinnspiracy_theory_white_castles_and_ivory_towers/
Aug 31 10:51:41 <hansjens47>    send them ocrasorm’s way 😀
Aug 31 10:53:10 <Lurlur>    Do you normally give removal reasons in /r/games, Forest|_?
Aug 31 10:53:21 <Forest|_>    nope
Aug 31 10:53:59 <Lurlur>    Fair enough, the Op obviously expected one but it’s certainly not mandatory!
Aug 31 11:01:10 <Lurlur>    Piemonkey has a fan, it seems
Aug 31 11:01:27 <Lurlur>    http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/2f2c32/quinnspiracy_theory_white_castles_and_ivory_towers/ck5f26p

Aug 31 17:55:43 <fritzly>    its not just in porn subs tho
Aug 31 17:55:45 <multi-mod>    that subreddit will probably have the highest subreddit growth rate ever after this
Aug 31 17:55:51 <XavierMendel>    For instance I doubt /r/geology cares
Aug 31 17:56:33 <BipolarBear0>    le new XavierMendel meme be contrarian and isolate people
Aug 31 17:56:42 <DaedalusMinion>    ^
Aug 31 17:56:56 <XavierMendel>    You really have a hardon for me the past few days, BipolarBear0
Aug 31 17:56:59 <XavierMendel>    What’s up with that?
Aug 31 17:57:04 <DaedalusMinion>    He’s right though
Aug 31 17:57:06 <DaedalusMinion>    you do do that
Aug 31 17:57:15 <BipolarBear0>    I’ve mentioned you twice in the past two days
Aug 31 17:57:21 <DaedalusMinion>    anyway, I think Zoe Quinn leakd the nudes of JLaw
Aug 31 17:57:23 <BipolarBear0>    And both times you were being contrarian and isolating people
Aug 31 17:57:28 <XavierMendel>    I just happen to have opinions that are contrary to what many people in here think
Aug 31 17:57:28 <BipolarBear0>    Including me
Aug 31 17:57:36 <XavierMendel>    And I mention it for discussion purposes
Aug 31 17:57:51 <DaedalusMinion>    I was very contrarian in high school
Aug 31 17:57:53 <XavierMendel>    Doesn’t make me contrarian or anything
Aug 31 17:57:54 <Lurlur>    XM, a lot of people aren’t really happy with you
Aug 31 17:58:03 <XavierMendel>    Lurlur: I’m not sure why, really.
Aug 31 17:58:05 <DaedalusMinion>    I would’ve been beaten up if I wasn’t a comedian

Sep 03 19:51:42 <unknown_name>    k
Sep 03 19:51:55 <IKingJeremy>    Make sure you enter the correct channel though, as I think there are more than one.
Sep 03 19:52:02 <IKingJeremy>    I don’t know there names though.
Sep 03 19:53:46 <unknown_name>    I’m 99% sure is the correct name. I’m about to leave for work so I can’t look into it too much.
Sep 03 19:55:06 <nalixor>    CC is a club for jerks anyway
Sep 03 19:55:37 <BipolarLizard0>    http://i.imgur.com/uO4ptA1.jpg
Sep 03 19:58:20 <LrrrrRuleofallLizards>    oh noes, why are you talking about racism and sexism when clickbait is teh real issue: http://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/2f7g5l/what_is_gamergate/ck8dj9y?context=3
Sep 03 19:58:26 <LrrrrRuleofallLizards>    um..wrong channel
Sep 03 19:58:28 <LrrrrRuleofallLizards>    ignore that
Sep 03 20:00:45 <Forest|_>    LrrrrRuleofallLizards, k
Sep 03 20:02:05 <Forest|_>    LrrrrRuleofallLizards, the side that is mad about the integrity of gaming is also the side that has the most vote cheating
Sep 03 20:02:08 <Forest|_>    by far
Sep 03 20:02:27 <unknown_name>    Nalixor: CC is awesome
Sep 03 20:02:38 <nalixor>    no
Sep 03 20:02:41 <nalixor>    it is a club for jerks

Sep 07 15:30:33 <JustPassingThrough>    i knew this was gonna bite me in the ass one day
Sep 07 15:30:37 <redtaboo>    thanks, fritzly !
Sep 07 15:30:48 <fritzly>    np
Sep 07 15:31:17 <multi-mod>    awww, fritzly got the herbes post taken down
Sep 07 15:31:25 <multi-mod>    poor guy getting herpes from his cousin
Sep 07 15:31:31 <fritzly>    you have no proof
Sep 07 15:31:38 <fritzly>    IM INNOCENT I TELL YOU!
Sep 07 15:32:00 <multi-mod>    poor guy just wanted a bro’s shoulder to cry on
Sep 07 15:32:17 <fritzly>    it was also linked to a few jerk/meta subs Im in and it was going to be heavily brigaded
Sep 07 15:34:49 <multi-mod>    http://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/2fqpti/rgaming_gamergate_new_evidence_to_reddit_wide/
Sep 07 15:36:06 <multi-mod>    I guess that answers the question of who was interviewing him
Sep 07 15:36:48 <JustPassingThrough>    not really
Sep 07 15:36:57 <JustPassingThrough>    IA’s stuff is posted around elsewhere
Sep 07 15:37:23 <fritzly>    not really drama tho
Sep 07 15:37:47 <multi-mod>    more like /r/conspiracy stuff
Sep 07 15:37:52 <stahpp>    what even is that
Sep 07 15:38:04 <stahpp>    i’m not listening to 50 mins of some boring redditer
Sep 07 15:38:36 <stahpp>    “I know of a moderator who is so hated by the admins they will never speak to him”
Sep 07 15:38:54 <stahpp>    hey BipolarBear0
Sep 07 15:38:57 <JustPassingThrough>    wll thats dumb

Sep 07 18:05:05 <krispykrackers>    we’re still coming up with solutions. it’s a pretty tough question to answer and we don’t want to fuck it up
Sep 07 18:05:18 <fritzly>    hey TomRiddle!
Sep 07 18:05:40 <multi-mod>    krispykrackers: the biggest problem being that it may be ok for someone to post their links into one sub, but they risk beign shadow banned if they step outside of that subreddit
Sep 07 18:05:50 <krispykrackers>    yep
Sep 07 18:06:07 <TimRiddle>    fritzly: it’s Tim you casual
Sep 07 18:06:09 <JustPassingThrough>    aw i have to go
Sep 07 18:06:20 <JustPassingThrough>    no meta discussion on the direction of reddit for me
Sep 07 18:06:20 <IAmAN00bie>    !mods games
Sep 07 18:06:20 <redditBot>    r/games has 16 mods: Deimorz, Dacvak, tevoul, Pharnaces_II, fishingcat, foamed, Forestl, Piemonkey, DeltaBurnt, AutoModerator, GamingBot, GamesMods, nalixor, selib, Protocol_Fenrir, and Blackadder18
Sep 07 18:06:22 <IAmAN00bie>    http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2fqul7/igf_and_indiecade_racketeering/ckbxu11
Sep 07 18:06:23 <IAmAN00bie>    heads up
Sep 07 18:06:37 <IAmAN00bie>    lol @ the url
Sep 07 18:06:49 <fritzly>    whoops lol
Sep 07 18:07:10 <multi-mod>    krispykrackers, I think the problem is that people reference the fact that it is stated people can run their self promotion rules differently in their subreddit, but they do not see that these rules don’t carry to other subreddits
Sep 07 18:07:28 <krispykrackers>    yes. that is basically the epicenter of the issue
Sep 07 18:07:39 <krispykrackers>    spam here might not be spam there
Sep 07 18:08:13 <krispykrackers>    but spam on reddit is treated as a blanket by admins, even if it’s welcomed by mods
Sep 07 18:08:18 <Foamed>    Yeah, we know about it, IAmAN00bie
Sep 07 18:08:46 <Foamed>    brigading and vote manipulation from 4chan
Sep 07 18:08:51 <Foamed>    …again
Sep 07 18:08:57 <TimRiddle>    lol
Sep 07 18:09:21 <krispykrackers>    yep
Sep 07 18:09:51 <hansjens47>    at the same time, quite a few mods think 10% from a single domain = 10% self-promotion.
Sep 07 18:10:38 <IAmAN00bie>    i dislike the 10% rule, so many mods seem to think it’s the end-all-be-all guideline
Sep 07 18:11:02 <Piemonkey>    http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/2fqixc/gamergate_reddit_admins_outed_as_corrupt/ckby0zn
Sep 07 18:11:06 <krispykrackers>    it’s more of a guideline. you should use common sense as well.
Sep 07 18:11:07 <Piemonkey>    well, looky looky
Sep 07 18:11:12 <Piemonkey>    krispykrackers,
Sep 07 18:11:20 <IAmAN00bie>    krispykrackers: i know, but a lot of mods don’t treat it that way
Sep 07 18:11:23 <Piemonkey>    that entire subreddit has been nothing but vote manipulating stuff on other subs
Sep 07 18:11:24 <IAmAN00bie>    they treat it like a hard rule
Sep 07 18:11:29 <Piemonkey>    and that guy explicitly said it
Sep 07 18:11:53 <IAmAN00bie>    Piemonkey: not a very smart comment to leave there
Sep 07 18:11:56 <multi-mod>    I think a better point of view is to educate people who are in risk of being shadow banned, assuming they appear to want to be a positive member of the community
Sep 07 18:12:06 <IAmAN00bie>    but yeah, /r/kotakuinaction has been realllly invested in all this
Sep 07 18:12:47 <Piemonkey>    fair enough
Sep 07 18:12:55 <Piemonkey>    but yeah
Sep 07 18:13:00 <Piemonkey>    theyu’ve been VMing our sub like crazy
Sep 07 18:13:04 <hansjens47>    multi-mod: that’s where this new spam guideline will be so helpful. We generally ban people at 33% from one domain in /r/politics and tell them about the global reddit rules in an effort to ensure they don’t get their accounts shadowbanned. We unban if they diversify submissions
Sep 07 18:13:20 <hansjens47>    but the current text to link to isn’t that helpful, generally
Sep 07 18:13:34 <multi-mod>    hansjens47, that is somewhat similar to what I do, altough I am starting to automate the process with a bot
Sep 07 18:14:00 <hansjens47>    yeah we’ve got a bot to run numbers and notify us as well, but messaging is done manually
Sep 07 18:14:06 <multi-mod>    however, if the person is at like 80% with 20 submissions, chances are it will just be a complete ban
Sep 07 18:14:47 <multi-mod>    some accounts have like a 90% submission rate, and 100 submissions to the same domain. This means they would need to submit about 900 times to get below the percentage
Sep 07 18:14:54 <hansjens47>    running a bot like that’s also kinda weird though, because we get a lot of people who hardly ever submit to /r/polititcs specifically and their “spam” isn’t related to our subreddit at all

Sep 08 00:24:01 <nalixor>    oh shit
Sep 08 00:24:06 <nalixor>    we have a badass over here
Sep 08 00:29:19 <JustPassingThrough>    oh no
Sep 08 00:29:34 <JustPassingThrough>    i saw that coming in a sense but he should have kept the wordplay to himself
Sep 08 00:29:37 <JustPassingThrough>    never explain your jokes
Sep 08 00:35:49 <JustPassingThrough>    i have a lot to say about this sort of stuff but i dont think its a conversation reddit is ready to have right now.
Sep 08 00:55:06 <hermithome>    person in modmail complaining about us not letting them post gamergate stuff that include zoe quinn doxx info
Sep 08 00:55:08 <hermithome>    “Zoe Quinn has nothing to do with this. She’s like the Serbian who  assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. She has quickly become  irrelevant.”
Sep 08 00:57:01 <fritzly>    mhmm
Sep 08 00:58:07 <JustPassingThrough>    considering how this current clusterfuck wrt reddit is like the perfect storm of zoe quinn, unidan, theidesoflight, and the fappening all coming together under the admins asses
Sep 08 00:58:11 <JustPassingThrough>    this is pretty much internet wwi
Sep 08 00:59:13 <Flashynuff>    !comic
Sep 08 00:59:17 <weeedbot>    Flashynuff: http://i.imgur.com/Pq03vYW.jpg
Sep 08 01:00:09 <Stalin>    <Piemonkey> Stalin, i hate this mod of yours
Sep 08 01:00:11 <Stalin>    lol im sorry
Sep 08 01:00:15 <Stalin>    but he’s going his job well
Sep 08 01:00:18 <Stalin>    doing*
Sep 08 01:14:23 <JustPassingThrough>    wat

Sep 08 01:36:56 <stahpp>    says you
Sep 08 01:37:04 <nalixor>    yes, says me. 😛
Sep 08 01:37:29 <nalixor>    from that puush image I linked before, there’s no way for you to see any other image I’ve uploaded to puush unless I’ve linked it
Sep 08 01:39:38 <Blackadder18>    tell that to the hacker known as ‘4 chan’
Sep 08 01:39:41 <Blackadder18>     /s
Sep 08 01:41:34 <Flashynuff>    the cloooouuuuud
Sep 08 02:10:47 <dylan522p>    so it seems in my absence i missed some major drama
Sep 08 02:11:01 <Flashynuff>    how long were you gone?
Sep 08 02:11:09 <dylan522p>    qhat happened with this whole zoe quin thing and Xavier mendel
Sep 08 02:11:28 <XavierMendel>    It’s a shitstorm
Sep 08 02:11:30 <dylan522p>    i reddited just subs i cared about
Sep 08 02:11:37 <XavierMendel>    Everyone’s biased. Don’t bother asking. Just go read.
Sep 08 02:11:50 <dylan522p>    but the words are biased as fuck
Sep 08 02:11:59 <hermithome>    hey, does anyone want to give me a quick digest of the additional gaming drama of like, the past two days or so?
Sep 08 02:12:16 <dylan522p>    here it’s just a few people bias
Sep 08 02:12:45 <dylan522p>    XavierMendel, where do i even start? theres like 50 million posts about it
Sep 08 02:14:01 <XavierMendel>    I’ll link you a bunch of threads in a PM, don’t wanna spam here
Sep 08 02:14:30 <dylan522p>    ty

Sep 08 02:25:04 <memebot>    fritzly: http://i.imgur.com/vDohoXn.jpg
Sep 08 02:25:16 <Paradox>    !meme m:bush its a banana;dumbass
Sep 08 02:25:17 <memebot>    Paradox: http://i.imgur.com/5R1A0Kq.jpg
Sep 08 02:25:28 <Paradox>    lel
Sep 08 02:25:35 <fritzly>    !meme m:bush k;
Sep 08 02:25:35 <memebot>    fritzly: http://i.imgur.com/u0Srism.jpg
Sep 08 02:25:53 <fritzly>    tfw I forgot how to meme
Sep 08 02:29:53 <hoosakiwi>    oh fritzly, have you had a chance to mess with the flair stuff at all? no worries if you havnet btw
Sep 08 02:30:03 <Paradox>    kekekelole
Sep 08 02:31:11 <dylan522p>    holy shit this drama musta been amazing on this irc
Sep 08 02:32:01 <dylan522p>    Paradox what do i have to do for modtalk irc logs durning the zoe quinn drama + XavierMendel drama?
Sep 08 02:32:06 <Paradox>    !meme is dylan522p;from kentuckey
Sep 08 02:32:08 <memebot>    Paradox: http://i.imgur.com/mOF2jli.jpg
Sep 08 02:32:20 <Paradox>    lol
Sep 08 02:32:20 <dylan522p>    i was born and raised in georgia….
Sep 08 02:32:25 <Paradox>    haha you self doxxed
Sep 08 02:32:29 <Paradox>    i didnt want to say it
Sep 08 02:32:33 <dylan522p>    fuck ban me
Sep 08 02:32:38 <Paradox>    !kickban dylan522p doxxing
Sep 08 02:32:38 *    YoloSwagBot sets ban on *!*@user/Dylan522p
Sep 08 02:32:38 *    YoloSwagBot has kicked dylan522p from #modtalk ((Paradox) doxxing)

Sep 08 04:48:39 <Paradox>    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER5qwu8nTtc
Sep 08 04:48:40 <EDI>    (Paradox) Pussy Doodles | Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! | Adult Swim – length 1m 10s – 2,315 likes, 48 dislikes (98.0%) – 418,286 views – Adult Swim on 2009.12.07
Sep 08 04:48:47 <nalixor>    BipolarBear0, assuredly is in here?
Sep 08 04:48:54 <BipolarBear0>    No, he’s in /r/modtalk though
Sep 08 04:49:00 <nalixor>    ah, that’s fine.
Sep 08 04:49:04 <creesch>    if people have /r/modtalk acess they do have #modtalk access by default
Sep 08 04:49:08 <nalixor>    I don’t use /r/modtalk.
Sep 08 04:49:21 <BipolarBear0>    Not true creesch
Sep 08 04:49:25 <BipolarBear0>    This is a selective access channel
Sep 08 04:49:49 <creesch>    BipolarBear0: Let me rephrase that, I am adding people if they have /r/modtalk access
Sep 08 04:49:52 <Paradox>    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A21wxZKiao8
Sep 08 04:49:52 <EDI>    (Paradox) Video Dating a Gamer | Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! | Adult Swim – length 56s – 8,554 likes, 175 dislikes (98.0%) – 1,392,091 views – Adult Swim on 2009.12.07
Sep 08 04:50:02 <creesch>    there is no good reason not do so
Sep 08 04:50:08 <BipolarBear0>    So long as you don’t add any /r/conspiracy mods then I’m fine with it
Sep 08 04:50:29 <creesch>    not planning on it
Sep 08 04:50:35 <BipolarBear0>    They have /r/modtalk access
Sep 08 04:50:45 <BipolarBear0>    As do TRP mods
Sep 08 04:50:55 <Paradox>    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DFR7M72wJY
Sep 08 04:50:55 <EDI>    (Paradox) Video Match, Dating Service | Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! | Adult Swim – length 59s – 790 likes, 14 dislikes (98.3%) – 186,220 views – Adult Swim on 2012.02.01
Sep 08 04:51:03 <BipolarBear0>    And most Chimpire mods
Sep 08 04:51:13 <Lurlur>    Ah, the age old debate.

Sep 08 10:12:03 <allthefoxes>    hi soupy
Sep 08 10:12:24 <Lurlur>    Report comments for not contributing, get upset when comments are removed and cry that this is what downvotes are for.
Sep 08 10:14:52 <creesch>    !mods listentothis
Sep 08 10:14:53 <redditBot>    r/listentothis has 24 mods: LapsedPacifist, evilnight, happybadger, astarkey12, kaptain_carbon, multi-mod, boredop, g_yore, raddit-bot, BotWatchman, AutoModerator, arghdos, feedthecollapse, SQ_Minion, selfabortion, fudgemunk, packos130, kevindk, fritzly, Flashynuff, QueenAtziri, xelested, Grimblewedge, and 2naFied
Sep 08 10:47:11 <noeatnosleep>    Gamergate: http://gfycat.com/EagerSphericalAdeliepenguin
Sep 08 10:49:26 <greenduch>    srsly
Sep 08 10:49:41 <greenduch>    usually 4chan cant organize themselves longer than like, 2 minutes
Sep 08 10:49:52 <greenduch>    i cant believe theyve managed to keep this going for so long
Sep 08 10:52:39 <greenduch>    i wouldnt really care if they circlejerked themselves into oblivion, if they didnt keep raiding shit
Sep 08 11:00:56 <Cylon>    Gamergate i such an awful name
Sep 08 11:01:03 <Cylon>    this is the watergate of gaming?
Sep 08 11:01:05 <Cylon>    THIS
Sep 08 11:04:22 <greenduch>    its just all very cringey tbh
Sep 08 11:21:19 <Protocol>    Cylon, I would of rathered been treated like Bill Clinton, with our own monica lewinsky, and blow jobs. That is far more fun then some tapes and a hotel.
Sep 08 11:24:15 <Cylon>    ha

Sep 08 15:01:14 <theredditpope>    While I agree reddit can’t control what happens in its own boarder, I don’t think any government has any real control over eha
Sep 08 15:01:26 <theredditpope>    Control over that*
Sep 08 15:01:54 <theredditpope>    I think what gets people most upset is how Reddit reacts to these situations instead of how they try to prevent them in the first place.
Sep 08 15:01:58 <SolarAquarion>    theredditpope, he’s the news editor for The Verge
Sep 08 15:02:02 <SolarAquarion>    it’s fucking great
Sep 08 15:02:25 <BipolarBear0>    The senior editor?
Sep 08 15:02:27 <BipolarBear0>    Or a news editor
Sep 08 15:04:12 <SolarAquarion>    BipolarBear0, a News editor
Sep 08 15:06:40 <greenduch>    hey rgaming or rgames mods, have kotakuinaction been raiding/brigading you guys a lot?
Sep 08 15:07:32 <Piemonkey>    yeah
Sep 08 15:07:34 <greenduch>    david-me is saying something about how someone was claiming that was happening in rgames
Sep 08 15:07:34 <Piemonkey>    just users
Sep 08 15:07:38 <Piemonkey>    that was me
Sep 08 15:07:39 <greenduch>    ah
Sep 08 15:07:48 <Piemonkey>    i was overtly upset last night
Sep 08 15:07:57 <discord_danzig>    you were dealing with a lot
Sep 08 15:07:58 <greenduch>    im probably going to have to run a ban script on their users tbh
Sep 08 15:08:10 <greenduch>    because they keep invading my tiny little gaming sub
Sep 08 15:08:15 <Piemonkey>    but anyway
Sep 08 15:08:25 <Piemonkey>    a bunch of KIA users were engaging in VM and gaming r/Games
Sep 08 15:08:29 <Piemonkey>    a few admitted to it
Sep 08 15:08:36 <Piemonkey>    and i could see others telling others how to submit shit to our sub
Sep 08 15:08:39 <Piemonkey>    just look at this
Sep 08 15:08:52 <Piemonkey>    http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/2fr5l5/igf_and_indiecade_accused_of_racketeering/
Sep 08 15:08:57 <Piemonkey>    look at the URL for that link
Sep 08 15:09:00 <greenduch>    yeah i was seeing some r/drama thread
Sep 08 15:09:05 <Piemonkey>    yeah
Sep 08 15:09:09 <Piemonkey>    that OP for that drama thread
Sep 08 15:09:12 <Piemonkey>    manufactured that drama
Sep 08 15:09:17 <Piemonkey>    and then capitalized on it
Sep 08 15:09:20 <Piemonkey>    he’s just a huge drama monger
Sep 08 15:09:20 <greenduch>    lol that url
Sep 08 15:09:28 <greenduch>    yeah i assumed as much
Sep 08 15:09:33 <Piemonkey>    it’s people like him that are coming through KIA to fuck with our sub
Sep 08 15:09:41 <Piemonkey>    and then they’re all getting mad when i point it out
Sep 08 15:09:43 <greenduch>    i dont understand how people dont see this as transparent drama mongering
Sep 08 15:09:45 <Piemonkey>    but jesus, look at the shit he’s doing
Sep 08 15:10:02 <Piemonkey>    that r/drama thread is full of people flipping out on my for telling them what VM is
Sep 08 15:10:09 <Piemonkey>    me*
Sep 08 15:10:19 <Piemonkey>    like, they’re going the way of PCMR at this rate
Sep 08 15:10:29 <Piemonkey>    people like that OP should be banned from the drama subs
Sep 08 15:10:34 <greenduch>    lol
Sep 08 15:10:39 <greenduch>    rdrama has always been a cesspool
Sep 08 15:10:56 <Piemonkey>    indeed

Sep 08 21:50:22 <greenduch>    Aug 28 22.13.33 <InNOutChef>>tfw I was banned from /r/srsgaming for disagreeing
Sep 08 21:50:24 <greenduch>    lol
Sep 08 21:50:39 <greenduch>    its kinda amusing watching how they pout when i ban them
Sep 08 21:50:52 <greenduch>    no this is the full dump, the anons put it out themselves
Sep 08 21:51:09 <Forest|_>    le
Sep 08 21:51:31 <greenduch>    to “prove” that ZQ logs were “cherrypicked”
Sep 08 21:51:34 <greenduch>    hint, theyre not.
Sep 08 21:51:54 <greenduch>    they just figured a massive 12 day log dump would never actually be looked at
Sep 08 21:51:58 <greenduch>    or something, idk
Sep 08 21:52:00 <RyanKinder>    man. anytime I see “zoe quinn” shit, my eyes glaze over. Talk about wanting to drag out a nothing story.
Sep 08 21:52:10 <RyanKinder>    (in reference to the log posted above)
Sep 08 21:52:18 <greenduch>    yeah
Sep 08 21:52:28 <greenduch>    Aug 30 16.04.44 <XavierMendel>r/girlgamers is a plague that should’ve been banned from reddit long ago
Sep 08 21:52:31 <greenduch>    huh
Sep 08 21:52:32 <greenduch>    k
Sep 08 21:52:34 <XavierMendel>    lol
Sep 08 21:52:53 <Forest|_>    XavierMendel, “xbox one”?
Sep 08 21:52:57 <Forest|_>    really?
Sep 08 21:53:01 <XavierMendel>    r/GirlGamers is a terrible subreddit. It’s more low quality than /r/gaming.

Sep 08 21:53:31 <XavierMendel>    Anyway, I’m not the only mod who complains about /r/GirlGamers. Even Forestl has called it a brigade before.
Sep 08 21:53:33 <greenduch>    what. zahlman is there too
Sep 08 21:53:35 <greenduch>    fucking weirdos
Sep 08 21:53:42 <Forest|_>    XavierMendel, http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/search?q=xbox+one&restrict_sr=on&sort=new&t=all
Sep 08 21:53:52 <Forest|_>    that doesn’t even make sense
Sep 08 21:53:52 <XavierMendel>    That sure is a search page.
Sep 08 21:54:28 <XavierMendel>    Oh, you’re referring to automod removing “xbone”?
Sep 08 21:54:36 <Forest|_>    you said xbox one
Sep 08 21:54:40 <XavierMendel>    Cause I have the automod page right here, and I’m seeing a whole lotta xbox.
Sep 08 21:54:51 <XavierMendel>        body: [“gaben”, “master race”, “bias”, “/?r/xboxone”, “youtube comments”, “peasants?”, “plebeian”, “peasantry”, “peasant”, “plebian”, “brib(ing|e[ds]?)?”, “paid off”, “MFW”, “click bait”, “google.com”, “kill yourself”, “Did you read”, “cunt”, “downvote(d|s)?”, “upvote(d|s)?”, “Anita”, “entitled”, “raped?”, “fedora”]
Sep 08 21:55:11 <XavierMendel>    That’s one of the conditions anyway.
Sep 08 21:55:20 <Forest|_>    XavierMendel, that isn’t auto-remove
Sep 08 21:55:34 <Forest|_>    and you know why we added those auto-reports
Sep 08 21:55:43 <greenduch>    Aug 30 16.05.53 <XavierMendel>Three of the admins are SRS members and make sure they’re perfectly within the rules.
Sep 08 21:55:44 <XavierMendel>    “x-?bone[dr]”
Sep 08 21:55:46 <greenduch>    hey XavierMendel , which ones?
Sep 08 21:55:49 <XavierMendel>    This one’s auto-remove.
Sep 08 21:56:07 <Forest|_>    nope
Sep 08 21:56:21 <XavierMendel>    I literally have it right here. Action, remove.

Sep 14 19:01:24 <drama>    r/naut pls go
Sep 14 19:01:44 <drama>    the problem with templates is they get overused
Sep 14 19:01:58 <JustPassingThrough>    this omg
Sep 14 19:02:46 <JustPassingThrough>    unless its a super heavily modified /boxed which is generally not too out-there
Sep 14 19:02:58 <JustPassingThrough>    though im not too huge a fan of just vanilla boxed
Sep 14 19:06:43 <discord_danzig>    I dont really like boxed either
Sep 14 19:08:46 <IAmAN00bie>    !mods gaming
Sep 14 19:08:46 <redditBot>    r/gaming has 11 mods: Dacvak, AutoModerator, el_chupacupcake, pastanate, airmandan, IKingJeremy, synbios16, Thorse, gamingmoderator, lula2488, and mookler
Sep 14 19:08:49 <IAmAN00bie>    !mods games
Sep 14 19:08:49 <redditBot>    r/games has 16 mods: Deimorz, Dacvak, tevoul, Pharnaces_II, fishingcat, foamed, Forestl, Piemonkey, DeltaBurnt, AutoModerator, GamingBot, GamesMods, nalixor, selib, Protocol_Fenrir, and Blackadder18
Sep 14 19:08:51 <IAmAN00bie>    http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2gekjz/comprehensive_overview_of_gamergate_censorship_on/
Sep 14 19:08:56 <IAmAN00bie>    this concerns both of y’all
Sep 14 19:09:14 <IKingJeremy>    Ill look at it.
Sep 14 19:09:28 <IAmAN00bie>    it’s nothing you guys aren’t already aware of
Sep 14 19:10:09 <IAmAN00bie>    wow
Sep 14 19:10:13 <IAmAN00bie>    it’s actually a little sensible
Sep 14 19:10:17 <IAmAN00bie>    in his conclusion: “I hope that I was able to convince a lot of you that the anti-GamerGate pro-SJW censorship that a lot of you think is going on actually is not. While the connections between ZQ, other indie devs, games journalists, and Silverstring Media are all over the place, there has not been one iota of evidence that links reddit or its mods and
Sep 14 19:10:17 <IAmAN00bie>    admins to the conspiracy to keep this whole thing under wraps. Posts being deleted and users being shadowbanned were done purely in the course of adminstrative duties, mostly dealing with doxxing and vote manipulation. ”
Sep 14 19:10:30 <IAmAN00bie>    someone who isnt claiming we’re all in bed with ZQ lol
Sep 14 19:10:53 <Piemonkey>    yeah, i like him
Sep 14 19:11:05 <Piemonkey>    im not bothering otherwise

Sep 15 08:57:50 <fritzly>    k
Sep 15 09:33:12 <Piemonkey>    huh
Sep 15 09:33:13 <Piemonkey>    so
Sep 15 09:33:19 <Piemonkey>    apparently KIA is censoring people themselves
Sep 15 09:33:19 <Piemonkey>    hahahahah
Sep 15 09:36:22 <fritzly>    censorship on the internet?  Quick, to undelete!
Sep 15 10:38:21 <IAmAN00bie>    Piemonkey: link?
Sep 15 10:38:27 <IAmAN00bie>    I wouldn’t be surprised
Sep 15 10:40:54 <Forest|_>    IAmAN00bie, about?
Sep 15 10:41:09 <creesch>    <Piemonkey> huh
Sep 15 10:41:09 <creesch>    <Piemonkey> so
Sep 15 10:41:09 <creesch>    <Piemonkey> apparently KIA is censoring people themselves
Sep 15 10:41:09 <creesch>    <Piemonkey> hahahahah
Sep 15 10:41:21 <Forest|_>    oh
Sep 15 10:41:25 <Forest|_>    who the fuck cares
Sep 15 10:41:41 <Forest|_>    just let them die slowly like the shithole they are
Sep 15 10:42:28 <creesch>    I have no idea who are what KIA is except an car manufacture
Sep 15 10:42:49 <IAmAN00bie>    Forest|_: why, they’re hilarious
Sep 15 10:42:50 <Forest|_>    kotakuinaction
Sep 15 10:42:56 <Forest|_>    the #gamergate people
Sep 15 10:42:59 <IAmAN00bie>    Forest|_: check out our new sub, /r/bestofoutrageculture
Sep 15 10:43:06 <Forest|_>    nah
Sep 15 10:43:08 <IAmAN00bie>    they’re a gold mine of hilarious quotes
Sep 15 10:43:33 <IAmAN00bie>    they compare Sarkeesian to Hitler, Glenn Beck, and Al Sharpton lol
Sep 15 10:43:43 <IAmAN00bie>    and that’s just so far
Sep 15 10:44:44 <creesch>    meh
Sep 15 10:45:19 <Piemonkey>    IAmAN00bie, it was a modmail
Sep 15 10:45:22 <Piemonkey>    have screens though
Sep 15 10:45:30 <fritzly>    !mods kotakuinaction
Sep 15 10:45:30 <redditBot>    r/kotakuinaction has 7 mods: david-me, TheHat2, flerps, Goatsac, 28DansLater, porygonzguy, and IAmSupernova
Sep 15 10:45:40 <Piemonkey>    https://i.imgur.com/SbFMHVt.jpg
Sep 15 10:45:44 <Piemonkey>    https://i.imgur.com/ZIxRsx4.jpg
Sep 15 10:45:45 <fritzly>    why does that mod list not surprise me
Sep 15 10:45:54 <Piemonkey>    https://i.imgur.com/9b4zej4.jpg
Sep 15 10:46:05 <IAmAN00bie>    Oh, I saw that person
Sep 15 10:46:13 <IAmAN00bie>    They were definitely a troll, though
Sep 15 10:46:17 <IAmAN00bie>    well
Sep 15 10:46:20 <IAmAN00bie>    they weren’t being stupid
Sep 15 10:46:21 <Forest|_>    IAmAN00bie, but 4chan conversations are 100% true
Sep 15 10:46:29 <IAmAN00bie>    that account they made was solely to argue in that sub

Sep 15 20:49:50 <CptMeta>    snarkypants what’s a wallop
Sep 15 20:50:21 <JustPassingThrough>    is assange even relevant to anything anymore
Sep 15 20:50:54 <IAmAN00bie>    not really
Sep 15 20:51:31 <IAmAN00bie>    alienth: https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/511654810752655360
Sep 15 20:51:34 <IAmAN00bie>    smh
Sep 15 20:51:36 <snarkypants>    CptMeta i believe it is when all users get a message
Sep 15 20:51:41 <EDI>    (IAmAN00bie) ✓@wikileaks (WikiLeaks): #Reddit “shadowbans” user for asking #Assange a question about censorship on Reddit. https://t.co/HofXpdnugz #GamerGate (1 hour, 35 minutes ago)
Sep 15 20:51:55 <JustPassingThrough>    lol
Sep 15 20:52:07 <IAmAN00bie>    this would be hilarious if it didn’t mean the conspiratards would be fueled by their anger
Sep 15 20:52:19 <Zazie_Lavender>    lol
Sep 15 20:52:19 <snarkypants>    wait did this really happen
Sep 15 20:52:21 <Zazie_Lavender>    ikr
Sep 15 20:53:10 <IAmAN00bie>    snarkypants: no, it’s just a huge misunderstanding
Sep 15 20:53:29 <snarkypants>    i love huge misunderstandings
Sep 15 20:53:33 <JustPassingThrough>    assange annoys me in a way that i cant find the words to explain
Sep 15 20:55:16 <JustPassingThrough>    the only remaining person in the ‘anti censorship’ crowd with a shred of dignity left is greenwald and sometimes i feel like his actions can be a little narcissistic
Sep 15 20:57:47 <Forest|_>    oh cool

Sep 15 20:59:18 <snarkypants>    who uses xchat
Sep 15 20:59:48 <SolarAquarion>    >using xchat
Sep 15 21:00:20 <CptMeta>    IAmAN00bie> snarkypants: no, it’s just a huge misunderstanding
Sep 15 21:00:25 <CptMeta>    that’s basically 90% of reddit drama
Sep 15 21:01:42 <BipolarBear0>    JustPassingThrough read this
Sep 15 21:01:58 <IAmAN00bie>    Forest|_: where did he say that lol?
Sep 15 21:02:07 <BipolarBear0>    http://www.lrb.co.uk/v36/n05/andrew-ohagan/ghosting
Sep 15 21:03:22 <snarkypants>    BipolarBear0 thats a long read dude
Sep 15 21:03:29 <BipolarBear0>    Yep
Sep 15 21:03:29 <Forest|_>    well, he said we covered up gamergate and was “pathetic”
Sep 15 21:03:31 <BipolarBear0>    And it’s worth it
Sep 15 21:04:01 <JustPassingThrough>    omg it keeps going no matter how much i flick the scroll wheel
Sep 15 21:04:29 <Forest|_>    but yeah
Sep 15 21:04:37 <BipolarBear0>    It’s an account of the time Andrew Ohagan spent with Julian Assange
Sep 15 21:04:39 <BipolarBear0>    However many months
Sep 15 21:04:49 <Forest|_>    he either doesn’t know much about gamergate, or is dumb
Sep 15 21:04:57 <JustPassingThrough>    ill be honest
Sep 15 21:04:59 <BipolarBear0>    Andrew Ohagan being Assange’s potential ghostwriter
Sep 15 21:05:06 <BipolarBear0>    So it’s basically Bojack Horseman
Sep 15 21:05:08 <JustPassingThrough>    i can totally picture assange in some freenode irc network
Sep 15 21:05:15 <JustPassingThrough>    whining about the government like most irc anarchists
Sep 15 21:05:20 <JustPassingThrough>    and its hilarious
Sep 15 21:05:35 <snarkypants>    plot twist, hes BB0
Sep 15 21:06:04 <CptMeta>    Thing is, they have to play the victim card to garner sympathy
Sep 15 21:06:21 <CptMeta>    and if they’re not actually a victim, they have to pretend to be
Sep 15 21:06:51 <CptMeta>    and since there’s no actual censorship, they have to generate conspiracty theories in order to support their victimhood status

Sep 17 20:52:05 <Buffy>    and I checked it out
Sep 17 20:52:11 <Buffy>    #4chan is in mode m+
Sep 17 20:52:12 <Buffy>    lol
Sep 17 20:52:13 <XavierMendel>    #4chan’s pretty shit
Sep 17 20:52:23 <Buffy>    is there a lot of spamming/shitposting?
Sep 17 20:52:39 <XavierMendel>    I don’t see you on there
Sep 17 20:52:43 <XavierMendel>    Maybe, idk
Sep 17 20:52:48 <Buffy>    someone else owns Buffy and TomRiddle
Sep 17 20:52:52 <Buffy>    I’m PSherman42
Sep 17 20:53:07 <Buffy>    but it’s muted because of gamergate and 4chan being moderated by SJW’s apparently
Sep 17 20:53:09 <XavierMendel>    Ah
Sep 17 20:53:37 <XavierMendel>    I mostly always used #4chan to keep up with meta crap I don’t have time to keep up with myself.
Sep 17 20:53:56 <XavierMendel>    That and making sure I’m on the bleeding edge of meme technology
Sep 17 20:54:11 <Buffy>    lol
Sep 17 20:54:23 <Buffy>    I thought I’d go see what was happening and * #4chan :Cannot send to channel
Sep 17 20:54:25 <Buffy>    :/
Sep 17 20:54:30 <Buffy>    Moot has gone over to the SJW side
Sep 17 20:54:31 <Buffy>    lel
Sep 17 20:54:33 <XavierMendel>    Yeah, you need voice
Sep 17 20:54:38 <XavierMendel>    Moot’s apparently on vacation
Sep 17 20:54:45 <XavierMendel>    Outside of cell range or something
Sep 17 20:54:52 <Buffy>    He’s at some conference with Anita Sarkeesian
Sep 17 20:54:54 <Buffy>    or whatever her name is
Sep 17 20:54:54 <AttackTheMoon>    good
Sep 17 20:54:58 <Buffy>    it’s all over /r/4chan
Sep 17 20:54:58 <XavierMendel>    Oh?
Sep 17 20:55:00 <Buffy>    Yeah
Sep 17 20:55:16 <XavierMendel>    I never pegged Moot as a social justice warrior
Sep 17 20:55:22 <XavierMendel>    But then again he is a fairy princess.
Sep 17 20:55:25 <XavierMendel>    So anything’s possible.
Sep 17 20:55:28 <Buffy>    Yeah
Sep 17 20:55:32 <AttackTheMoon>    i <3 moot

Sep 18 00:55:16 <astarkey12>    “a well done steak” man what an asshole
Sep 18 00:56:01 <drama>    > If it had been a women getting raped, her cunt being fucking ripped out ,her teeth being smashed and redit would’ve made a joke about it. You people would’ve been whining here about sexism, misogyny and racism. You should be ashamed of making a joke about a man getting shot for doing basically nothing .It’s not even subredditdrama these days it’s /r/theyhadthegalltosaythat[1] . You keep being hypocrite, SRD
Sep 18 00:56:06 <drama>    wow
Sep 18 00:58:23 <creesch>    successful troll has success
Sep 18 01:00:23 <drama>    hmm, guess he is a troll
Sep 18 01:00:35 <drama>    should have look through his profile first
Sep 18 01:01:01 <creesch>    With that sort of text it is pretty clear he is a troll or simply not worth your time
Sep 18 01:01:22 <hermithome>    drama: lolwut?
Sep 18 01:01:35 <creesch>    hermithome: this http://gfycat.com/MajorFlakyCaecilian
Sep 18 01:01:55 <hermithome>    is this another SRD is SRS conspiracy?
Sep 18 01:02:01 <drama>    hermithome, scroll down to the last comment of that link
Sep 18 01:02:16 <hermithome>    creesch: cant load gfycat
Sep 18 01:02:28 <drama>    creesch, it gets hard to tell who is trolling and who is srss/mra/trp
Sep 18 01:02:31 <drama>    sometimes
Sep 18 01:02:55 <creesch>    hermithome: https://i.imgur.com/gVHyjQ5.jpg
Sep 18 01:03:05 <creesch>    also this https://i.imgur.com/AMY1YO4.jpg
Sep 18 01:05:59 <Paradox>    lol creesch where are you getting all the asterix gifs

Sep 18 09:57:55 <Tylzen>    Lurlur, The only one.
Sep 18 09:57:59 <Tylzen>    Lurlur, For all defaults.
Sep 18 09:58:05 <Lurlur>    Ha ha
Sep 18 09:58:10 <Lurlur>    I’ll be THE mod…
Sep 18 09:58:21 <Adagiosummoner>    Lurlur for omnimod!
Sep 18 09:58:31 <snarkypants>    you wont even want to log in anymore because you will have so much modmail and shit
Sep 18 09:58:31 <Tylzen>    And those defaults would be gaming, atheism, adviceanimals,
Sep 18 09:58:42 <Forest_>    r/games as default
Sep 18 09:59:05 <snarkypants>    wow reddit has ads from marriot now
Sep 18 09:59:06 <Lurlur>    I would decide what would be the defaults. I would be all powerful
Sep 18 09:59:42 <Forest_>    but I think the whole “gamergate” thing is over
Sep 18 09:59:48 <Forest_>    and it feels so nice
Sep 18 10:00:00 <Forest_>    r/games isn’t full of shitty drama (as much) now
Sep 18 10:00:27 <Adagiosummoner>    if there’s one thing I’m sure of about reddit is that there will always be shitty drama.
Sep 18 10:00:42 <Adagiosummoner>    if it doesn’t exist, someone will make some up.
Sep 18 10:00:56 <Forest_>    The drama from yesterday that we removed was funny as hell
Sep 18 10:01:21 <Forest_>    People acted like Breitbart was good journalism
Sep 18 10:01:26 <Forest_>    Breitbart
Sep 18 10:01:46 <Adagiosummoner>    XD
Sep 18 10:01:48 <Forest_>    the website that released those fake ACORN videos in 2009
Sep 18 10:02:05 <Adagiosummoner>    idk. people are silly.
Sep 18 10:02:06 <Forest_>    That preformed some of the worst journalism in the last 5 years
Sep 18 10:02:25 <Adagiosummoner>    there are digimon fansites now that tout as fact some of the injokes we came up with back in 2001 on the old fansites.
Sep 18 10:02:35 <Forest_>    and the article they link to doesn’t even say anything
Sep 18 10:02:38 <Forest_>    I mean
Sep 18 10:02:47 <Forest_>    “people in journalism talk to each other”
Sep 18 10:03:05 <Forest_>    duh
Sep 18 10:03:15 <Forest_>    they also talk on twitter all the time
Sep 18 10:03:38 <Forest_>    they even talked on twitter about the “secret email chain” publically LAST YEAR
Sep 18 10:05:21 <snarkypants>    http://stats.grok.se/en/latest/GamerGate
Sep 18 10:05:48 <Forest_>    now they are rioting at 4chan
Sep 18 10:05:53 <Adagiosummoner>    lol
Sep 18 10:05:56 <Forest_>    for censorship
Sep 18 10:06:21 <Adagiosummoner>    silly people. freedom of speech is for government institutions.
Sep 18 10:07:39 <snarkypants>    http://stats.grok.se/en/latest/Zoe_Quinn
Sep 18 10:07:55 <Adagiosummoner>    Poor zoe Quinn. :(
Sep 18 10:08:17 <Forest_>    yeah
Sep 18 10:08:32 <snarkypants>    Looks like the pageviews aren’t anything near what they were in august on the quinn article
Sep 18 10:08:34 <Forest_>    I just can’t wait til it’s all done
Sep 18 10:08:40 <Tylzen>    God this is sgreat wasabi
Sep 18 10:08:42 <snarkypants>    and the gamergate one shot up for a day and is going down
Sep 18 10:08:44 <Tylzen>    Feels like I am burning
Sep 18 10:08:47 <snarkypants>    lol
Sep 18 10:08:49 <Forest_>    the drama is about nothing
Sep 18 10:09:05 <Forest_>    it is /r/gamesconspiracy
Sep 18 10:09:22 <jmarquiso>    so it’scoming ddown
Sep 18 10:09:26 <Adagiosummoner>    people just making it look like more than it is by just not droppingit?
Sep 18 10:09:31 <jmarquiso>    is there an /r/gamesconspiracy?
Sep 18 10:09:31 <Forest_>    yelling about half truths and leaping from bad logic point to bad logic point
Sep 18 10:09:46 <Adagiosummoner>    Oh yeah,. I love that sort.
Sep 18 10:09:55 <snarkypants>    probably
Sep 18 10:10:00 <Adagiosummoner>    just enough fact to ake it seem plausible so teh actual truth gets downvoted to hell.
Sep 18 10:10:07 <Forest_>    They made a big deal that Anita didn’t talk to police
Sep 18 10:10:16 <jmarquiso>    I know there’s /r/quinnspiracy
Sep 18 10:10:19 <Forest_>    then someone did some realy looking
Sep 18 10:10:31 <Forest_>    and found it was because she talked to the FBI
Sep 18 10:10:39 <jmarquiso>    Breitbart media is non for its unbiased factchecking
Sep 18 10:10:56 <Forest_>    r/kotakuinaction is the place right now
Sep 18 10:11:00 <jmarquiso>    ah
Sep 18 10:11:04 <Forest_>    insanely sad whenever I check it
Sep 18 10:11:10 <jmarquiso>    I avoid unless they brigade my subs.
Sep 18 10:11:12 <Forest_>    also
Sep 18 10:11:29 <Adagiosummoner>    i’m glad she talked to the FBI. local police tend to dismiss claims of internet harassment.
Sep 18 10:11:49 <Forest_>    their was this one article they linked to that showed a password leak was hidden for an EA game
Sep 18 10:11:57 <jmarquiso>    My wife was harassed a couple of years ago.  We tried and tried to get our local precient to help
Sep 18 10:12:08 <Forest_>    the people that talked to EA and got official word on the leak?
Sep 18 10:12:15 <jmarquiso>    All we could do is file a report, and they honestly said they couldn’t do anything – even anonymous text messages
Sep 18 10:12:22 <jmarquiso>    There was an EA leak?

Sep 18 10:18:22 <Piemonkey>    pretty sure
Sep 18 10:18:47 <jmarquiso>    hey there Piemonkey
Sep 18 10:19:32 <jmarquiso>    just curious.  Lots of sites got banned early on for blogspam, I’m sure
Sep 18 10:20:27 <Piemonkey>    yo
Sep 18 10:20:31 <Piemonkey>    yeah
Sep 18 10:21:33 <Adagiosummoner>    wouldn’t surprise me.
Sep 18 10:21:44 <Adagiosummoner>    it’s the big ones with a twitter following that get press coverage.
Sep 18 10:21:52 <Adagiosummoner>    I really hate twitter. >>
Sep 18 10:22:12 <jmarquiso>    I am just learning how to use it
Sep 18 10:22:18 <jmarquiso>    but man when “movements” start…
Sep 18 10:22:30 <jmarquiso>    #gamergate thinks they’re the new arab spring how some of them talk
Sep 18 10:22:34 <Adagiosummoner>    it’s not too hard, but when content creators get super passive aggressive on twitter, the drama starts.
Sep 18 10:22:36 <jmarquiso>    though many are very reasonable
Sep 18 10:22:47 <jmarquiso>    That’s called brigading usually.
Sep 18 10:22:53 <Adagiosummoner>    “so my post jsut got removed. Looks like the mods are at it again”
Sep 18 10:24:21 <jmarquiso>    darn thosse mods volunteering to do their jobs
Sep 18 10:24:30 <jmarquiso>    going mad with poer in their small pond
Sep 18 10:24:36 <jmarquiso>    power
Sep 18 10:24:56 <Piemonkey>    most of #gamersgate are now just conspiritards
Sep 18 10:25:09 <Piemonkey>    it was originally just a reasonable reaction to the mass of “fuck you guys” articles
Sep 18 10:25:18 <Piemonkey>    now it’s become a cover for idiots
Sep 18 10:25:57 <jmarquiso>    I wwas on vacation for the past month.  Now I’m moving.
Sep 18 10:25:59 <SolarAquarion>    Piemonkey, the #gamergate thing is so fucking stupid
Sep 18 10:25:59 <jmarquiso>    That’s my excuse
Sep 18 10:26:05 <jmarquiso>    I sspent a couple days going nuts over it
Sep 18 10:26:24 <jmarquiso>    “Death of the gamer” werent’ ssmart ideas too, but it’s more like the death of a demographic than gamers
Sep 18 10:26:42 <Piemonkey>    heh
Sep 18 10:26:47 <Piemonkey>    the entire situation is ridiculous
Sep 18 10:26:53 <Piemonkey>    nothing about the past month has been reasonable
Sep 18 10:27:09 <Lurlur>    I enjoyed watching it
Sep 18 10:27:13 <SolarAquarion>    Piemonkey, OMG, a FEMINIST is making A GAME
Sep 18 10:27:19 <jmarquiso>    It was…interesting catching up on it all
Sep 18 10:27:28 <Piemonkey>    some guy on KIA had a fantastic summary
Sep 18 10:27:28 <jmarquiso>    ddidn’t mean to bring the drama into the modding channel!
Sep 18 10:27:34 <SolarAquarion>    WTF
Sep 18 10:27:36 <Piemonkey>    oh, it’s been on here so much
Sep 18 10:27:45 <Piemonkey>    that it’s an expected topic of conversation
Sep 18 10:27:58 <jmarquiso>    We’re going to be caught with our super secret mod chat saying bad things about a rightous movement!
Sep 18 10:28:08 <jmarquiso>    Honestly, I wish goodgamers.us all the luck in the world
Sep 18 10:28:13 <Piemonkey>    shit, i told them they were a bunch of idiots to their face
Sep 18 10:28:26 <Piemonkey>    was fun
Sep 18 10:28:35 <jmarquiso>    Even though their stated mission goes against my own views of what good journalism and writing are.

Sep 18 10:47:07 <Piemonkey>    they wont let me opt out of games
Sep 18 10:47:07 <jmarquiso>    Yeah, we both differed quite a bit on that game
Sep 18 10:47:10 <Flashynuff>    fritzly: i think so
Sep 18 10:47:17 <jmarquiso>    You can *not* give them money though
Sep 18 10:47:19 <fritzly>    hope so
Sep 18 10:47:26 <Piemonkey>    not individually!
Sep 18 10:47:35 <jmarquiso>    oh damn
Sep 18 10:47:46 <jmarquiso>    Sendd them a strongly worded email
Sep 18 10:47:48 <Piemonkey>    seriously, though
Sep 18 10:47:49 <Flashynuff>    like if they’re spamming the same comment over and over, it should pick that up
Sep 18 10:47:49 <jmarquiso>    with a gamergate tag
Sep 18 10:47:52 <Piemonkey>    that Steve Gaynor guy
Sep 18 10:47:54 <Piemonkey>    is a jerk
Sep 18 10:48:01 <Piemonkey>    and Gone Home is lazy as balls
Sep 18 10:48:06 <jmarquiso>    He was nice to me.  But you’re not hte first I heard it
Sep 18 10:48:09 <Piemonkey>    and i don’t want to support lazy jerks
Sep 18 10:48:11 <nalixor>    who?
Sep 18 10:48:15 <jmarquiso>    I think it would be better to play *as* the little sister
Sep 18 10:48:18 <Piemonkey>    when did you talk to him?
Sep 18 10:48:22 <jmarquiso>    I didn’t find the game lazy
Sep 18 10:48:30 <jmarquiso>    a couple times, mainly on Google Hangout though

Sep 18 22:28:05 <Stalin>    http://i.imgur.com/6IWBrRB.png
Sep 18 22:30:07 <Forest|_>    Stalin, k
Sep 18 22:30:18 <Stalin>    ForestL, not k
Sep 18 22:30:21 <Stalin>    nothing k about it
Sep 18 22:30:24 <Forest|_>    dOK]
Sep 18 22:31:02 <Stalin>    they havent responded
Sep 18 22:31:13 <Stalin>    but im looking forward to hearing them accuse me of shadowbanning them
Sep 18 22:31:16 <Forest|_>    fun
Sep 18 22:31:29 <Forest|_>    in better news
Sep 18 22:31:42 <Forest|_>    the gamergate people seem to be dying down
Sep 18 22:31:44 <Forest|_>    finally
Sep 18 22:31:52 <Forest|_>    after yelling for a month about nothing
Sep 18 22:31:58 <Stalin>    the’ve moved onto infinitychan
Sep 18 22:32:10 <Stalin>    and moot is their latest witchunt target
Sep 18 22:32:27 <Forest|_>    lol
Sep 18 22:32:29 <Stalin>    though i dunno how they’re gonna accuse moot of sleeping with zoequinn
Sep 18 22:32:40 <Stalin>    moot is pretty homosexual
Sep 18 22:32:49 <Flashynuff>    i think they’re gonna accuse people of sleeping with moot
Sep 18 22:33:59 <imakuram>    gamergate people are strange. I have a friend who is generally really nice but is  crazy about the issue
Sep 18 22:34:11 <imakuram>    i don’t get it
Sep 18 22:34:18 <imakuram>    but then the whole thing bored me
Sep 18 22:35:07 <IAmAN00bie>    imakuram: https://i.imgur.com/EIc0y4z.jpg
Sep 18 22:35:16 <IAmAN00bie>    this is what #gamergate has produced, nothing can top it
Sep 18 22:35:20 <IAmAN00bie>    #facesofgamergate
Sep 18 22:36:08 <imakuram>    so weird to be a noob like me and originally spent all my time in srd and now. pff.  I want to have fun and make this place better
Sep 18 22:36:26 <imakuram>    good stuff IAmAN00bie
Sep 18 22:38:44 <Forest|_>    IAmAN00bie, they are using breitbart as good journalism
Sep 18 22:39:03 <Forest|_>    you know, the site known for making shit up and editing stuff to fit a view point
Sep 18 22:41:01 <Forest|_>    the top quote showing “corruption” in the newest article is a joke
Sep 18 22:41:04 <imakuram>    yeah, it’s ridiculous.  As a non-gamer, I really wasn’t interested and I keep getting drawn in about the other issues
Sep 18 22:41:10 <Forest|_>    that they are treating as true
Sep 18 22:41:29 <Forest|_>    It’s fucking amazing people are reading this and taking it seriously
Sep 18 22:42:02 <fritzly>    Stalin, > [-4]  😉
Sep 18 22:42:13 <imakuram>    It’s amazing that I had a really long discussion with a friend wherein i had to argue that reddit wasn’t censoring the issue
Sep 18 22:42:24 <IAmAN00bie>    Forest|_: yeah, it’s great
Sep 18 22:42:31 <IAmAN00bie>    they’ve convinced themselves that people are all buying it
Sep 18 22:42:38 <IAmAN00bie>    meanwhile, the fucking default subs are calling it out
Sep 18 22:42:52 <IAmAN00bie>    the top posts in /r/technology were calling out breitbart for shitty journalism
Sep 18 22:43:09 <IAmAN00bie>    whilst all the other gaming subs (infested by KiA users) jerked it to the top
Sep 18 22:43:23 <Forest|_>    yep
Sep 18 22:43:45 <Forest|_>    I’m so happy the r/games poll was against it
Sep 18 22:43:50 <imakuram>    is kia just david-me et al trolling?
Sep 18 22:43:52 <Forest|_>    and we got rid of that drama
Sep 18 22:43:56 <Forest|_>    no
Sep 18 22:43:59 <Forest|_>    it’s real
Sep 18 22:44:04 <Forest|_>    and really depressing
Sep 18 22:44:20 <imakuram>    trolling can be real for others
Sep 18 22:44:36 <fritzly>    I don’t think david-me trolls.  I think he just has some serious drama addiction
Sep 18 22:44:37 <imakuram>    I guess i mean the original purpose of those mods was lulz
Sep 18 22:44:40 <IAmAN00bie>    Forest|_: /r/bestofoutrageculture
Sep 18 22:44:44 <imakuram>    and now they have true believers
Sep 18 22:44:47 <Forest|_>    nah

Sep 19 00:01:43 <discord_danzig>    idk turd and DG are basically just mod mail jerks now
Sep 19 00:01:50 <discord_danzig>    prolapseville died
Sep 19 00:01:55 <SolarAquarion>    who now have a private IRC server where they talk
Sep 19 00:01:56 <Cylon>    jr how did u get here
Sep 19 00:02:07 <Cylon>    what do you mod
Sep 19 00:02:07 <greenduch>    04:01 < greenduch> others realised the whole thing was stupid as fuck and retired <- like i said, SolarAquarion
Sep 19 00:02:14 <discord_danzig>    trashy
Sep 19 00:02:23 <Zazie_Lavender>    Man
Sep 19 00:02:30 <Zazie_Lavender>    I can’t even stand SRD
Sep 19 00:02:35 <greenduch>    though reuban has picked back up with GNAA shit with the gamergate stuff, just for trolling nerds
Sep 19 00:02:51 <Zazie_Lavender>    I don’t get how people even get their jollies off of that much trollage
Sep 19 00:03:02 <fritzly>    Im sure you saw what they did with /r/furganson
Sep 19 00:03:08 <SolarAquarion>    greenduch, circlefuckers/circlejerkers were the original troll sub of reddit
Sep 19 00:03:20 <Cylon>    discord_danzig, u so trashy
Sep 19 00:03:27 <discord_danzig>    duhh
Sep 19 00:03:35 <greenduch>    i know, SolarAquarion
Sep 19 00:03:52 <fritzly>    http://www.reddit.com/r/ferguson
Sep 19 00:03:54 *    greenduch kisses discord_danzig on his trashy cheek
Sep 19 00:04:06 <greenduch>    yeah fritzly thats run by the chimpire folks
Sep 19 00:04:07 <greenduch>    iirc

Sep 21 20:10:55 <Zazie_Lavender>    I think if a subreddit isn’t seeing any traffic at all; it should be recycled anyways.
Sep 21 20:10:58 <ek_khiladi>    lack of traffic
Sep 21 20:11:06 <tizorres>    I revived a subreddit from 500 subs and got it to 5k subs and the top mod removed me and my mod team because we were having a little argument
Sep 21 20:11:22 *    Zazie_Lavender shakes head
Sep 21 20:11:28 <ek_khiladi>    lol tizorres
Sep 21 20:11:30 <SolarAquarion>    tizorres, what sub?
Sep 21 20:11:40 <tizorres>    i’d rather not say
Sep 21 20:11:45 <ek_khiladi>    i got voted off the sub cuz of disagreements
Sep 21 20:11:46 <ek_khiladi>    oh well
Sep 21 20:12:12 <SolarAquarion>    8chan.co
Sep 21 20:12:19 <SolarAquarion>    reddit mixed with 4chan
Sep 21 20:12:21 <tizorres>    it made me a little upset because of all the work I did to it
Sep 21 20:12:25 <SolarAquarion>    where the boards can be created
Sep 21 20:12:38 <SolarAquarion>    by individuals
Sep 21 20:12:39 <ek_khiladi>    same here tizorres i know the feelings
Sep 21 20:12:50 <ek_khiladi>    i actually contributed a lot more than the rest of mods but whatevs
Sep 21 20:12:59 <Zazie_Lavender>    lol
Sep 21 20:13:08 <tizorres>    Oh me too, I know exactly how you feel
Sep 21 20:13:11 <SolarAquarion>    https://8chan.co/
Sep 21 20:13:33 <tizorres>    I did the CSS, promotions and submitted new content daily but I guess that wasnt enough
Sep 21 20:13:42 <ek_khiladi>    heh
Sep 21 20:13:50 <Zazie_Lavender>    yeah
Sep 21 20:13:51 <tizorres>    but w/e
Sep 21 20:14:00 <ek_khiladi>    5 yrs from now
Sep 21 20:14:02 <ek_khiladi>    its not gonna matter
Sep 21 20:14:09 <fritzly>    YES IT WILL
Sep 21 20:14:10 <tizorres>    nothing I can do about it so i’m not going to care
Sep 21 20:14:50 <ek_khiladi>    ya you can do something about it
Sep 21 20:14:51 <fritzly>    THIS ALL MATTERS!

Sep 22 16:40:14 <mobilehypo>    that’s awesome
Sep 22 16:41:33 <cordismelum>    wtf happened with all of those ks?
Sep 22 16:41:54 <mobilehypo>    uncontrollable ejaculation it seems
Sep 22 16:42:56 <Piemonkey>    >mfw people link to breitbart unironically
Sep 22 16:43:07 <cordismelum>    wot
Sep 22 16:43:08 <cordismelum>    why
Sep 22 16:43:17 <cordismelum>    dude’s an idiot of the highest order
Sep 22 16:43:32 <Piemonkey>    gamersgate morons
Sep 22 16:43:36 <Piemonkey>    and the idiots at KIA
Sep 22 16:44:20 <Forest|_>    cordismelum, people think breitbart is good journalism
Sep 22 16:44:22 <Forest|_>    le
Sep 22 16:44:51 <JustPassingThrough>    more like FUNironically
Sep 22 16:44:58 <Forest|_>    k
Sep 22 16:45:35 <JustPassingThrough>    tbh i have no idea where to go with that
Sep 22 16:45:40 <JustPassingThrough>    jokes dead in the wayer
Sep 22 16:46:11 <cordismelum>    LEL
Sep 22 16:46:15 <cordismelum>    > breitbart
Sep 22 16:46:18 <cordismelum>    > good journalism
Sep 22 16:46:20 <cordismelum>    pick one

Sep 23 15:27:00 <honestbleeps>    it’s not noob friendly.
Sep 23 15:27:26 <agentlame>    Yeah, that’s why I was hoping make it feel more like a ‘group chat’ would help.
Sep 23 15:27:39 <agentlame>    You could save all the connection info in the subs wiki.
Sep 23 15:27:46 <agentlame>    So it would be click-and-go.
Sep 23 15:28:11 <agentlame>    …one day, maybe.
Sep 23 15:30:41 <fritzly>    IRC is hard stuff, I still don’t know how to connect my client to free node lol
Sep 23 15:31:03 <Stalin>    freenode sux anyway
Sep 23 15:31:24 <fritzly>    Yeah I know, a reason why I haven’t tried I guess
Sep 23 15:31:28 <AttackTheMoon>    yeah freenode sucks
Sep 23 15:31:37 <hermithome>    greenduch: um, does SRSgaming have an automod filter specific to gamergate by any change?
Sep 23 15:32:21 <hermithome>    does anyone have a filter specific to gamergate for that matter?
Sep 23 15:32:22 <fritzly>    #modtalk has literally been overrun by srs
Sep 23 15:32:38 *    hermithome misanders frtiztly
Sep 23 15:33:44 <fritzly>    misandered me so hard I gained an extra T in my name
Sep 23 15:33:59 <creesch>    agentlame: without a bnc solution it would not work though since every page refresh on reddit would disconnect the mod.
Sep 23 15:34:02 <hermithome>    seriously though, our filter is missing a lot of stuff, and i added a bunch of extra stuff, but it would be nice to peak at someone’s pre-existing filter
Sep 23 15:34:06 <JustPassingThrough>    fritzly petition to invite efs and dawnofthedan? lmao
Sep 23 15:34:08 <hermithome>    fritzly: wow, yeah, lol
Sep 23 15:34:27 <fritzly>    JustPassingThrough, efs deleted his acc tho
Sep 23 15:34:31 <agentlame>    creesch: background pages. 😉

Sep 23 15:37:03 <discord_danzig>    and he’s somewhat amusing
Sep 23 15:37:04 <JustPassingThrough>    that said, he mods the goddamn chimpire so fuck him lol
Sep 23 15:37:11 <discord_danzig>    yeah that’s gross
Sep 23 15:37:21 <discord_danzig>    oh god 28dans
Sep 23 15:37:29 <discord_danzig>    dude is a legit douche
Sep 23 15:37:39 <fritzly>    ikr
Sep 23 15:37:46 <JustPassingThrough>    he used to be nicer, then he started only talking about reddit all the time
Sep 23 15:37:50 <JustPassingThrough>    now he just doesnt talk at all
Sep 23 15:37:54 <JustPassingThrough>    at least in the circles i hung with
Sep 23 15:37:55 <discord_danzig>    hes one of the few people ive interacted with that made me legitimately annoyed
Sep 23 15:38:43 <hermithome>    okay, well, does anyone have any suggestions for my gamergate filter at least?
Sep 23 15:39:05 <JustPassingThrough>    an automod filter?
Sep 23 15:39:20 <JustPassingThrough>    light the multi-mod signal!
Sep 23 15:39:36 <hermithome>    JustPassingThrough: yeah, i’ve got one
Sep 23 15:39:37 <fritzly>    more like multi-Automod amirite?
Sep 23 15:39:42 <hermithome>    and i’ve just added a bunch of stuff
Sep 23 15:39:45 <noeatnosleep>    Shit
Sep 23 15:39:48 <noeatnosleep>    I’ve fucked up
Sep 23 15:39:49 <discord_danzig>    honestly I’d just add key words
Sep 23 15:39:53 <discord_danzig>    quinn, gamergat
Sep 23 15:39:56 <discord_danzig>    8chan
Sep 23 15:39:57 <hermithome>    this is what it looks like now:
Sep 23 15:39:59 <hermithome>        title+body: [“quinn(spiracy)?”, “IGF”, “.?gamergate”, “.?notyourshield”, “sarkee?sian”, “anita”, “zoe”, “(.{3})?srsgaming”, “({.3})?girlgamers”, “(.{3})?kotakuinaction”, “4chan”, “corrupt(ion|ed|s)”, “witchunt”, “independent games festival”, “sjw(s|ed)?”, “fish(.{80})?schaf.?er”, “schaf.?er(.{80})?fish”, “femi.?nazi”, “feminists?”, “MRM”, “MRA”, “social justice (warrior)?”]
Sep 23 15:40:07 <hermithome>    ooh, 8chan, that’s a good one
Sep 23 15:40:08 <discord_danzig>    add 8chan to that
Sep 23 15:40:13 <hermithome>    what’s the other one they were jumping off to?
Sep 23 15:40:14 <fritzly>    that should cover it all
Sep 23 15:40:17 *    noeatnosleep has fuck-ed up.
Sep 23 15:40:21 <JustPassingThrough>    honestly just ‘chan’ maybe
Sep 23 15:40:21 <discord_danzig>    honestly, KotakuInAction is their hub
Sep 23 15:40:28 <discord_danzig>    I’d just go through that sub and ban everything in their titles
Sep 23 15:40:29 <fritzly>    share news
Sep 23 15:40:33 <hermithome>    lol
Sep 23 15:40:35 <fritzly>    share nens*
Sep 23 15:40:38 <hermithome>    that’s a good idea
Sep 23 15:40:43 <JustPassingThrough>    hermithome also /v/ and moot
Sep 23 15:40:58 <hermithome>    JustPassingThrough: oh jesus, the moot drama
Sep 23 15:41:03 <hermithome>    i almost forgot about that for a second
Sep 23 15:41:04 <discord_danzig>    it’s not even drama!
Sep 23 15:41:06 <JustPassingThrough>    i dont even get it
Sep 23 15:41:08 <JustPassingThrough>    it isnt real
Sep 23 15:41:12 <discord_danzig>    its just crazy people making shit up
Sep 23 15:41:16 <discord_danzig>    and calling it drama
Sep 23 15:41:24 <JustPassingThrough>    i actually legitimately blame SRD for this one, theyre the ones who decided to make a big deal out of it didnt they?
Sep 23 15:41:25 <discord_danzig>    as a drama lover it really grinds my gears
Sep 23 15:41:41 <JustPassingThrough>    i mean it could have been inevitable, i didnt see how well the thread was doing, but nobody seemed to care until after
Sep 23 15:41:49 <cordismelum>    also conspiracy maybe
Sep 23 15:41:52 <hermithome>    JustPassingThrough: but SRD makes any drama bigger. i dont think they created the drama
Sep 23 15:41:57 <cordismelum>    but moot and chan should be on there
Sep 23 15:41:59 <discord_danzig>    honestly im just surprised kotakuinaction took off
Sep 23 15:42:01 <cordismelum>    and october 1st
Sep 23 15:42:07 <discord_danzig>    and their traffic is insane
Sep 23 15:42:10 <hermithome>    oh right, october 1st
Sep 23 15:42:11 <fritzly>    noeatnosleep, how did you fuck up?
Sep 23 15:42:17 <discord_danzig>    7k subs and 300 people viewing at all times
Sep 23 15:42:18 <discord_danzig>    ugh
Sep 23 15:42:20 <discord_danzig>    *sighs*
Sep 23 15:42:24 <hermithome>    also, i’m gonna pull a bunch of these links from kotakuinaction, that’s smart
Sep 23 15:42:37 <cordismelum>    hermithome, use all variations of october first you can think of
Sep 23 15:42:46 <cordismelum>    so 10/1/2014
Sep 23 15:42:47 <discord_danzig>    yeah thats their hub and I’d ban all mention of the writers they mention
Sep 23 15:42:51 <cordismelum>    1/10/2014
Sep 23 15:42:58 <cordismelum>    01 October 2014
Sep 23 15:42:59 <cordismelum>    etc
Sep 23 15:43:04 <cordismelum>    date formats
Sep 23 15:43:06 <discord_danzig>    they are also currently witch hunting journalists on twitter
Sep 23 15:43:08 <hermithome>    also, fine young capitalists, and igf
Sep 23 15:43:32 <cordismelum>    also the name of zoe’s ex
Sep 23 15:43:46 <cordismelum>    if that’s not on the list already
Sep 23 15:43:51 <Forest|_>    pls
Sep 23 15:43:57 <Forest|_>    no Zoe
Sep 23 15:44:02 <discord_danzig>    qrios on Reddit
Sep 23 15:44:03 <discord_danzig>    ban that too
Sep 23 15:44:08 <JustPassingThrough>    isnt gamergate and the fappening intertwined
Sep 23 15:44:14 <Forest|_>    nah
Sep 23 15:44:21 <JustPassingThrough>    i thought that the ‘sjw takeover’ conspiracy started because of the DMCA takedowns on 4chan
Sep 23 15:44:27 <discord_danzig>    have you guys seen the emma stone website?
Sep 23 15:44:29 <fritzly>    noeatnosleep, Looks super active.
Sep 23 15:44:37 <Forest|_>    gamergate is just some crazies conspiracies
Sep 23 15:44:42 <discord_danzig>    dude has a countdown of three days before he releases her nudes
Sep 23 15:44:42 <noeatnosleep>    fritzly: that’s a joke, eh?
Sep 23 15:44:43 <discord_danzig>    so gross
Sep 23 15:44:57 <noeatnosleep>    fritzly: I’m the only one who answered a single question.
Sep 23 15:45:01 <discord_danzig>    hopefully troll
Sep 23 15:45:07 <fritzly>    noeatnosleep, yes.  I wouldn’t say thats a fuck up, just a lessen to never do that again lol
Sep 23 15:45:28 <hermithome>    lol, “embattled journalist mafia”
Sep 23 15:45:33 <hermithome>    that’s an excellent one
Sep 23 15:46:12 <greenduch>    hermithome: it does not

Sep 23 16:14:29 <xNiklasx>    wasnt it very simplistic before?
Sep 23 16:14:38 <xNiklasx>    fritzly: =)
Sep 23 16:15:05 <xNiklasx>    there is a meme you can use fritzly
Sep 23 16:15:06 <xNiklasx>    http://cdn1.sbnation.com/imported_assets/680880/1110349403lng7_medium.jpg
Sep 23 16:15:21 <JustPassingThrough>    oh wow this is amazing
Sep 23 16:15:24 <fritzly>    lol, perfect xNiklasx
Sep 23 16:15:24 <JustPassingThrough>    im stealing all of it
Sep 23 16:15:38 <cordismelum>    I love the CSS
Sep 23 16:15:39 <cordismelum>    want
Sep 23 16:15:42 <hermithome>    okay, so this is the report regex now:
Sep 23 16:15:44 <hermithome>    “quinn(spiracy)?”, “IGF”, “.?gamergate”, “.?notyourshield”, “sarkee?sian”, “anita”, “zoe”, “(.{3})?srsgaming”, “({.3})?girlgamers”, “(.{3})?kotakuinaction”, “(4|8|half|infinite).?chan”, “/v/”, “corrupt(ion|ed|s)”, “witchunt”, “independent games festival”, “IGF”, “(the )? indie fund”, “sjw(s|ed)?”, “FYC”, “fine.?young.?capitalists”, “fish(.{80})?schaf.?er”, “schaf.?er(.{80})?fish”, “biase(ed)?(.{20})?(report(ing|ers?)|journalis(ts?|m)”, “(report(i
Sep 23 16:15:57 <cordismelum>    you cut off hermit
Sep 23 16:16:02 <cordismelum>    send me a privatepaste
Sep 23 16:16:03 <xNiklasx>    I am adding a lot of that CSS to my list of suggestions =)
Sep 23 16:16:08 <hermithome>    and this is the removal regex:
Sep 23 16:16:10 <hermithome>         domain: [“chan.com”]
Sep 23 16:16:10 <hermithome>         url: [“knowyourmeme.com/memes/events/gamergate”, “breitbart.com”, “kotatkuinaction”]
Sep 23 16:16:10 <hermithome>         body+title: [“journalis[tm](.{30})?mafia”, “Titanium.?Dragon”, “Daniel Vavra”, “Joseph Bernstei
Sep 23 16:16:22 <JustPassingThrough>    i am uhh gonna just borrow /u/qtx for /r/news while yalls talking bout regex
Sep 23 16:16:28 <hermithome>    cordismelum: “fish(.{80})?schaf.?er”, “schaf.?er(.{80})?fish”, “biase(ed)?(.{20})?(report(ing|ers?)|journalis(ts?|m)”, “(report(ing|ers?)|journalis(ts?|m)(.{20})?biase(ed)?”, “femi.?nazi”, “feminists?”, “MR[MA]”, “social justice (warrior)?”, “moot”, “[o0]ct([o0]ber).?1(.{4})?”, “1(.{4})?[o0]ct([o0]ber).?, “(.{8})?10(.{4})?0?1(.{8})?”, “(.{8})?0?1(.{4})?10(.{8})?”
Sep 23 16:16:36 <Flashynuff>    whaaat
Sep 23 16:16:38 <hermithome>    is there anything obvious that i’m still missing?
Sep 23 16:16:42 <fritzly>    :( http://i.imgur.com/FoFBfRL.png
Sep 23 16:16:58 <Flashynuff>    look at the front page too
Sep 23 16:17:03 <SolarAquarion>    hermithome, also 8chan
Sep 23 16:17:08 <SolarAquarion>    and infinitechan
Sep 23 16:17:15 <cordismelum>    include chan in general
Sep 23 16:17:17 <hermithome>    SolarAquarion: “(4|8|half|infinite).?chan”,
Sep 23 16:17:23 <cordismelum>    o right
Sep 23 16:17:28 <SolarAquarion>    okay
Sep 23 16:17:31 <Flashynuff>    the different flairs have different background colors in the post view
Sep 23 16:17:36 <hermithome>    cordismelum: yeah, good point, it’s not an includes rule so there wont be false positives
Sep 23 16:18:20 <cordismelum>    moot could bring about false positives too
Sep 23 16:18:26 <cordismelum>    ex: the point is moot
Sep 23 16:18:31 <cordismelum>    so you would want to exempt that

Sep 24 05:29:50 <Lurlur>    Hi hermithome
Sep 24 05:29:57 <Lurlur>    let me look
Sep 24 05:30:44 <hermithome>    Lurlur: the error stopped a few minutes ago
Sep 24 05:30:55 <hermithome>    i think it was just a tempo glitch or something
Sep 24 05:30:56 <Lurlur>    Ah, never mind then 😀
Sep 24 05:31:43 <Lurlur>    Cool
Sep 24 05:31:48 <Lurlur>    How are you today?
Sep 24 05:33:18 <hermithome>    hmm, decent
Sep 24 05:33:20 <hermithome>    you?
Sep 24 05:37:09 <hermithome>    and….the new #gamergate created site that promises “better journalistic integrity” has its first review about a game where the goal is to avoid being raped….but sure #gamergate isn’t about misogyny, its about ethics. WTF
Sep 24 05:37:14 <hermithome>    erm….wrong channel
Sep 24 05:38:24 <Lurlur>    lol, I’m OK
Sep 24 05:56:02 <hermithome>    thats good
Sep 24 05:56:04 <hermithome>    i should sleep
Sep 24 05:56:27 <Lurlur>    You should

Sep 24 17:18:27 <Forest|_>    holy shit
Sep 24 17:18:40 <AttackTheMoon>    what
Sep 24 17:18:44 <Forest|_>    I checked in on kotakuinaction
Sep 24 17:18:47 <Forest|_>    it’s really sad
Sep 24 17:19:19 <Forest|_>    you know how we can auto-collapse removed comments?
Sep 24 17:19:31 <Forest|_>    so they don’t clutter up the subreddit
Sep 24 17:20:21 <Forest|_>    people are acting like that is an anti-user feature made to hide the censorship
Sep 24 17:20:35 <AttackTheMoon>    😀
Sep 24 17:20:39 <AttackTheMoon>    fuck ing
Sep 24 17:20:40 <AttackTheMoon>    kia
Sep 24 17:20:54 <BipolarBear0>    Stop the censorship 2014
Sep 24 17:21:28 <fritzly>    Forest|_ link?
Sep 24 17:21:55 <Forest|_>    nah
Sep 24 17:22:00 <allthefoxes>    I put an image in the sidebar of /r/theydidthemath
Sep 24 17:22:16 <allthefoxes>    I find it disturbingly accurate whenever I try to understand some of the things there
Sep 24 17:22:35 <Forest|_>    fritzly, I will give you a good quote
Sep 24 17:22:37 <Forest|_>    “That’s a blatantly anti-user feature. No self respecting mod team would use that except in extreme fringe cases of spammery or illegal content.”
Sep 24 17:22:59 <fritzly>    lol wat
Sep 24 17:23:26 <Forest|_>    by auto-hiding comments
Sep 24 17:23:40 <fritzly>    that makes no sense

Sep 24 21:39:33 <BipolarBear0>    And I’m done with reddit
Sep 24 21:39:47 <Gaget>    Really?
Sep 24 21:39:56 <BipolarBear0>    Yes
Sep 24 21:39:57 <Gaget>    I’m getting kinda tired of reddit myself lately.
Sep 24 21:39:58 <multi-mod>    what did you do now?
Sep 24 21:40:05 <BipolarBear0>    I didn’t do anything
Sep 24 21:40:09 <BipolarBear0>    Apparently there’s this whole…
Sep 24 21:40:24 <BipolarBear0>    Subculture of people who care about games and shit
Sep 24 21:40:38 <BipolarBear0>    Like they’re the most important thing in the world and every country should have a ministry of gaming
Sep 24 21:40:41 <BipolarBear0>    Not just /r/games users
Sep 24 21:40:45 <BipolarBear0>    But /r/kotakuinaction or some shit
Sep 24 21:40:56 <BipolarBear0>    But they’re also assholes at the same time
Sep 24 21:41:05 <BipolarBear0>    And the sub is dedicated to bitching about social justice in the video game industry
Sep 24 21:41:16 <BipolarBear0>    So some shitty post about Emma Watson nudes made it to the front page of /r/news
Sep 24 21:41:20 <BipolarBear0>    But the OP deleted it
Sep 24 21:41:51 <BipolarBear0>    Cue 20,000,000009e05843 KotakuInAction threads about how the /r/news mods deleted it and omg we’re fascists because obviously some shite celebrity and 4chan are the most important things ever
Sep 24 21:42:00 <BipolarBear0>    With comments in all seriousness like
Sep 24 21:42:05 <BipolarBear0>    ‘this is some Orwellian shit’
Sep 24 21:42:37 <Gaget>    I quit /r/pcgaming over that nonsense.
Sep 24 21:43:08 <Gaget>    So did like 3 other mods.
Sep 24 21:43:17 <BipolarBear0>    I mean what the fuck is this shit
Sep 24 21:43:21 <Forest|_>    I know
Sep 24 21:43:25 <Forest|_>    it’s so fucking stupid
Sep 24 21:43:33 <BipolarBear0>    I distinctly remember a comment like a month ago when Zoey Quinn was a thing
Sep 24 21:43:34 <Forest|_>    KiA is full of bad conspiracies
Sep 24 21:43:38 <Forest|_>    It’s insane
Sep 24 21:43:52 <BipolarBear0>    And I commented in /r/drama saying something that I can’t even remember
Sep 24 21:43:58 <BipolarBear0>    And someone legit accused me of being a Zoey Quinn shill
Sep 24 21:44:02 <BipolarBear0>    Like… Paid by her I guess?
Sep 24 21:44:20 <BipolarBear0>    Do these people actually legitimately think that these things are so important and earth-shattering that there exist shills about it
Sep 24 21:44:38 <Flashynuff>    yes
Sep 24 21:45:30 <imakuram>    its bizarre
Sep 24 21:45:41 <fritzly>    Yeah I saw that deletion, I knew a shit storm was coming for you guys
Sep 24 21:45:56 <Flashynuff>    if gaming is your entire world it’s hard to accept that it’s overall not super high on the “important things in life” list
Sep 24 21:46:17 <Gaget>    I got several hundred messages for telling that guy to fuck off.
Sep 24 21:46:43 <Gaget>    Cause he was spamming the /r/hardware modmail to remove el_chuacupcake
Sep 24 21:46:57 <BipolarBear0>    Also why is SJW the new insult now
Sep 24 21:46:58 <fritzly>    haha gaget I saw that

Sep 28 22:57:25 <mobilehypo>    man someone holding up hubski as the pinnacle of high quality content in /r/undelete
Sep 28 22:57:36 <mobilehypo>    i should obviously just jump ship now
Sep 28 22:57:50 <BipolarBear0>    Trendy name game
Sep 28 22:58:27 <fritzly>    too bad whoaverse didn’t take off like everyone totally thought it would, I wanted to be the top mod of /v/trees and oppress some peoples
Sep 28 22:59:01 <mobilehypo>    hah
Sep 29 00:10:20 <Piemonkey>    http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2hphxl/were_doing_good_theyre_changing_up_their_tactics/
Sep 29 00:10:22 <Piemonkey>    so
Sep 29 00:10:23 <Piemonkey>    uh
Sep 29 00:10:30 <Piemonkey>    how is this subreddit not up there with SRS yet?
Sep 29 00:10:45 <Piemonkey>    they’re literally subscribing to a manifesto now
Sep 29 00:10:48 <cordismelum>    remind me what side that sub’s on?
Sep 29 00:10:55 <BipolarBear0>    The “we’re batshit insane” side
Sep 29 00:11:00 <BipolarBear0>    I don’t even know what the sub is about
Sep 29 00:11:06 <BipolarBear0>    All I know is they’re legit mentally ill
Sep 29 00:11:12 <JustPassingThrough>    it is up there with SRS
Sep 29 00:11:14 <JustPassingThrough>    problem is
Sep 29 00:11:31 <JustPassingThrough>    nobody but them cares about gamergate so it doesnt get any publicity in “what is the shittiest community” threads on askreddit
Sep 29 00:11:44 <cordismelum>    gamergate is stupid
Sep 29 00:11:44 <Piemonkey>    cordismelum, if TRP is against women and SRS makes up social issues, KIA seems to be a mix of both.
Sep 29 00:12:01 <cordismelum>    that sounds nasty
Sep 29 00:12:18 <JustPassingThrough>    TheMauvePill
Sep 29 00:12:20 <Piemonkey>    hahahahahaahaa
Sep 29 00:12:21 <Piemonkey>    oh my god
Sep 29 00:12:25 <Piemonkey>    if you needed any more proof
Sep 29 00:12:26 <Piemonkey>    http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2hphxl/were_doing_good_theyre_changing_up_their_tactics/ckv1z7q
Sep 29 00:12:33 <Piemonkey>    [r/MensRights[1] ] Some words of advice for activists – found on r/KotakuInAction, but could apply to MRAs as well
Sep 29 00:12:33 <BipolarBear0>    Oh JR mods it
Sep 29 00:12:35 <BipolarBear0>    The fuck is this
Sep 29 00:12:42 <BipolarBear0>    It’s just a bunch of metajerkers modding it
Sep 29 00:12:46 <JustPassingThrough>    hahahaha
Sep 29 00:12:51 <Piemonkey>    JR?
Sep 29 00:12:53 <JustPassingThrough>    well david started it lol
Sep 29 00:13:14 <JustPassingThrough>    man i feel left out
Sep 29 00:13:21 <JustPassingThrough>    i should whine to dan about this
Sep 29 00:13:39 <Piemonkey>    haha
Sep 29 00:13:44 <Piemonkey>    the one reasonable comment in that entire thread
Sep 29 00:13:50 <Piemonkey>    is also the only one downvoted to oblivion
Sep 29 00:13:58 <Piemonkey>    this sub is so hilariously misguided, it’s amazing
Sep 29 00:17:05 <fritzly>    huh, Discord_Dancing is a mod there now
Sep 29 00:18:11 <AttackLeMeme>    where
Sep 29 00:18:15 <AttackLeMeme>    oh yeah
Sep 29 00:18:15 <fritzly>    I assume anything 28danslater mods is a troll sub and ignore it
Sep 29 00:18:24 <AttackLeMeme>    i wanna be a mod of KIA
Sep 29 00:18:33 <AttackLeMeme>    wheres david me when you need him
Sep 29 00:19:06 <cordismelum>    modding that sub
Sep 29 00:19:09 <JustPassingThrough>    mourning the loss of his flair
Sep 29 00:19:24 <cordismelum>    and I automatically assume that anything 28danslater mods is shit
Sep 29 00:20:39 <fritzly>    I just don’t know how the cirlcefuckers crew puts in so much effort into their trolling for so long
Sep 29 00:20:59 <JustPassingThrough>    thats their secret
Sep 29 00:21:03 <JustPassingThrough>    they dont put in any effort
Sep 29 00:21:32 <Stevie>    is weeedbot not flair triggered anymore?
Sep 29 00:21:44 <JustPassingThrough>    flair flair flair flair

Sep 29 02:17:20 <fritzly>    so is 8chan the whoaverse of reddit or is expected to grow and become something?
Sep 29 02:18:04 <JustPassingThrough>    the former, except whoaverse somehow isnt dead yet
Sep 29 02:19:56 <fritzly>    its having a slow death
Sep 29 02:20:01 <fritzly>    I feel bad for it

Sep 30 19:48:18 <snarkypants>    wait are you in there?
Sep 30 19:48:38 <snarkypants>    who wants an invite?
Sep 30 19:50:44 <fritzly>    what is it?
Sep 30 19:51:08 <tiz>    add me
Sep 30 19:51:32 <tiz>    idk what were talking about
Sep 30 19:52:45 <snarkypants>    gamergate drama on wikipedia lol
Sep 30 19:53:40 <Forest_>    gamergate drama everywhere lol
Sep 30 19:54:05 <BipolarBear>    Can someone please please explain to me what the fuck Gamergate is
Sep 30 19:54:23 <Mikee>    @g gamergate, what the fuck is
Sep 30 19:54:24 <EDI>    (Mikee) http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2014/09/04/gamergate-a-closer-look-at-the-controversy-sweeping-video-games/ — GamerGate: A Closer Look At The Controversy Sweeping Video…: “Sep 4, 2014 … Examining #GamerGate and the latest controversy sweeping the video … Sex for
Sep 30 19:54:34 <Mikee>    ah
Sep 30 19:54:40 <Mikee>    like watergate
Sep 30 19:54:43 <Mikee>    except stupid
Sep 30 19:54:50 <ForestL>    BipolarBear, conspiracy people who think the whole world is corrupt
Sep 30 19:55:15 <ForestL>    and they think they are fighting the evil SJWs n stuff who are destroying the world
Sep 30 19:55:17 <BipolarBear>    The whole world except for them right
Sep 30 19:55:58 <ForestL>    so it’s completely delusional people who think everything was planned
Sep 30 19:56:17 <ForestL>    and use shitty evidence and posts on 4chan as truth
Sep 30 19:56:27 <ForestL>    they are against shitty journalism

Sep 30 19:57:18 <nalixor>    but breitbart is their champion
Sep 30 19:57:22 <nalixor>    and they are above reproach
Sep 30 19:57:26 <ForestL>    yeah
Sep 30 19:57:35 <ForestL>    the ACORN 2009 tapes was great journalism
Sep 30 19:57:42 <ForestL>    why can’t games media be like that?
Sep 30 19:58:06 <nalixor>    enough about this shit
Sep 30 19:58:07 <nalixor>    did you guys see
Sep 30 19:58:32 <nalixor>    qgyh2 actually did something
Sep 30 19:58:32 <snarkypants>    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Gamergate_controversy
Sep 30 19:58:41 <nalixor>    something that actually resembles moderating
Sep 30 19:58:49 <snarkypants>    i never really understood acorn to be honest
Sep 30 19:58:50 <ForestL>    nalixor, snarkypants, we have bigger news
Sep 30 19:59:00 <ForestL>    YNB is leaving community
Sep 30 19:59:03 <ForestL>    :(
Sep 30 19:59:10 <snarkypants>    you need a budget?
Sep 30 19:59:20 <snarkypants>    i dont have cable
Sep 30 19:59:40 <snarkypants>    @g ynb
Sep 30 19:59:41 <EDI>    (snarkypants) http://www.ynbok.com/ — YNB | Your Neighborhood Bank Since 1912: “YNB is pleased to announce that we are updating our current ID Protection
Sep 30 19:59:43 <hermithome>    nalixor: what??

Sep 30 20:06:20 <nalixor>    for some reason
Sep 30 20:06:22 <nalixor>    naked
Sep 30 20:06:24 <nalixor>    good show
Sep 30 20:06:32 <snarkypants>    im lost
Sep 30 20:06:36 <nalixor>    just started airing
Sep 30 20:06:38 <nalixor>    like last week
Sep 30 20:06:45 *    nalixor hands snarkypants a map
Sep 30 20:07:36 <Paradox>    !meme is snarkypants; more like smug drawers
Sep 30 20:07:37 <memebot>    Paradox: http://i.imgur.com/KPU6jEE.jpg
Sep 30 20:07:42 <hermithome>    http://np.reddit.com/r/conspiratard/comments/2hvczq/this_is_gamergate_nsa_blackmailed_4chan_owner/ckwj08z
Sep 30 20:07:50 <hermithome>    LOVE conspiratard
Sep 30 20:08:24 <nalixor>    http://www.reddit.com/r/australia/comments/2hvhao/sorry_raustralia/ckwe8xk?context=3
Sep 30 20:08:34 <nalixor>    guys, qgyh2 is the hero reddit needs
Sep 30 20:08:43 <ky1e>    omg brigades
Sep 30 20:09:04 <Paradox>    !meme qgyh2;is a poopface
Sep 30 20:09:04 <memebot>    Paradox: http://i.imgur.com/kdxhnbF.jpg
Sep 30 20:09:07 <ky1e>    wait, missed that qg appearance
Sep 30 20:09:17 <ky1e>    isn’t that his like third public apology for his horrible moderation
Sep 30 20:09:19 <ky1e>    seriously, fuck him
Sep 30 20:09:49 <Paradox>    hey guys i just wanted to remind you that im sorry you think im a terrible person, but im not going to stop what im doing

Oct 01 03:51:42 <Paradox>    «why am i banned?»
Oct 01 03:52:06 <Paradox>    “why indeed? this is the definition of life. if you dont like it go fuck yourself. that is the definition of life, i am tired, goodnight”
Oct 01 03:52:19 <creesch>    Heh :) that is rather funny.
Oct 01 03:52:32 <Paradox>    most would read something like that
Oct 01 03:52:33 <creesch>    I don´t mod any subs where that would be appropiate though
Oct 01 03:52:50 <Paradox>    random anger spattered throughout psuedointellectual posturing
Oct 01 03:52:51 <creesch>    Although we do sometimes make fun of racists and holocaust deniers
Oct 01 03:53:12 <Paradox>    feeding it darqwolff’s entire comment history made it really funny
Oct 01 03:53:21 <creesch>    When a holocaust denier messages us we often all are suddenly jewish
Oct 01 03:53:46 <Paradox>    @gis judiasm intensifies
Oct 01 03:53:46 <EDI>    (Paradox) https://8chan.co/jews/src/1411245737058.gif
Oct 01 03:54:05 <Paradox>    literally creesch
Oct 01 03:54:47 <MockDeath>    Hah you are just making them even more paranoid creesch
Oct 01 03:55:00 <creesch>    MockDeath: that is the idea 😛
Oct 01 03:55:05 <Paradox>    !meme m:keanu if creesch wasnt a jew;then how come he censored me
Oct 01 03:55:06 <memebot>    Paradox: http://i.imgur.com/jskUHZL.jpg
Oct 01 03:55:08 <creesch>    let me see if I can find the thread
Oct 01 03:57:49 <creesch>    MockDeath: http://privatepaste.com/a00927b716/meschugge
Oct 01 03:57:58 <creesch>    Paradox: ^
Oct 01 03:58:40 <Paradox>    matzoh is basically a big saltine without salt

Oct 01 22:40:50 <hermithome>    yeah, lol
Oct 01 22:41:04 <rogankiwi>    are you going to laneway?
Oct 01 22:41:05 <hermithome>    my favourite SRS sub is mythos, because its JUST the crazy reactions
Oct 01 22:41:24 <IAmAN00bie>    hermithome: here’s a fun thought experiment
Oct 01 22:41:32 <xNiklasx>    hermithome: Never really heard the term before reddit and neither side seems genuine. But I havent jumped deep into it to research it.
Oct 01 22:41:34 <IAmAN00bie>    instead of referring to TiA as some “MRA/TRP-lite sub”
Oct 01 22:41:42 <IAmAN00bie>    start calling it inverse-SRS
Oct 01 22:41:54 <IAmAN00bie>    think of every criticism you’ve seen levied at SRS, true or not
Oct 01 22:42:02 <IAmAN00bie>    and you’ll see what i mean
Oct 01 22:42:09 <IAmAN00bie>    it gets them REALLY mad
Oct 01 22:42:44 <hermithome>    xNiklasx: that’s because SJW is a term made to mock feminists and anti racists and people who call out bigotry. as though social justice is a bad thing. it’s a term that’s really only in a few places on the internet, though, gamergate may have blown it wide open
Oct 01 22:42:57 <hermithome>    IAmAN00bie: lol. good point
Oct 01 22:43:12 <hermithome>    no one really has that idea of TiA though, they just laugh it off.
Oct 01 22:43:26 <hermithome>    whereas SRS is serious business
Oct 01 22:43:35 <IAmAN00bie>    it’s great, i know
Oct 01 22:43:41 <IAmAN00bie>    it’s a perfect descriptor for the sub
Oct 01 22:43:47 <dihydrogen>    hello active mods
Oct 01 22:43:48 <IAmAN00bie>    and it makes them super uncomfortable to hear
Oct 01 22:43:51 <dihydrogen>    who here lives around bay area
Oct 01 22:43:56 <dihydrogen>    I have a very weird ass problem not mod related
Oct 01 22:43:59 <xNiklasx>    That explains why I have been called it on a few occasions round reddit.
Oct 01 22:44:07 <discord_danzig>    I dont really understand gamergate
Oct 01 22:44:14 <hermithome>    dihydrogen: why dont you tell us your problem before asking someone to self doxx?
Oct 01 22:44:15 <discord_danzig>    I mod KIA and I dont really understand what anyone is talking about
Oct 01 22:44:15 <IAmAN00bie>    tis a silly thing
Oct 01 22:44:18 <discord_danzig>    I just make gay jokes a lot
Oct 01 22:44:25 <IAmAN00bie>    discord_danzig: how did you even get modded there lol
Oct 01 22:44:30 <discord_danzig>    David-Me
Oct 01 22:44:35 <IAmAN00bie>    hahahaha
Oct 01 22:44:38 <discord_danzig>    we co-mod r/drama
Oct 01 22:44:46 <discord_danzig>    and I have an alt in the shit-sphere
Oct 01 22:44:53 <Forest|_>    oh
Oct 01 22:44:57 <dihydrogen>    I need a hydrogen sulfide professional toxin cleaner in the bay area
Oct 01 22:45:00 <Forest|_>    KotakuInAction…….
Oct 01 22:45:04 <IAmAN00bie>    man, your modmail must be a goldmine
Oct 01 22:45:07 <discord_danzig>    it is
Oct 01 22:45:11 <discord_danzig>    no one knows how to use reddi
Oct 01 22:45:15 <Forest|_>    So fucking crazy
Oct 01 22:45:17 <discord_danzig>    because a lot of them aren’t redditors
Oct 01 22:45:37 <Forest|_>    I love how they want good journalism
Oct 01 22:45:52 <Forest|_>    but use the worst pieces of evidence out there
Oct 01 22:45:55 <IAmAN00bie>    Forest|_: want to read something really crazy?
Oct 01 22:46:05 <xNiklasx>    Kotaku where journalism got drunk and forgot its profession
Oct 01 22:46:25 <IAmAN00bie>    prepare for your mind to be blown: http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2i0a06/their_next_move_and_our_contermove/ckxpk2v
Oct 01 22:46:37 <Forest|_>    that no self respecting journalist would use due to the quality of the information
Oct 01 22:46:43 <IAmAN00bie>    they’re now claiming that journalists will side with #gamergate as a false flag to distract them from their real enemies: SJWs
Oct 01 22:46:49 <hermithome>    IAmAN00bie: OMG, that’s the GREATEST POST EVER
Oct 01 22:46:51 <Forest|_>    the sources are so shit
Oct 01 22:46:56 <IAmAN00bie>    like
Oct 01 22:46:58 <Forest|_>    how fuck
Oct 01 22:47:05 <Forest|_>    holy*
Oct 01 22:47:10 <IAmAN00bie>    lel
Oct 01 22:47:14 <Forest|_>    It really seems like they want to go to war
Oct 01 22:47:19 <hermithome>    well, no, i dont think its better than the guy who gets being blocked for spam on twitter confused with being hacked and thinks that Jimmy Wales did it. that one is still the best ever
Oct 01 22:47:20 <xNiklasx>    wow
Oct 01 22:47:35 <xNiklasx>    I would like to know what constitutes winning
Oct 01 22:47:38 <Forest|_>    It’s like a batshit insane guy yelling, and then getting mad that no one understands him
Oct 01 22:47:45 <xNiklasx>    Seems like there is no win scenario
Oct 01 22:47:46 <Forest|_>    and thinks everyone is working to destroy him
Oct 01 22:47:58 <hermithome>    Forest|_: drop the “like”
Oct 01 22:48:07 <Forest|_>    k
Oct 01 22:48:13 <IAmAN00bie>    hue
Oct 01 22:48:16 <discord_danzig>    So someone mod mailed KiA
Oct 01 22:48:23 <discord_danzig>    saying they and some friends were making a calendar
Oct 01 22:48:27 <IAmAN00bie>    i stopped trying to understand them, i just find funny quotes to laugh at
Oct 01 22:48:31 <discord_danzig>    of female game journalists sympathetic to gamergate
Oct 01 22:48:34 <IAmAN00bie>    discord_danzig: hahaha i saw that post
Oct 01 22:48:38 <hermithome>    i tried to stay away from the gamergate stuff at first, but now i regularly post to GamerGhazi and conspiratard….its just such awesome potatoes i cant help myself
Oct 01 22:48:42 <discord_danzig>    I laughed so fucking hard
Oct 01 22:48:48 <Forest|_>    I love them made a “white knight” list a while ago
Oct 01 22:48:49 <IAmAN00bie>    man, i wish it didnt get downvoted
Oct 01 22:48:53 <Forest|_>    and one of the guys was gay
Oct 01 22:48:59 <IAmAN00bie>    that would’ve been hilarious
Oct 01 22:49:09 <hermithome>    discord_danzig: omg, please leak modmail to us, so we can leak it to a meta sub!! they’d go CRAZY!!!
Oct 01 22:49:09 <IAmAN00bie>    discord_danzig: did you see the post where someone wanted to start #FacesOfGaming?
Oct 01 22:49:11 <discord_danzig>    well I hope they still make it
Oct 01 22:49:23 <IAmAN00bie>    one dude actually posted their “Face” of gaming

Oct 01 22:50:06 <Forest|_>    discord_danzig, if you really want to cause drama, just delete everything and lock down the sub a few days from now
Oct 01 22:50:07 <Forest|_>    le
Oct 01 22:50:18 <discord_danzig>    lmao
Oct 01 22:50:19 <IAmAN00bie>    okay
Oct 01 22:50:21 <IAmAN00bie>    here you go
Oct 01 22:50:23 <IAmAN00bie>    https://i.imgur.com/EIc0y4z.jpg
Oct 01 22:50:27 <IAmAN00bie>    try not to burst your sides
Oct 01 22:50:29 <discord_danzig>    oh my god
Oct 01 22:50:32 <IAmAN00bie>    someone posted this, completely seriously
Oct 01 22:50:36 <IAmAN00bie>    in KiA
Oct 01 22:50:37 <hermithome>    do you see the dude who thought that the twitter spam filter was caused by affirmative action? that one was awesome
Oct 01 22:50:38 <xNiklasx>    that dude looks familiar
Oct 01 22:50:38 <discord_danzig>    oh my god
Oct 01 22:50:57 <discord_danzig>    I honestly dont even read KiA I just clear the modqueue
Oct 01 22:50:58 <Forest|_>    anyway
Oct 01 22:51:05 <Forest|_>    Not a real gamer
Oct 01 22:51:13 <hermithome>    hahahahaha
Oct 01 22:51:17 <Forest|_>    Doesn’t like Persona 4
Oct 01 22:51:19 <IAmAN00bie>    Forest|_: you ever finish Persona 2 btw?
Oct 01 22:51:43 <Forest|_>    IAmAN00bie, I got to a point where I missed a side thing and lost the chance to get my ultra persona
Oct 01 22:51:51 <JustPassingThrough>    >mfw i see a comment i made over a year ago saying “naut is sexy”
Oct 01 22:51:58 <Forest|_>    I would have to go back like 5 hours to get it
Oct 01 22:52:05 <Forest|_>    so I said fuck it and quit

Oct 01 22:52:21 <IAmAN00bie>    lol
Oct 01 22:52:34 <hermithome>    discord_danzig: seriously, leak modmail please. they’ll go fucking rabid
Oct 01 22:52:40 <Forest|_>    no
Oct 01 22:52:42 <Forest|_>    Don’t
Oct 01 22:52:47 <IAmAN00bie>    lol, don’t incite that
Oct 01 22:52:47 <Forest|_>    As crazy as they are
Oct 01 22:52:56 <IAmAN00bie>    that would cause a grade a shitstorm
Oct 01 22:52:59 <Forest|_>    Just don’t do anything
Oct 01 22:53:01 <hermithome>    IAmAN00bie: i know
Oct 01 22:53:05 <xNiklasx>    servers would be set alight
Oct 01 22:53:07 <IAmAN00bie>    you would get all of 8chan on your ass
Oct 01 22:53:34 <hermithome>    eh, use a new alt then
Oct 01 22:53:43 <discord_danzig>    ill think about it
Oct 01 22:53:49 <discord_danzig>    yall know my propensity for loving drama
Oct 01 22:53:52 <Forest|_>    They are crazy as fuck, and after people start to notice that nothing is going on, people will moveon
Oct 01 22:53:57 <IAmAN00bie>    hahaha
Oct 01 22:54:06 <IAmAN00bie>    Forest|_: oh man, idk how long that’ll take
Oct 01 22:54:15 <IAmAN00bie>    some dude vowed he would “keep it going for 100 years”
Oct 01 22:54:21 <IAmAN00bie>    he would “do whatever it takes”
Oct 01 22:54:22 <Forest|_>    discord_danzig, if you really want to cause drama, mess with the sub somehow
Oct 01 22:54:25 <discord_danzig>    kony 2012 didnt even last that long
Oct 01 22:54:35 <discord_danzig>    and that was about lyke, child sex slave soldiers or something
Oct 01 22:54:35 <hermithome>    Forest|_: but the mods of KIA are mostly mods of some of the major hate subs on reddit. i’d LOVE to see them go to war with each other
Oct 01 22:54:41 <Flashynuff>    switch ups and downs
Oct 01 22:55:00 <Flashynuff>    and do the srs negative score thing
Oct 01 22:55:07 <IAmAN00bie>    discord_danzig: one thing im really surprised about, is how they haven’t turned on you guys yet
Oct 01 22:55:18 <IAmAN00bie>    it’s bound to happen
Oct 01 22:55:20 <Forest|_>    oh wait
Oct 01 22:55:24 <discord_danzig>    it is happening
Oct 01 22:55:29 <Forest|_>    one really fucking stupid thing you could do
Oct 01 22:55:29 <discord_danzig>    people on twitter are saying we’re SJW shills
Oct 01 22:55:34 <discord_danzig>    and “shadowbanning” people
Oct 01 22:55:37 <IAmAN00bie>    lel

Oct 02 16:32:03 <cordismelum>    If you see this message, I’m either not around, asleep, or bringing about my misandrist plans.
Oct 02 16:32:22 <drama>    k
Oct 02 16:32:38 <greenduch>    huh
Oct 02 16:39:36 <hermithome>    even though it’s been downvoted to hell, there are now comments on the piece, including one by mean that will be a total target for KIAers. can you keep an eye on the thread please? http://www.reddit.com/r/IndieGaming/comments/2hz3n0/female_game_developers_share_their_views_on/
Oct 02 16:39:39 <drama>    new blog is up http://redd.it/2i4gsy
Oct 02 16:39:43 <hermithome>    erm….wrong channel
Oct 02 16:41:07 <Forest|_>    oh
Oct 02 16:41:19 <Forest|_>    Drunken_economist is an admin now
Oct 02 16:41:32 <greenduch>    KiA keeps invading one of my subs its annoying
Oct 02 16:41:41 <greenduch>    lol what, Forest|_ ?
Oct 02 16:41:41 <Forest|_>    yeah
Oct 02 16:41:47 <Forest|_>    greenduch, http://www.redditblog.com/2014/10/welcome-john-williams-chris-adam-ryan.html
Oct 02 16:42:13 <greenduch>    huh
Oct 02 16:42:46 <drama>    I always thought drunken_economist was karmanaut
Oct 02 16:43:15 <Forest|_>    everyone is
Oct 02 16:44:00 <hermithome>    greenduch: want my gamergate prevention rule?
Oct 02 16:44:07 <drama>    not like for real forest
Oct 02 16:44:08 <drama>    https://www.reddit.com/r/Karmanautbait/about/moderators
Oct 02 16:44:15 <greenduch>    our sub talks about gamergate a lot
Oct 02 16:44:23 <drama>    ^ all karmanauts alts + D_E
Oct 02 16:45:04 <IKingJeremy>    http://www.redditblog.com/2014/10/welcome-john-williams-chris-adam-ryan.html
Oct 02 16:45:12 <IKingJeremy>    Drunken_economist hired by reddit
Oct 02 16:45:19 <Forest|_>    slowpoke.jpg
Oct 02 16:45:24 <drama>    le this ^
Oct 02 16:45:51 <Forest|_>    greenduch, in r/games we had a poll and banned the gamergate drama
Oct 02 16:46:08 <Forest|_>    It’s so much nicer now :)
Oct 02 16:46:44 <IAmAN00bie>    nice
Oct 02 16:47:14 <IAmAN00bie>    good job on that, they’re pushing any sub that lets them with their content
Oct 02 16:47:23 <IAmAN00bie>    if you didn’t ban it it would be filled with it
Oct 02 16:47:26 <Forest|_>    yeah
Oct 02 16:47:32 <Forest|_>    not really subtle about it
Oct 02 16:47:37 <IAmAN00bie>    just look at how rabid they are at getting stuff to the top of /r/videos
Oct 02 16:47:52 <Forest|_>    you see the same few people making the first comments in almost every post

Oct 02 21:51:51 <nalixor>    with all qgyh2 modded subs
Oct 02 21:51:55 <nalixor>    they’re all garbage. 😛
Oct 02 21:52:01 <MockDeath>    Alienth that is a sign you are passionate about reddit right there.
Oct 02 21:52:14 <allthefoxes>    alienth Get really sick so we can have new modmail please
Oct 02 21:52:18 <nalixor>    alienth, you are the hero reddit deserves.
Oct 02 21:52:23 <nalixor>    we will be sad to see you go. :(
Oct 02 21:52:28 <allthefoxes>    If
Oct 02 21:52:37 <alienth>    allthefoxes: that would require several months of sickness, haha
Oct 02 21:52:43 <allthefoxes>    Well
Oct 02 21:52:44 <nalixor>    no if, if he goes, we will be sad! My statement is true!
Oct 02 21:52:58 <hermithome>    yeah, no, did you see the gamergate thread in /r/linux? that was maybe even worse than the OOTL one
Oct 02 21:53:05 <hermithome>    erm… wrong window
Oct 02 21:53:11 <nalixor>    what
Oct 02 21:53:13 <nalixor>    how the fuck
Oct 02 21:53:14 <allthefoxes>    Why does linux care about GG
Oct 02 21:53:22 <nalixor>    did /r/linux get gg stuff
Oct 02 21:53:28 <alienth>    nalixor: yes :/
Oct 02 21:53:37 <alienth>    a kernel dev is angry at intel for caving to #GG demands
Oct 02 21:53:38 <allthefoxes>    unless the benevolent dictator for life was an SJW or something
Oct 02 21:53:41 <allthefoxes>    why would they care
Oct 02 21:53:44 <alienth>    so he is refusing to write patches for Intel stuff

Oct 02 21:59:06 <AttackTheMoon>    dont bother
Oct 02 21:59:08 <AttackTheMoon>    i dont care that much
Oct 02 22:02:03 <hermithome>    http://www.theverge.com/2014/10/2/6886747/intel-buckles-to-anti-feminist-campaign-by-pulling-ads-from-gaming – operation disrespectful nod
Oct 02 22:02:06 <hermithome>    oh, lol, whatever
Oct 02 22:05:25 <imakuram>    sigh, gamergate will never end
Oct 02 22:05:53 <MockDeath>    Some times I do not mind being out of the loop on things like that
Oct 02 22:05:58 <drama>    one day, one day we will see peace
Oct 02 22:06:22 <imakuram>    that’s awesome MockDeath.  I thought it was unavoidable
Oct 02 22:06:31 <IAmAN00bie>    imakuram: yes, it will end once they stop having platforms to keep pushing it
Oct 02 22:06:40 <imakuram>    so never
Oct 02 22:06:42 <IAmAN00bie>    #gamergate would be WAY bigger if the /r/gaming and /r/games mods allowed it
Oct 02 22:06:58 <imakuram>    yeah
Oct 02 22:07:02 <IAmAN00bie>    4chan stopping it was a huge blow to them
Oct 02 22:08:37 <imakuram>    well, that’s. . . um.  Bad and good?
Oct 02 22:08:52 <MockDeath>    a bit of both
Oct 02 22:11:31 <imakuram>    well, that’s too bad
Oct 02 22:12:42 <PM>    interesting if you use the subdomain http://hs.reddit.com/ it appears as if you are not sign in. I’m guessing this is to do with HTTPS?

Oct 03 03:22:09 <hermithome>    i’m up 30 points
Oct 03 03:22:10 <Paradox>    they basically *just* got set up in SLC
Oct 03 03:22:11 <alienth>    Paradox: the SLC office is closing
Oct 03 03:22:19 <alienth>    as is NYC
Oct 03 03:22:34 <Paradox>    last i met them was at a ski trip
Oct 03 03:22:39 <hermithome>    alienth: right….but that’s a pretty significant difference, and we know that negative scores affect karma
Oct 03 03:23:00 <hermithome>    am i only getting the upvotes somehow?
Oct 03 03:23:10 <alienth>    what comments?
Oct 03 03:23:17 <hermithome>    hang on, lemme grab the link
Oct 03 03:23:41 <hermithome>    alienth: here: http://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/2i3e87/twitter_backlash_against_intel/ckytz4l
Oct 03 03:24:02 <hermithome>    there was an OOTL on a bit of gamergate, and i answered someone who was totally confused about what gamergate was
Oct 03 03:24:21 <hermithome>    and replied to a lot of the replies i got
Oct 03 03:24:43 <alienth>    hermithome: looks like your comment karma in OOTL is around 206.. it went up after those comments?
Oct 03 03:24:48 <hermithome>    and i think all my comments are downvoted (except for a few that are too downthread to be seen) and most are controversial
Oct 03 03:24:57 <hermithome>    yeah, it was 179 before I commented
Oct 03 03:25:32 <hermithome>    it went up 25-35, depending on where the number is at refersh
Oct 03 03:25:36 <hermithome>    *refresh
Oct 03 03:25:39 <hermithome>    which is just…weird
Oct 03 03:26:25 <alienth>    did some checking. things appear to be working normally. you comment had a fair amount of both ups and downs. can’t reveal the details of how things got calculated, but it is consistent with how karma has worked for many a year.
Oct 03 03:26:54 <hermithome>    but clearly, a much higher percentage of the ups affected my karma
Oct 03 03:26:59 <Paradox>    are there ever plans to overhaul the “fuzzing” system as it is alienth

Oct 04 11:22:23 <JustPassingThrough>    daw
Oct 04 11:25:29 <multi-mod>    I always thought it was srange that arxiv was soft banned by reddit
Oct 04 11:28:09 <Forest|_>    oh wow
Oct 04 11:28:26 <Forest|_>    thread that got auto-removed in 9 seconds has 11 votes
Oct 04 11:28:29 <Forest|_>    I wonder……
Oct 04 11:28:52 <multi-mod>    either crosspost or botting :)
Oct 04 11:29:18 <multi-mod>    I guess you can report them and see what reason caused it
Oct 04 11:29:48 <Forest|_>    It’s a post about Gamergate
Oct 04 11:30:00 <Forest|_>    I think you guess how it got all the upvotes
Oct 04 11:41:29 <multi-mod>    I blame the admins, george bush, and charles barkley
Oct 04 11:41:36 <JustPassingThrough>    its because theres a special moment in reddit traffic where access spikes by 800% between the hours of 11:25 and 11:25:18
Oct 04 11:44:22 <snarkypants>    hapy saturday
Oct 04 11:44:32 <snarkypants>    *happy
Oct 04 11:44:35 <multi-mod>    merry saturday
Oct 04 11:44:37 <snarkypants>    :/
Oct 04 11:44:41 <BipolarBear0>    Holy Saturday
Oct 04 11:44:43 <multi-mod>    today is chiptle for lunch day, so it is a good day

Oct 04 20:08:59 <Paradox>    meh
Oct 04 20:08:59 <Tylzen>    nalixor, Did you go to Mordor?
Oct 04 20:09:02 <Tylzen>    There are like orcs
Oct 04 20:09:03 <Paradox>    ylvis isnt that good
Oct 04 20:09:09 <Tylzen>    Paradox, LIES
Oct 04 20:09:14 <nalixor>    Tylzen, I have been to Mordor.
Oct 04 20:09:15 <Lurlur>    I’m going to bed
Oct 04 20:09:17 <nalixor>    I killed many orcs.
Oct 04 20:09:18 <Paradox>    katey sagal is hot as shit
Oct 04 20:09:20 <Paradox>    @gis katey sagal
Oct 04 20:09:20 <EDI>    (Paradox) http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130905080109/uncyclopedia/images/6/6b/GG-katey-sagal1.jpg
Oct 04 20:09:23 <nalixor>    I even beat the Dark Lord Sauron.
Oct 04 20:09:28 <Lurlur>    Tylzen, make sure Nalixor doesn’t eat my badger
Oct 04 20:09:37 <Tylzen>    Lurlur, I cannot make promises I cannot keep
Oct 04 20:09:37 <nalixor>    Paradox, who leaked?
Oct 04 20:09:41 <Tylzen>    Lurlur, nalixor does what a nalixor does.
Oct 04 20:09:43 <nalixor>    also, what did they leak?
Oct 04 20:09:51 *    nalixor highfives Tylzen.
Oct 04 20:09:59 <nalixor>    When I make my badger stew, I will save you a bowl.
Oct 04 20:10:00 *    Tylzen is slow and gets smacked right in the face
Oct 04 20:10:03 <Lurlur>    HAVE I NO FRIENDS HERE?!?!

Oct 04 21:42:41 <EnigmaBlade>    I’m listening, I’m listening!
Oct 04 21:42:47 <alienth>    BipolarBear0: if you could arrange for the annexation of alaska, i’d be in your debt
Oct 04 21:42:56 <SolarAquarion>    EnigmaBlade: i meant to Hoosakiwi
Oct 04 21:43:19 <EnigmaBlade>    :(
Oct 04 21:44:14 <Hoosakiwi>    sry. i was in the shower
Oct 04 21:44:19 <Hoosakiwi>    whats up?
Oct 04 21:46:14 <discord_danzig>    hai JPT
Oct 04 21:47:15 <JustPassingThrough>    <33 heyo
Oct 04 21:47:20 <JustPassingThrough>    what did i miss today
Oct 04 21:48:09 <discord_danzig>    Kia drama
Oct 04 21:48:16 <discord_danzig>    dan and goat got booted for modding rape subs
Oct 04 21:48:24 <discord_danzig>    thank god
Oct 04 21:48:29 <JustPassingThrough>    oooh lmao
Oct 04 21:48:36 <discord_danzig>    I didnt even pretend to take their side
Oct 04 21:48:42 <discord_danzig>    I literally threw them under the bus so hard
Oct 04 21:48:50 <mobilehypo>    wait who got booted?
Oct 04 21:49:02 <discord_danzig>    28danslater and goatsac from Kotakuinaction
Oct 04 21:49:07 <mobilehypo>    ah
Oct 04 21:49:10 <discord_danzig>    for modding cutefemalecorpses and some rape sub
Oct 04 21:49:13 <discord_danzig>    strugglefucking or some shit
Oct 04 21:49:23 <discord_danzig>    disgusting
Oct 04 21:49:32 <Mikee>    !mods cutefemalecorpses
Oct 04 21:49:33 <redditBot>    r/cutefemalecorpses has 8 mods: LOLdrunkendonutsLOL, missmurrr, 28DansLater, KrustyKritters, BobOndiss, -Slutlord-Fascist-, Goatsac, and wsgy111
Oct 04 21:49:49 <snarkypants>    gross
Oct 04 21:49:49 <discord_danzig>    they tried the whole “its just a joke” thing and i was like “no one fucking cares that you’re disgusting” and that was the end of that
Oct 04 21:50:05 <discord_danzig>    blown away
Oct 04 21:50:08 <EnigmaBlade>    huh, interesting topic
Oct 04 21:50:19 <EnigmaBlade>    if only it were girls cosplaying as zombies instead
Oct 04 21:50:23 <discord_danzig>    lol
Oct 04 21:50:29 <discord_danzig>    well KiA gets a ton of attention off site
Oct 04 21:50:35 <discord_danzig>    so it was bad to have mods who mod shit like that on our list
Oct 04 21:50:49 <discord_danzig>    plus I just dont like them for being pervy dweebs
Oct 04 21:52:39 <mobilehypo>    this is good policy
Oct 04 21:52:45 <MillenniumFalc0n>    https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/2i9cf1/david_heinemeier_hansson_harshly_criticizes/ckz5bi3
Oct 04 21:52:45 <SolarAquarion>    Hoosakiwi: listentothis
Oct 04 21:52:50 <SolarAquarion>    you asked me what h2t is
Oct 04 21:52:53 <SolarAquarion>    l2t
Oct 04 21:52:57 <MillenniumFalc0n>    Dehrmann slinging mud
Oct 04 21:53:20 <imakuram>    Shill SolarAquarion shill

Oct 05 01:57:12 <PM>    why?
Oct 05 01:57:15 <Forest|_>    PM, did you see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkL9SP3HJZE ?
Oct 05 01:57:15 <EDI>    (Forest|_) Giant Bomb vs. a Roller Coaster – length 14m 34s – 1,985 likes, 22 dislikes (98.9%) – 74,345 views – Giant Bomb on 2014.10.02
Oct 05 02:08:08 <PM>    lol
Oct 05 02:08:23 <PM>    no I had not seen that
Oct 05 02:08:41 <Forest|_>    yeah
Oct 05 02:08:43 <Forest|_>    great video
Oct 05 02:17:57 <hermithome>    !readers kotakuinaction
Oct 05 02:17:57 <redditBot>    r/kotakuinaction has 9,129 readers
Oct 05 02:20:05 <Forest|_>    hermithome, they did do one good thing
Oct 05 02:20:29 <hermithome>    Forest: hmm?
Oct 05 02:21:12 <Forest|_>    hermithome, SolInvictus deleted his alt because of that subreddit
Oct 05 02:22:06 <hermithome>    erm, why?
Oct 05 02:22:40 <Forest|_>    hermithome, http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2ibh93/meta_kotakuinaction_state_of_the_sub_and/cl0m6n8
Oct 05 02:23:21 <Forest|_>    I don’t use alts, but someone used theirs after I pointed out the deleted account was Sol’s alt
Oct 05 02:23:32 <Forest|_>    I just thought it was kina funny
Oct 05 02:24:23 <hermithome>    um, how did you know?
Oct 05 02:24:30 <hermithome>    also, what? i’m lost on this entire thing
Oct 05 02:24:50 <hermithome>    also, did someone on KIA use rape culture seriously and not ironically? huh?
Oct 05 02:24:54 <Forest|_>    hermithome, Sol was Ian Miles Cheong
Oct 05 02:25:04 <Forest|_>    I follow him on twitter
Oct 05 02:25:27 <hermithome>    um, but i dont see how people knew this was his alt?
Oct 05 02:25:31 <Forest|_>    we had a user who were already following on twitter for posting links to his websites
Oct 05 02:26:12 <Forest|_>    I then noticed 2 or 3 times of that user submitting an article at the same time Ian posted the story on twitter
Oct 05 02:26:26 <Forest|_>    easy to put 2 and 2 together
Oct 05 02:26:36 <Forest|_>    but that KiA comment is kina funny
Oct 05 02:26:56 <Forest|_>    they trust a radom user who deleted all his history
Oct 05 02:27:09 <Forest|_>    even though that user posted no proof it was Sol
Oct 05 02:27:50 <Forest|_>    and again
Oct 05 02:28:09 <Forest|_>    really fucking sad this is still going on
Oct 05 02:28:26 <Forest|_>    I’m happy I don’t have to get involved at all now
Oct 05 02:29:08 <nalixor>    that giant bomb video was dumb
Oct 05 02:29:15 <Forest|_>    nalixor, ur dumb
Oct 05 02:29:32 <nalixor>    no, those terrifying neckbeards are dumb
Oct 05 02:29:36 <nalixor>    what was the point of that video

Oct 05 12:59:41 <Forest|_>    Addyct!
Oct 05 12:59:47 <Addyct>    YO
Oct 05 13:00:02 <Addyct>    what’s up
Oct 05 13:00:06 <Forest|_>    nothing much
Oct 05 13:00:41 <captainmeta4>    the sky is up
Oct 05 13:00:44 <Forest|_>    Gamergate is still somehow going on
Oct 05 13:00:57 <Addyct>    Yep
Oct 05 13:01:23 <Forest|_>    They now think that because we allowed a thread last year that sorta kina was like gamersgate except not all, we are hypocrites
Oct 05 13:01:54 <Addyct>    I’ve decided that both sides have very important points and that both sides are completely full of assholes
Oct 05 13:01:57 <Forest|_>    yep
Oct 05 13:01:59 <Forest|_>    I know
Oct 05 13:02:12 <Forest|_>    people act so fucking dumb
Oct 05 13:02:27 <Forest|_>    they act like every little things needs to be a war
Oct 05 13:02:42 <Forest|_>    It’s kina interesing at this point to see how stupid they get
Oct 05 13:03:37 <captainmeta4>    Forest|_ don’t forget that the mods are also sleeping with ZQ in exchange for censoring criticism
Oct 05 13:03:42 <Forest|_>    yes
Oct 05 13:03:44 <noeatnosleep>    What
Oct 05 13:03:51 <noeatnosleep>    I want in on that deal
Oct 05 13:03:59 <noeatnosleep>    I’m a highly efficient censor
Oct 05 13:04:04 <noeatnosleep>    Where so I sign
Oct 05 13:04:23 <Forest|_>    My favorite tweet so far
Oct 05 13:04:26 <Forest|_>    https://twitter.com/FartToContinue/status/518806058740244481
Oct 05 13:04:26 <EDI>    (Forest|_) @FartToContinue (Blocker (Mr. Fart)): #GamerGate Hey @reddit ! Your Mods (thought police) forgot a thread on r/games http://t.co/wr61Z9ywbD http://t.co/jZA8io71eP (11 minutes ago)
Oct 05 13:04:45 <captainmeta4>    nens: google image search her. you’ll change your mind
Oct 05 13:04:55 <Forest|_>    It’s amazing
Oct 05 13:05:06 <captainmeta4>    @i zoe quinn
Oct 05 13:05:14 <captainmeta4>    @image zoe quinn
Oct 05 13:05:15 <Forest|_>    people who do 2 seconds of research, then go fucking crazy over everything
Oct 05 13:05:15 <EDI>    (captainmeta4) http://www.gamerheadlines.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/zoe-quinn.jpg
Oct 05 13:05:16 <noeatnosleep>    Oh wait
Oct 05 13:05:27 <noeatnosleep>    Can I never mind those statements?
Oct 05 13:05:41 <captainmeta4>    lol
Oct 05 13:07:21 <Forest|_>    anyway
Oct 05 13:07:23 <Forest|_>    #catyolo
Oct 05 13:07:59 <Addyct>    #catyol9
Oct 05 13:08:29 <Forest|_>    You only live Nince
Oct 05 13:13:35 <JustPassingThrough>    what is happen
Oct 05 13:14:27 <Addyct>    Shhh, don’t worry your head about it

Oct 06 21:38:22 <allthefoxes>    he has a throwing knife in his leg
Oct 06 21:38:47 <snarkypants>    a flesh wound
Oct 06 21:40:06 <allthefoxes>    drama, http://www.reddit.com/r/comics/comments/2iigw0/oc_i_got_banned_from_an_irc_channel_for_spamming/
Oct 06 21:40:38 <drama>    lol, awesome
Oct 06 21:43:10 <greenduch>    lol what
Oct 06 21:43:50 <greenduch>    that is amazing
Oct 06 21:46:13 <allthefoxes>    alias fuck=’sudo $(history -p \!\!)’
Oct 06 21:46:20 <allthefoxes>    HOW DID I NEVER THINK OF THIS
Oct 06 21:47:05 <drama>    what does that do?
Oct 06 21:47:11 <hermithome>    omg, lol, now THIS is the way to handle shitty commets: http://www.cracked.com/forums/topic/182817/the-gamergate-misogynists-repository
Oct 06 21:47:41 <allthefoxes>    when i type fuck into terminal, it will put “sudo (the last thing i entered)
Oct 06 21:47:54 <allthefoxes>    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bwkj2UPCYAACNwL.png
Oct 06 21:48:19 <Flashynuff>    noice
Oct 06 21:48:28 <hermithome>    allthefoxes: that seems dangerous
Oct 06 21:48:35 <allthefoxes>    could be
Oct 06 21:48:39 <Flashynuff>    yolo
Oct 06 21:49:22 <allthefoxes>    I dont ever see me accidentally typing fuck into terminal though
Oct 06 21:51:26 <Flashynuff>    fuck
Oct 06 21:51:56 <allthefoxes>    sudo rm -rf *
Oct 06 21:52:27 <hermithome>    allthefoxes: ahh, see, i talk to my comuter and i type what i say out loud
Oct 06 21:52:38 <allthefoxes>    perfect then!
Oct 06 21:52:51 <allthefoxes>    “hhmmm..yum -y update”
Oct 06 21:53:04 <allthefoxes>    > Need to be privileged to run this command
Oct 06 21:53:07 <allthefoxes>    “fuck”
Oct 06 21:53:11 <allthefoxes>    >Updating…
Oct 06 21:53:34 <hermithome>    lol….people asked wikileaks to look into gamergate during the assange AMA?
Oct 06 21:54:53 <XavierMendel>    He seemed pretty interested in it, surprisingly enough.
Oct 06 21:55:11 <XavierMendel>    Assange, anyway. Not the organization itself.
Oct 06 21:56:25 <drama>    he publicly criticized reddit for shadow banning someone for asking a question
Oct 06 21:56:31 <drama>    about it
Oct 06 21:56:32 <hermithome>    eh, well, assange is a crackpot
Oct 06 21:56:50 <drama>    even though that person was shadow banned way before that ama
Oct 06 21:57:06 <hermithome>    i mean, the dude has reason to be paranoid, but he was paranoid long before he ever had a reason to
Oct 06 21:57:06 <XavierMendel>    He seemed more critical of shadowbanning people generally.
Oct 06 21:57:18 <XavierMendel>    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone’s not out to get you.
Oct 06 21:57:39 <drama>    The voices in my head tell me people are after me all the time

Oct 07 14:19:47 <Forest|_>    because KU da best
Oct 07 14:19:56 <MEKY>    illumodnati
Oct 07 14:20:03 <joshguillen>    ∆
Oct 07 14:20:04 <MEKY>    modmail improvement 2014 confirmed
Oct 07 14:20:05 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Yup was thinking of the wrong ones
Oct 07 14:20:05 <allthefoxes>    i dont think so honestly, SolarAquarion. #reddit-dev hasnt beeped about any change on github lately
Oct 07 14:20:11 <allthefoxes>    but the hope never dies
Oct 07 14:20:49 <allthefoxes>    &#x2713;
Oct 07 14:20:51 <allthefoxes>    er
Oct 07 14:20:56 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Wat
Oct 07 14:21:09 <joshguillen>    New mailbox confirmed http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130418010450/thebluescluesencyclopedia/images/6/62/Char_35851.jpg
Oct 07 14:21:52 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Perhaps as tge next april fools day prank?
Oct 07 14:22:10 <joshguillen>    Yes pls
Oct 07 14:22:29 <joshguillen>    That’d be great, every time you open mail/modmail you have to hear it sing first
Oct 07 14:22:41 <joshguillen>    For 30 seconds, no skipping
Oct 07 14:22:52 <matt01ss>    https://mediacru.sh/cY1yyEWh62gx
Oct 07 14:23:04 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Haha that would be amazing
Oct 07 14:23:53 <joshguillen>    Now we just gather Steve’s voice, implement text to speech…
Oct 07 14:24:47 <cordismelum>    I would hate you forever if you did that
Oct 07 14:25:02 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Imagine him saying out loyd all the fuck you mods messages

Oct 11 06:15:57 <nalixor>    for a srd mod. 😛
Oct 11 06:16:05 *    nalixor runs away.
Oct 11 06:16:28 <mobilehypo>    srd is like crack cocaine. you know it’s bad but it’s so good.
Oct 11 06:16:35 <CosmicKeys>    Haha, ah well I’m not quite jaded from the hatemail yet you see 😉
Oct 11 06:17:10 <mobilehypo>    i’ve found the best way not to get jaded on hatemail is to skip modmail entirely.
Oct 11 06:17:39 <CosmicKeys>    I can’t wait for the r/blog post about an overhauled mod mail
Oct 11 06:18:16 <mobilehypo>    hopefully you have good breath control
Oct 11 06:19:29 <CosmicKeys>    Haha, aww come on, look at all the new funding they have
Oct 11 06:19:47 <CosmicKeys>    “… and then we’ll put the last 1 million towards new mod mail”
Oct 11 06:19:52 <mobilehypo>    lel
Oct 11 06:26:56 <hermithome>    http://i.imgur.com/WyGzoEr.gif
Oct 11 06:27:32 <hermithome>    um…is that a NP link to a userprofile on the top of SRD?
Oct 11 06:27:34 <hermithome>    LOL
Oct 11 07:45:53 <mobilehypo>    how i know the muricans are getting up, i start getting angry modmail

Oct 14 20:34:02 <Self_rot>    A little late multi-mod
Oct 14 20:34:15 <multi-mod>    it’s still going to happen for people
Oct 14 20:36:17 <nalixor>    BipolarBear0, Paradox, greenduch, pls
Oct 14 20:36:22 <nalixor>    why snoonet so broken
Oct 14 20:36:24 <greenduch>    apologies for the netsplit
Oct 14 20:36:38 <Self_rot>    so
Oct 14 20:36:42 *    nalixor cries on greenduch’s shoulder.
Oct 14 20:36:43 <Self_rot>    if you want a laugh
Oct 14 20:36:47 *    greenduch comforts nalixor
Oct 14 20:37:00 <Self_rot>    Wikileaks just tried to jump on the gamergate bandwagon
Oct 14 20:37:14 <nalixor>    who what
Oct 14 20:37:16 <multi-mod>    seriously :/
Oct 14 20:37:43 <Self_rot>    Yes
Oct 14 20:37:48 <Self_rot>    https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/522173583351906306
Oct 14 20:37:49 <EDI>    (Self_rot) ✓@wikileaks (WikiLeaks): #GamerGate So you found out your media is corrupt. It is. Now go all the way to the top https://t.co/C2lbAxED6K http://t.co/jxtDcGgvO6 (43 minutes ago)
Oct 14 20:38:04 <BipolarBear0>    >Your media
Oct 14 20:38:06 <BipolarBear0>    >Gaming media
Oct 14 20:38:09 <Self_rot>    Wikileaks keeps proving how shitty they can be
Oct 14 20:38:14 <BipolarBear0>    >Wikileaks bitching about *gaming media*
Oct 14 20:38:17 <BipolarBear0>    What is this world coming to
Oct 14 20:38:21 <Self_rot>    and how they can make nothing sound like something
Oct 14 20:38:27 <Self_rot>    with little to no proof
Oct 14 20:38:28 <BipolarBear0>    Let’s take it to the top

Oct 14 20:38:54 <nalixor>    hey
Oct 14 20:39:02 <nalixor>    Duke Nukem Forever wasn’t completely terrible
Oct 14 20:39:05 <nalixor>    it was pretty bad
Oct 14 20:39:10 <nalixor>    but not as bad as some games
Oct 14 20:39:12 <nalixor>    Road to Hell?
Oct 14 20:39:16 <nalixor>    others I am forgetting
Oct 14 20:39:54 <nalixor>    that wikileaks tweet
Oct 14 20:40:00 <nalixor>    it reads like blatent self promotion
Oct 14 20:40:08 <nalixor>    they don’t give a shit about gamersgate
Oct 14 20:40:13 <nalixor>    or gamergate
Oct 14 20:40:20 <nalixor>    or whichever way it’s spelt
Oct 14 20:40:35 <nalixor>    it’s basically “hey gamergate guy, look at our much more important wikileaks stuff!”
Oct 14 20:41:32 <BipolarBear0>    Ohhhhh I see
Oct 14 20:42:07 <BipolarBear0>    Because the same idiots who dedicate their lives to Gamergate will dedicate their time and attention to Wikileaks
Oct 14 20:42:19 <nalixor>    I doubt it
Oct 14 20:42:37 <nalixor>    I dunno if gamers really care about anything not to do with games
Oct 14 20:42:41 <nalixor>    I think wikileaks wasted their time
Oct 14 20:42:47 <BipolarBear0>    They care about perceived corruption
Oct 14 20:42:58 <nalixor>    only as it pertains to their hobby
Oct 14 20:43:09 <BipolarBear0>    And being wronged by unimportant and uneventful shit
Oct 14 20:43:14 <BipolarBear0>    Julian Assange is the neckbeard Jesus
Oct 14 20:43:20 <Self_rot>    Wikileaks finds a lot of info, but most of it is meaningless
Oct 14 20:43:22 <BipolarBear0>    s/Jesus/Messiah
Oct 14 20:43:23 <EDI>    Correction, <BipolarBear0> Julian Assange is the neckbeard Messiah

Oct 14 23:06:59 <Self_rot>    BipolarBear0, The gif has been posted
Oct 14 23:07:24 <Self_rot>    http://www.reddit.com/r/baseball/comments/2ja760/the_kansas_city_royals_beat_the_baltimore_orioles/cl9t7rb
Oct 14 23:07:48 <Self_rot>    that has been the #1 comment in every royals post-game thread
Oct 14 23:07:50 <Self_rot>    after they win
Oct 14 23:07:52 <BipolarBear0>    Oh Ben you so silly
Oct 14 23:08:04 <BipolarBear0>    Someone set up a script to autopost it and grab all the karma
Oct 14 23:09:13 <Self_rot>    BipolarBear0, the same posts it
Oct 14 23:09:37 <Self_rot>    also
Oct 14 23:09:48 <BipolarBear0>    So The Verge tried to coin a new phrase today
Oct 14 23:09:51 <BipolarBear0>    http://www.theverge.com/2014/10/14/6979169/google-researchers-reveal-new-poodle-bug-putting-the-web-on-alert
Oct 14 23:09:56 <Self_rot>    #stopgamergate2014 is now the top trend in the united states
Oct 14 23:10:08 <BipolarBear0>    “…This bug, also known as “Poodlebleed,””
Oct 14 23:10:23 <BipolarBear0>    But a quick Google search shows that Poodlebleed is only mentioned in that article
Oct 14 23:10:23 <Self_rot>    Poodlebleed?
Oct 14 23:10:27 <BipolarBear0>    Nowhere else on the entire internet
Oct 14 23:10:31 <BipolarBear0>    So
Oct 14 23:11:15 <BipolarBear0>    Huh so it is
Oct 14 23:11:18 <BipolarBear0>    That’s… Pretty retarded
Oct 14 23:11:25 <BipolarBear0>    Seriously what the fuck
Oct 14 23:12:08 <Self_rot>    BipolarBear0, did you read the letter?
Oct 14 23:12:42 <BipolarBear0>    Was there a letter
Oct 14 23:12:46 <BipolarBear0>    Why was there a letter
Oct 14 23:12:51 <BipolarBear0>    Who was the letter to
Oct 14 23:12:58 <Self_rot>    Anita was gona talk at a college
Oct 14 23:13:02 <BipolarBear0>    So many unanswered questions that people should care about
Oct 14 23:13:05 <Self_rot>    had to cancel
Oct 14 23:13:15 <Self_rot>    because http://www.standard.net/.media/1/2014/10/14/f43adaf9-0a46-46d6-9026-cc0f0acf8df0.jpg
Oct 14 23:13:18 <Self_rot>    fun read
Oct 14 23:13:55 <BipolarBear0>    Fucking lol

Oct 14 23:14:36 <BipolarBear0>    God damnit
Oct 14 23:14:48 <BipolarBear0>    This was of course the obvious conclusion to Gamergate
Oct 14 23:15:03 <IAmAN00bie>    ?
Oct 14 23:15:04 <Zazie_Lavender>    lol
Oct 14 23:15:05 <BipolarBear0>    Since I assumed everyone who cared about it was both socially awkward and super fucked up, it was only a matter of time
Oct 14 23:15:07 <IAmAN00bie>    lel
Oct 14 23:15:22 <Zazie_Lavender>    damn skiddies
Oct 14 23:15:37 <IAmAN00bie>    but it’s all so fascinating
Oct 14 23:15:54 <IAmAN00bie>    I’m thinking of doing a write-up that really examines their views and the problems with their movement
Oct 14 23:15:58 <BipolarBear0>    He’d shoot up the building but that means he’d have to go outside
Oct 14 23:16:05 <IAmAN00bie>    most of the anti-GG shit has been written really porrly
Oct 14 23:16:07 <IAmAN00bie>    poorly*
Oct 14 23:16:18 <Zazie_Lavender>    Actually
Oct 14 23:16:19 <BipolarBear0>    It’s just so hard to argue against
Oct 14 23:16:27 <Zazie_Lavender>    I’ve read some pretty eloquent articles
Oct 14 23:16:30 <BipolarBear0>    Like I can’t even string a sentence together that accurately describes how retarded Gamergate is
Oct 14 23:16:38 <Zazie_Lavender>    that pretty much describes it
Oct 14 23:16:39 <BipolarBear0>    It’s too dumb
Oct 14 23:16:47 <Zazie_Lavender>    on Play Newsstand
Oct 14 23:16:50 <BipolarBear0>    And just so inconsequential
Oct 14 23:16:54 <IAmAN00bie>    it’s…
Oct 14 23:16:55 <IAmAN00bie>    well
Oct 14 23:16:57 <Zazie_Lavender>    (Google Play Newsstand)
Oct 14 23:16:58 <Zazie_Lavender>    yeah
Oct 14 23:17:03 <Zazie_Lavender>    it is fucking ridiculous
Oct 14 23:17:03 <XavierMendel>    Literally no movement has ever had a few radicals try to ruin it for everyone.

Oct 14 23:25:20 <BipolarBear0>    Oh nice
Oct 14 23:25:25 <BipolarBear0>    It’s like reddit in a bottle
Oct 14 23:25:27 *    *.snoonet.org gives voice to krispykrackers
Oct 14 23:25:35 <BipolarBear0>    http://www.reddit.com/r/BestOfOutrageCulture/comments/2j9bqr/vice_figuratively_depicts_gamergate_trolls_as/
Oct 14 23:25:41 <multi-mod>    damnit netsplits, stop making my client beep
Oct 14 23:25:42 <Self_rot>    Yo
Oct 14 23:25:47 <Self_rot>    I missed u guys

Oct 15 18:19:53 <hermithome>    fritzly: your srs conspiracy theories
Oct 15 18:20:01 <multi-mod>    dust it
Oct 15 18:20:02 <fritzly>    hermithome, which archangelle are you?
Oct 15 18:20:09 <Obliviater>    Already did
Oct 15 18:20:14 <Obliviater>    Finally can afford rag
Oct 15 18:20:26 <Obliviater>    this will go nicely in my ramp druid deck
Oct 15 18:20:29 *    hermithome grins
Oct 15 18:20:51 <Obliviater>    multi mod…. do you want to….. du-du-du-du-du-duellll
Oct 15 18:24:34 <hermithome>    god damn, this gamergate shit is exhausting
Oct 15 18:24:46 <Obliviater>    your telling me >.<
Oct 15 18:25:02 <captainmeta4>    wtf, is gamergate happening again?
Oct 15 18:25:07 <captainmeta4>    I thought that was over like 2 months ago
Oct 15 18:25:17 <hermithome>    captainmeta4: it wont fucking die
Oct 15 18:25:26 <captainmeta4>    let me guess
Oct 15 18:25:34 <captainmeta4>    “herp a derp the mods are sleeping with zq”
Oct 15 18:25:54 <hermithome>    sarkeesian pulling out of that talk because of the death threats is like in the top 5 of american related news
Oct 15 18:26:01 <Self_rot>    yeah
Oct 15 18:26:04 <Self_rot>    fucking crazy
Oct 15 18:26:11 <Self_rot>    we can hope this is the end
Oct 15 18:26:12 <Self_rot>    pls
Oct 15 18:26:53 <captainmeta4>    so far i haven’t been involved in it at all, if you need fresh blood to come in and swing banhammers, I volunteer as tribute
Oct 15 18:27:45 <hermithome>    oh man, there was this totally weird witch hunt inducing comment i had to pull and leave a disntigushe d for. the user apologised and explained that they were replying to a reply and forgot to check what sub they were replying in
Oct 15 18:27:50 <hermithome>    so i looked at their userpage
Oct 15 18:27:55 <hermithome>    it’s like, 100% KIA
Oct 15 18:28:11 <captainmeta4>    KIA = ?
Oct 15 18:28:16 <hermithome>    kotakuinaction
Oct 15 18:28:20 <hermithome>    it’s their crazy home
Oct 15 18:28:28 <Self_rot>    yeah
Oct 15 18:28:39 <Self_rot>    there is this guy who stalks me every few days
Oct 15 18:29:01 <Self_rot>    I reported him to the admins, and he is on at least his third account now
Oct 15 18:29:11 <Self_rot>    but keeps stalking
Oct 15 18:29:55 <hermithome>    eh, admins dont really do shit about stalking
Oct 15 18:30:00 <BipolarBear0>    >admins
Oct 15 18:30:04 <BipolarBear0>    >banning people for stalking
Oct 15 18:30:06 <BipolarBear0>    top kek

Oct 16 18:15:37 <captainmeta4>    hermithome
Oct 16 18:15:49 <captainmeta4>    is this continuing gamergate clusterfuck that thing where a woman canceled a speech
Oct 16 18:16:05 <JustPassingThrough>    hm?
Oct 16 18:16:10 <JustPassingThrough>    thats just a consequence of it
Oct 16 18:16:11 <captainmeta4>    because the police said they weren’t going to screen for legal ccw?
Oct 16 18:16:52 <BipolarBear0>    It’s hard to conceal an AR
Oct 16 18:17:12 <captainmeta4>    with the right holster you could conceal an apache gunship and nobody would notice
Oct 16 18:17:47 <hermithome>    captainmeta4: sarkeesian?
Oct 16 18:18:02 <hermithome>    yeah, she cancelled after they received threats and security couldnt really be upped
Oct 16 18:18:07 <BipolarBear0>    I mean the barrel of an AR-15 itself is like 20 inches standard
Oct 16 18:18:23 <BipolarBear0>    Plus they don’t grant CCWs for long rifles AFAIK, only handguns
Oct 16 18:18:33 <BipolarBear0>    I say this because the letter threatened a shooting with an assault rifle
Oct 16 18:18:53 <JustPassingThrough>    concealing a long rifle could be possible if you had like a prosthetic or something i guess
Oct 16 18:19:00 <captainmeta4>    yeah it looks like it’s the same person
Oct 16 18:19:13 <captainmeta4>    I saw it as news in /r/ccw first
Oct 16 18:19:26 <JustPassingThrough>    wait why is it in /r/ccw
Oct 16 18:19:27 <captainmeta4>    then later realized it might be that “gamergate won’t fucking die” thing you mentioned the other night
Oct 16 18:19:30 <hermithome>    BipolarBear0: yeah, but if it were me, I wouldnt care wtf the specifics of the threat were, i’d nope the fuck away
Oct 16 18:19:38 <BipolarBear0>    Yeah I’m not down with death threats
Oct 16 18:19:48 <JustPassingThrough>    BipolarBear0 confirmed: up with death threats
Oct 16 18:20:00 <captainmeta4>    lol
Oct 16 18:20:32 <hermithome>    lol, thats just what gamergate needs, get ccw involved
Oct 16 18:20:36 *    hermithome headdesks
Oct 16 18:21:03 <captainmeta4>    http://www.reddit.com/r/CCW/comments/2jatk9/feminist_theory_speaker_cancels_lecture_at_utah/
Oct 16 18:21:10 <JustPassingThrough>    i feel like this is a climactic point for gamergate, it got the attention it was desiring for all the wrong reasons, hopefully should fizzle out soon
Oct 16 18:21:17 <captainmeta4>    jpt agreed
Oct 16 18:21:20 <JustPassingThrough>    but i said the same thing like a month ago
Oct 16 18:21:28 <JustPassingThrough>    so idk if i trust my estimates anymore
Oct 16 18:22:09 <captainmeta4>    it was in /r/ccw because she wanted to disarm the legal ccw’ers and the police said no. So it was subreddit-relevant news
Oct 16 18:22:18 <hermithome>    >elliot rodgers wasn’t antifeminist…he was active on PUA forums
Oct 16 18:22:29 <hermithome>    person has a very loose definition of antifeminist
Oct 16 18:22:45 <JustPassingThrough>    actually a very strict definition
Oct 16 18:23:04 <JustPassingThrough>    /pedantry
Oct 16 18:23:31 <hermithome>    heh

Oct 16 18:36:05 <BipolarBear0>    Also a katana
Oct 16 18:36:15 <JustPassingThrough>    katana is more of the newer fedora stereotype
Oct 16 18:36:39 <BipolarBear0>    I used to know a guy who wore a fancy feathered fedora everywhere
Oct 16 18:36:51 <BipolarBear0>    I mean it was really nice, he (or his parents) must’ve spent hundreds of dollars on it
Oct 16 18:36:56 <hermithome>    okay. i’m going to take a nap, then shower and head off to do some excellent drinking
Oct 16 18:36:56 <BipolarBear0>    But he just wore it with a t-shirt and jeans
Oct 16 18:37:04 <BipolarBear0>    And ungroomed, patchy facial hair
Oct 16 18:37:21 <JustPassingThrough>    two of my profs have neckbeards and i saw a dude in a fedora yesterday who seemed really nice
Oct 16 18:37:27 <captainmeta4>    he qualifies for the 99 Neckbeard cape
Oct 16 18:37:29 <JustPassingThrough>    i felt all the walls of reality crumbling before my eyes
Oct 16 18:37:56 <JustPassingThrough>    also one of my profs namedropped gamergate mid-class once
Oct 16 18:38:11 <captainmeta4>    lol
Oct 16 18:38:13 <JustPassingThrough>    im legit convinced i can get my hands on all my professors reddit usernames
Oct 16 18:38:27 <JustPassingThrough>    not in like a bad way, just, i know theyre here
Oct 16 18:38:28 <JustPassingThrough>    somewhere
Oct 16 18:38:36 <BipolarBear0>    They probably comment exclusively on GoneWild
Oct 16 18:38:46 <JustPassingThrough>    hey maybe we have similar tastes who knows
Oct 16 18:39:25 <JustPassingThrough>    ofc its hard to find old lady gangbang watersports on reddit but i wouldnt know anything about that
Oct 16 18:39:48 <captainmeta4>    gamergate -> guns -> old lady gangbanging
Oct 16 18:39:57 <captainmeta4>    this conversation got weird
Oct 16 18:40:09 <JustPassingThrough>    sounds like a typical reddit comment chain to me
Oct 16 18:40:11 <BipolarBear0>    @g old lady gangbang watersports
Oct 16 18:40:11 <EDI>    (BipolarBear0) http://www.parispornmovies.com/Gangbang-movies/5581-1/p0/ — Gangbang, Gang Bang Porn Movies: “Free Gangbang, Gang Bang porn movies listed on a free porn page filled with
Oct 16 18:40:28 <captainmeta4>    not clicking
Oct 16 18:40:52 <JustPassingThrough>    nope
Oct 16 18:41:02 <BipolarBear0>    You’re missing out
Oct 16 18:41:02 <captainmeta4>    let’s go back one topic
Oct 16 18:41:08 <captainmeta4>    bpb do you cc?
Oct 16 18:41:10 <JustPassingThrough>    hm if this is how its gonna work you should defiitely try using a @bing command apparently

Oct 19 22:39:24 <Flashynuff>    i wish i was that popular…
Oct 19 22:40:10 <hermithome>    Flashynuff: eh, only 1/3 of it is fan mail. 1/3 is hate mail and 1/3 is to-do
Oct 19 22:40:32 <Flashynuff>    i feel special when i get 1 thing in my inbox lol
Oct 19 22:40:41 <IAmAN00bie>    !mods bestof
Oct 19 22:40:42 <redditBot>    r/bestof has 12 mods: illuminatedwax, S2S2S2S2S2, bechus, davidreiss666, Skuld, soupyhands, AutoModerator, GodOfAtheism, Aschebescher, greatyellowshark, 316nuts, and stopscopiesme
Oct 19 22:40:51 <IAmAN00bie>    there is a shitload of brigading going on in this thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/bestof/comments/2jqln1/boston_global_article_is_accused_of_bias_and/
Oct 19 22:40:52 <soupyhands>    wat
Oct 19 22:40:57 <IAmAN00bie>    both to and from the thread
Oct 19 22:41:11 <soupyhands>    199 votes?
Oct 19 22:41:14 <IAmAN00bie>    lots of gamergaters popping up at around the same time and now being upvoted
Oct 19 22:41:14 <soupyhands>    brigading?
Oct 19 22:41:19 <Buffy>    I remember once my best of post was removed and the mods never responded to me when I asked why ;_; shitlords
Oct 19 22:41:27 <IAmAN00bie>    in the thread
Oct 19 22:42:05 <hermithome>    oh, is that that 3 week old KIA tell off by the reporter?
Oct 19 22:42:17 <hermithome>    yeah, that best of thread got SUPER brigaged
Oct 19 22:42:43 <IAmAN00bie>    i wonder where it got linked actually
Oct 19 22:43:10 <soupyhands>    noobie are you a katakuinaction mod
Oct 19 22:43:13 <BipolarBear0>    Holy shit yeah it’s being brigaded hard
Oct 19 22:43:23 <fritzly>    how is karmanaut still a bestof mod?
Oct 19 22:43:26 <BipolarBear0>    Plus you see all the names you’d expect to see
Oct 19 22:43:37 <IAmAN00bie>    soupyhands: no
Oct 19 22:43:42 <fritzly>    lol soupyhands
Oct 19 22:43:47 <fritzly>    that would be the day

Oct 19 23:38:45 <XavierMendel>    I somehow neglected to read the title ._.
Oct 19 23:38:47 <nalixor>    well, there’s one person who sits in here that I know has leaked before. It’s probably him.
Oct 19 23:38:54 <nalixor>    Maybe he’s bored.
Oct 19 23:39:05 <XavierMendel>    I bet it’s JIDF.
Oct 19 23:39:14 <nalixor>    not leaked from here, mind you.
Oct 19 23:39:19 <nalixor>    but a private mod channel.
Oct 19 23:39:34 <XavierMendel>    Oh right, he’s still got me on ignore so he can’t hear dissenting views.
Oct 19 23:39:58 <BipolarBear0>    Nah it’s not him
Oct 19 23:40:03 <BipolarBear0>    SolarAquarion is a good guy deep down
Oct 19 23:40:05 <BipolarBear0>    Just dum
Oct 19 23:40:13 <XavierMendel>    lolwut
Oct 19 23:40:16 <BipolarBear0>    Or are you not talking about him
Oct 19 23:40:44 <BipolarBear0>    Lol I forgot how many people leaked shit from private communities
Oct 19 23:40:48 <SolarAquarion>    XavierMendel, eh?
Oct 19 23:41:01 <XavierMendel>    SolarAquarion, eh?
Oct 19 23:41:18 <XavierMendel>    is this a canada-off eh cause I’ll lose eh
Oct 19 23:41:28 <fritzly>    I have proudly never leaked anything
Oct 19 23:41:50 <SolarAquarion>    XavierMendel, i don’t know eh
Oct 19 23:41:54 <XavierMendel>    There should be a club.
Oct 19 23:42:11 <BipolarBear0>    Speaking of dum
Oct 19 23:42:12 <nalixor>    BipolarBear0, I wasn’t talking about SolarAquarion.

Oct 19 23:42:49 <fritzly>    The Paul family needs to die off
Oct 19 23:43:02 <XavierMendel>    I didn’t know you needed an invite.
Oct 19 23:43:02 <mobilehypo>    ron is kooky but he’s not a complete fuckshit like the rest
Oct 19 23:43:07 <mobilehypo>    yep
Oct 19 23:43:13 <XavierMendel>    I think slavery was repealed via amendment.
Oct 19 23:43:33 <XavierMendel>    I can use it just fine, mobilehypo
Oct 19 23:43:38 <XavierMendel>    It asks me to create a site
Oct 19 23:43:41 <mobilehypo>    rather domains.google.com
Oct 19 23:44:19 <XavierMendel>    ah
Oct 19 23:47:02 <BipolarBear0>    https://twitter.com/a_man_in_black/status/523276551857922049
Oct 19 23:47:02 <EDI>    (BipolarBear0) @a_man_in_black (A Man In HELL): #gamergate doesn’t tolerate harassment, says the creator of Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian. https://t.co/wz3W7LZg4g (2 days, 2 hours ago)
Oct 19 23:47:22 <SolarAquarion>    XavierMendel, i’m a New Yorker.  I like my investments
Oct 19 23:47:37 <IAmAN00bie>    LOL
Oct 19 23:47:51 <IAmAN00bie>    BipolarBear0: that could go on /r/nottheonion if it were an article
Oct 19 23:47:58 <XavierMendel>    Ah. So you wanna go settle this over some pizza? And by that I mean argue about where to get the best pizza?
Oct 19 23:48:43 <XavierMendel>    I can’t even say I’m a __________ anymore. I’ve been all over and I don’t feel like any state or city works anymore. I’m just murican.
Oct 19 23:49:10 <SolarAquarion>    XavierMendel, yes
Oct 19 23:50:16 <Forest|_>    Oh god
Oct 19 23:50:36 <SolarAquarion>    XavierMendel, >Bravo is best >no some other place is best >i like my pizza from old italian men with C rating but serve fresh oregano and spice that he grew in the store
Oct 19 23:50:41 <Forest|_>    Why do people have to get into groups and fight wars over “corruption” in gaming press

Oct 20 12:24:02 <nalixor>    er
Oct 20 12:24:05 <nalixor>    apologised
Oct 20 12:24:08 <nalixor>    nothing else we can do
Oct 20 12:24:11 *    nalixor shrugs.
Oct 20 12:24:19 <fritzly>    might want to make a comment there too
Oct 20 12:24:23 <fritzly>    just saying
Oct 20 12:24:25 <fritzly>    might help
Oct 20 12:24:28 <nalixor>    we already commented
Oct 20 12:24:33 <nalixor>    the last time the tweets were linked
Oct 20 12:24:35 <Foamed>    people just want to see blood just for the sake of it
Oct 20 12:24:51 <Piemonkey>    oh, KIA guy
Oct 20 12:24:56 <Piemonkey>    of course
Oct 20 12:24:59 <nalixor>    fritzly: http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/2jrzei/totalbiscuit_on_twitter_there_was_a_reasonable/
Oct 20 12:25:05 <nalixor>    last time the tweets were linked
Oct 20 12:26:21 <fritzly>    k

Oct 20 17:37:20 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Certain things should remain “un-googled”
Oct 20 17:37:46 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    I bet somewhere some’s into that and has made fanart for it.
Oct 20 17:38:51 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    I’m drowzy as hell right now… uggh.
Oct 20 17:38:54 <SolarAquarion>    AsAChemicalEngineer, Women stuff is a shitstorm of MenRight activists and RedPillers
Oct 20 17:39:06 <SolarAquarion>    along with other folk
Oct 20 17:39:38 <SolarAquarion>    dukwon, Reddit can’t handle women issues
Oct 20 17:39:54 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    I swear to god I’d never heard the term SJW until gamergate.
Oct 20 17:40:15 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    I had to look it up, everyone was throwing it around like second nature.
Oct 20 17:40:32 <hermithome>    oh god, there’s a highly upvoted comment in that thread by “MGTOW_throwaway” that’s such bad data and so bitter, but of course, it’s upvoted as fuck
Oct 20 17:40:33 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Along with a bunch of other shorthand
Oct 20 17:40:50 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Link?
Oct 20 17:41:06 <SolarAquarion>    AsAChemicalEngineer, i was seeing the term SJW everywhere thanks to 4chan and what not
Oct 20 17:41:25 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    I only ever hang our on /hr/
Oct 20 17:41:38 <SolarAquarion>    AsAChemicalEngineer, /pol/ and /v/
Oct 20 17:41:54 <SolarAquarion>    Neckbeard virgins
Oct 20 17:41:55 <hermithome>    oh jeez, i really should not click on this music that makes you dumb thread
Oct 20 17:41:59 <Flashynuff>    /mu/ is ok

Oct 20 23:01:17 *    SemsNotHere goes and aproves something
Oct 20 23:01:20 <fritzly>    its p dead there
Oct 20 23:01:23 <JustPassingThrough>    that one action should be to ban MF for a month
Oct 20 23:01:28 <JustPassingThrough>    when it expires, just renew it
Oct 20 23:01:31 <SemsNotHere>    yes
Oct 20 23:01:46 <nalixor>    now, if you guys don’t need anything else
Oct 20 23:01:57 <JustPassingThrough>    actually since youre here
Oct 20 23:02:03 <fritzly>    wait nalixor
Oct 20 23:02:03 <SemsNotHere>    give me access to a ban button please
Oct 20 23:02:04 <nalixor>    I am going to go back to stressing about deadlines while simultaneously trying to deal with the gamergate shit all over /r/games
Oct 20 23:02:04 <JustPassingThrough>    i was wondering if you could get me a drink
Oct 20 23:02:08 <nalixor>    fritzly, I’ll kill you
Oct 20 23:02:11 <nalixor>    if you don’t actually need me
Oct 20 23:02:14 <JustPassingThrough>    oh lol i saw that thread
Oct 20 23:02:15 <fritzly>    …
Oct 20 23:02:15 <JustPassingThrough>    glhf
Oct 20 23:02:18 <SemsNotHere>    greenduch gave me blueballs the other day and i’m still a bit trigger happy
Oct 20 23:02:19 <fritzly>    it can wait
Oct 20 23:02:27 <SpooKeys>    Hi SolarAquarion (    ͡° ͜  ͡°    )
Oct 20 23:04:32 <fritzly>    remind me to op you in #lolcats so you can kick ban everyone

Oct 21 11:27:54 <Mikecom32>    Same in the US, but maybe we just have more competition?
Oct 21 11:28:04 <Jaraxo>    I dunno
Oct 21 11:28:16 <Jaraxo>    there are a shit load of companies you can choose from
Oct 21 11:28:33 <Mikecom32>    When I was 20, I got a quote for full coverage on a new Yamaha R6.  First company quoted me $6k a year
Oct 21 11:28:44 <Mikecom32>    cheapest I found was $3500
Oct 21 11:38:30 <Jaraxo>    that’s quite a bit
Oct 21 11:53:22 <greenduch>    >Or you might flag the egregious “conflict of interest” between Quinn and the volunteer moderator of Reddit’s gaming forum: said moderator is a friend of a co-worker of Quinn.
Oct 21 11:53:31 <greenduch>    any games/gaming mods know what mod theyre referring to there?
Oct 21 11:53:47 <greenduch>    was from here http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2014/10/20/inside-gamergates-successful-attack-on-the-media/
Oct 21 11:53:59 <BonSequitur>    For all we know
Oct 21 11:54:05 <BonSequitur>    It could be a completely made-up, not real person
Oct 21 11:54:14 <greenduch>    well thats why im asking :p
Oct 21 11:54:30 <BonSequitur>    But of COURSE the WaPo is being friendly to those jackasses, what a raaaag
Oct 21 11:55:11 <discord_danzig>    No idea
Oct 21 11:55:45 <discord_danzig>    im just laughing at the fact that a 14k sub cracked the top 30 most active subreddits
Oct 21 11:56:08 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    discord_danzig: Which one?
Oct 21 11:56:15 <discord_danzig>    kotakuinaction
Oct 21 11:56:24 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Yeesh
Oct 21 11:56:29 <discord_danzig>    it’s been 26ish-28ish for two days now
Oct 21 11:56:32 <discord_danzig>    2100 people there now
Oct 21 11:56:35 <discord_danzig>    No idea why
Oct 21 11:56:46 <BonSequitur>    Isn’t this typical of topical subs that get a lot of attention
Oct 21 11:57:18 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Mostly, fappening was insane.
Oct 21 11:58:04 <AsAChemicalEngineer>     news got big in the Bostom bombing if I remember correctly
Oct 21 11:58:47 <discord_danzig>    Yeah bonsequitur but it’s been averaging 1300 people daily for almost two months
Oct 21 11:59:11 <discord_danzig>    that’s an attention span I didnt think the internet was capable of
Oct 21 11:59:27 <BonSequitur>    Angry Young Males in action
Oct 21 11:59:40 <discord_danzig>    the mod mail is also insane
Oct 21 11:59:42 <BonSequitur>    I’d imagine a lot of the regulars in /r/kotakuinaction et al
Oct 21 11:59:45 <BonSequitur>    Spend a lot of their time on it
Oct 21 11:59:50 <discord_danzig>    they do
Oct 21 12:00:54 <BonSequitur>     It’s kind of scary how #gg seems to have consumed the entire lives of a lot of nerds
Oct 21 12:01:13 <vertexoflife>    I’ve just stayed away from it, it’s too dizzying for me
Oct 21 12:01:24 <discord_danzig>    I dont even know what theyre mad about anymore
Oct 21 12:02:10 <greenduch>    people have literally lost their jobs because theyve become so consumed
Oct 21 12:02:24 <greenduch>    well, eron gjoni has, though that guy was always obviously a bit of a psychopath
Oct 21 12:02:41 <discord_danzig>    he mod mails KiA and it’s weird because I think he’s a total skeeze
Oct 21 12:02:55 <greenduch>    yeahh
Oct 21 12:03:06 <greenduch>    he was trying to get me to give him my skype info a while back
Oct 21 12:03:06 <discord_danzig>    and he is
Oct 21 12:03:13 <greenduch>    and has tweeted abotu me a few times now which is creepy
Oct 21 12:03:23 <greenduch>    and he PMs people who say shit even vaguely negative about him
Oct 21 12:03:32 <cordismelum>    That’s creepy
Oct 21 12:03:47 <discord_danzig>    he’s a vindictive skeezy manchild.
Oct 21 12:04:51 <BonSequitur>    Yeah

Oct 21 12:06:40 <BonSequitur>    Zoë’s name too
Oct 21 12:06:54 <matt01ss>    speaking of metareddit, is it possible to change your password?
Oct 21 12:07:08 <discord_danzig>    I htink you have to reregister
Oct 21 12:07:11 <discord_danzig>    that site is a bit janky
Oct 21 12:07:22 <matt01ss>    lol, there’s 0 account info options
Oct 21 12:20:49 <discord_danzig>    hey bipolarbear0
Oct 21 12:21:56 <noeatnosleep>    Jesus can gamergate just die? I couldn’t give any less fucks
Oct 21 12:24:58 <imakuram>    ^
Oct 21 12:25:24 <BonSequitur>    How can you kill that which has no life tho
Oct 21 12:44:03 <greenduch>    lol
Oct 21 12:55:08 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    2dep4me
Oct 21 12:57:37 <discord_danzig>    lol http://www.reddit.com/r/Instagram/comments/2jv05r/may_i_have_my_style_sheet_and_header_image/

Oct 22 05:04:25 <creesch>    You can try it for yourself, visit modtalk in a private window
Oct 22 05:05:05 <creesch>    The problem is likely that people read it has ¨mod for a month of any subreddit¨
Oct 22 05:05:30 <creesch>    which would be silly, if someone has been sitting on a private sub for a year with 2 subscribers that really isn´t going to count
Oct 22 05:06:49 <creesch>    I guess I´ll make another meta post about it
Oct 22 05:07:13 <hermithome>    or edit the splash page
Oct 22 05:07:17 <hermithome>    and clarify
Oct 22 05:07:24 <creesch>    nah we get them in waves
Oct 22 05:07:56 <hermithome>    and change the link to message the mods to include text that tells them to stop and make sure they fit the requirements before applying
Oct 22 05:08:37 <hermithome>    wow…more gamergate trolls
Oct 22 05:08:39 <hermithome>    uggh
Oct 22 05:11:42 <angrypotato1>    wait, in IG?
Oct 22 05:12:21 <hermithome>    no
Oct 22 05:12:30 <hermithome>    in women and fememethoughts
Oct 22 05:12:41 <hermithome>    my modmail fucking sucked today
Oct 22 05:26:43 <GodOfAtheism>    thought it was 36k min
Oct 22 05:26:47 <GodOfAtheism>    oh well dgaf
Oct 22 05:26:52 <creesch>    It was

Oct 23 10:06:03 <nalixor>    one morning
Oct 23 10:06:04 <Tylzen>    I think too much
Oct 23 10:06:07 <Tylzen>    About dumb things
Oct 23 10:06:09 <nalixor>    what I thought was a weird IRC dream
Oct 23 10:06:11 <nalixor>    actually happened
Oct 23 10:06:16 <nalixor>    and I started shouting about biting clits
Oct 23 10:06:19 <Tylzen>    …
Oct 23 10:06:19 <nalixor>    when I wasn’t awake yet
Oct 23 10:06:26 <vertexoflife>    ….
Oct 23 10:06:26 <lucdespo>    Tylzen, mods are making children to censor all of reddit. ADMINS ABOOOSE
Oct 23 10:06:39 <lucdespo>    lolwut Nalixor
Oct 23 10:06:55 <Tylzen>    It is admin abuse when people from childfree get banned from parenting after they call people names.
Oct 23 10:07:07 <Tylzen>    or mod abuse.
Oct 23 10:07:09 <Tylzen>    I am confused.
Oct 23 10:07:09 <Lurlur>    ha ha, nalixor you were awake
Oct 23 10:07:21 <Tylzen>    Who dreams about IRC
Oct 23 10:07:22 <Tylzen>    ..
Oct 23 10:07:30 <Lurlur>    He didn’t, he did it
Oct 23 10:07:34 <nalixor>    http://puu.sh/cnmOs/a447cb821e.png
Oct 23 10:07:37 <nalixor>    I dream about IRC all the time
Oct 23 10:07:57 <Tylzen>    You are IRC

Oct 23 17:14:43 <hermithome>    oh god….just checked reddit while eating this muffin
Oct 23 17:14:47 <hermithome>    total mistake
Oct 23 17:15:08 <fritzly>    reddit: not even once
Oct 23 17:15:16 <TheAppleFreak>    literally the hitler of the internet
Oct 23 17:15:40 <hermithome>    dude in askwomen who tried to defend a sexist remark as egalitarian is still whining at me and angry i used the word mansplain. article in FT about women’s orgasms has a pooload of comments saying that the author just hates men.
Oct 23 17:17:02 <hermithome>    gotta remember to never comment in ask women threads about sexism. they always become “dudes, please explain to us how sexism don’t real” threads
Oct 23 17:17:15 <snarkypants>    i just avoid those kinds of threads
Oct 23 17:17:23 <Flashynuff>    eaglelibrarian
Oct 23 17:18:32 <hermithome>    this dude seriously tried to defend telling a woman that she’s too pretty to be smart as “egalitarian”
Oct 23 17:18:57 <TheAppleFreak>    I’ve grown sick of all of those threads, especially when the GamerGate stuff began shifting over to Gender Wars(TM) instead of corruption in gaming press
Oct 23 17:20:10 <HandicapperGeneral>    it’s interesting to watch the gamergate group stay professionally level-headed and on subject, and the anti-gg is just raving at the mouth trying to get everyone to take their side
Oct 23 17:20:57 <BipolarFear0>    Are you trolling
Oct 23 17:21:14 <HandicapperGeneral>    depends
Oct 23 17:21:34 <Flashynuff>    >GG
Oct 23 17:21:41 <creesch>    HandicapperGeneral never trolls
Oct 23 17:21:43 <creesch>    or always
Oct 23 17:21:48 <Flashynuff>    >on subject
Oct 23 17:21:48 <creesch>    Possibly both
Oct 23 17:22:05 <creesch>    BipolarFear0 are you and HandicapperGeneral brothers?
Oct 23 17:22:08 <BipolarFear0>    The Gamergate people are some of the most legitimately mentally retarded people ever
Oct 23 17:22:12 <BipolarFear0>    Yes creesch
Oct 23 17:22:15 <BipolarFear0>    We’re brothers to death
Oct 23 17:22:26 <BipolarFear0>    Which will likely come at the hands of an oil rig
Oct 23 17:22:28 <TheAppleFreak>    some of the pro-GG guys make sense, like TotalBiscuit
Oct 23 17:22:46 <HandicapperGeneral>    literally everyone in this is insane
Oct 23 17:22:50 <HandicapperGeneral>    that was my point
Oct 23 17:22:56 <TheAppleFreak>    some of the anti-GG guys, like all of the feminist everything, are indeed insane
Oct 23 17:23:06 <creesch>    TotalBiscuit always makes sense, he is also the only one I had the patience for to read about GG
Oct 23 17:23:15 <greenghoul>    oh god this is a terrible discussion to have here
Oct 23 17:23:21 <greenghoul>    you silly silly boys :p
Oct 23 17:23:21 <creesch>    I have no clue whatsoever what GG exactly is and why the hell it is still a thing
Oct 23 17:23:41 <TheAppleFreak>    originally, it started out as a thing against corruption in the gaming press
Oct 23 17:23:50 <creesch>    greenghoul: your username is broken :(
Oct 23 17:23:52 <greenghoul>    well, thats actually a rewrite of history, TheAppleFreak
Oct 23 17:23:57 <creesch>    TheAppleFreak: I don’t want to know
Oct 23 17:23:59 <greenghoul>    it started because of the zoe quinn poo
Oct 23 17:24:01 <BipolarFear0>    Neither do I, creesch
Oct 23 17:24:04 <creesch>    LALALALALA
Oct 23 17:24:08 <BipolarFear0>    It’s my only solace
Oct 23 17:24:13 <greenghoul>    and her ex’s giant 8000 word thing about her being a cumdumpster
Oct 23 17:24:17 <greenghoul>    anyway im gonna try to find food
Oct 23 17:24:32 <creesch>    I am going to set this channel to +m if people continue talking about it
Oct 23 17:24:45 <HandicapperGeneral>    !flags
Oct 23 17:24:48 <creesch>    seems like a good idea
Oct 23 17:24:56 <greenghoul>    sorry creesch
Oct 23 17:25:02 <creesch>    Oh is +G still on?
Oct 23 17:25:03 <creesch>    duck
Oct 23 17:25:08 <TheAppleFreak>    yeah, sorry
Oct 23 17:25:09 <creesch>    ^ what did that say?
Oct 23 17:25:09 <HandicapperGeneral>    I can’t let you do that, dave
Oct 23 17:25:13 <HandicapperGeneral>    duck
Oct 23 17:25:18 <creesch>    ok lol
Oct 23 17:25:19 <Flashynuff>    creesch, do it
Oct 23 17:25:19 <Flashynuff>    i am tired of hearing about gamergate
Oct 23 17:25:30 <creesch>    Oh I know!
Oct 23 17:25:33 <creesch>    !flags
Oct 23 17:25:36 <creesch>    Uhm no
Oct 23 17:25:37 <creesch>    !op
Oct 23 17:25:38 *    YoloSwagBot gives channel operator status to creesch
Oct 23 17:25:41 <HandicapperGeneral>    !deop creesch
Oct 23 17:25:41 *    YoloSwagBot removes channel operator status from creesch
Oct 23 17:25:54 <creesch>    oi
Oct 23 17:25:57 <BipolarFear0>    my african american brother
Oct 23 17:26:01 <BipolarFear0>    Brilliant.
Oct 23 17:26:06 <hermithome>    yay, answered the phone call
Oct 23 17:26:16 <TheAppleFreak>    all I know is that it started as one thing, and it eventualy ended up as another pooshow that is somewhat-but-not-really related to what my big sub is focused on
Oct 23 17:26:21 <creesch>    !op
Oct 23 17:26:21 *    YoloSwagBot gives channel operator status to creesch
Oct 23 17:26:23 *    creesch sets mode +g on #modtalk gamergate
Oct 23 17:26:24 <TheAppleFreak>    it’s fun moderating it
Oct 23 17:26:24 <HandicapperGeneral>    duck
Oct 23 17:26:32 <HandicapperGeneral>    !deop creesch
Oct 23 17:26:32 *    YoloSwagBot removes channel operator status from creesch
Oct 23 17:26:37 <BipolarFear0>    HandicapperGeneral my african american brother
Oct 23 17:26:41 <hermithome>    lol, wait, so, let me see what this dudes problem is?
Oct 23 17:26:42 <HandicapperGeneral>    that was already on you idiot
Oct 23 17:26:56 <Flashynuff>    #GG
Oct 23 17:27:06 <BipolarFear0>    So about that gamergate
Oct 23 17:27:11 <creesch>    Who are you calling an idiot, idiot?
Oct 23 17:27:19 <hermithome>    ah…okay, so i’m shutting down discourse, pretending to be a champion of the peaple, saying that sexist people are evil
Oct 23 17:27:28 <HandicapperGeneral>    you. you know what you’ll find in the dictionary under the word idiot?
Oct 23 17:27:32 <Flashynuff>    ok
Oct 23 17:27:40 <creesch>    hue hue hue, my picture 😛
Oct 23 17:27:51 <HandicapperGeneral>    no, the definition of the word idiot, which you ducking are
Oct 23 17:27:59 <Flashynuff>    pls
Oct 23 17:28:02 <BipolarFear0>    Shots fired
Oct 23 17:28:02 <creesch>    HandicapperGeneral> no, the definition of the word idiot, which you ducking are
Oct 23 17:28:03 <hermithome>    “since you’re determined to be upset and self righteous” … “watch the use of the word mansplaining” “watch such bigoted terminology”

Oct 28 04:25:13 <hermithome>    if spelled properly triggers weeedbot
Oct 28 04:25:20 <nalixor>    trigger weedbot elsewhere. 😛
Oct 28 04:25:21 <hermithome>    but its on the censored word list
Oct 28 04:25:23 <enchilado>    The fascist Irish Prime Minister, nalixor. Ms O’Leanie.
Oct 28 04:25:31 <hermithome>    nalixor: but i wanna trigger weedbot here
Oct 28 04:25:43 <hermithome>    plus, there are legitimate gg related modding issues to discuss
Oct 28 04:25:44 <nalixor>    no. 😛
Oct 28 04:26:03 <nalixor>    you can discuss it without saying that word. 😛
Oct 28 04:26:06 <nalixor>    GG, etc. 😛
Oct 28 04:26:15 <enchilado>    gamergate
Oct 28 04:26:17 <hermithome>    you’re just being a meanie poopoo head
Oct 28 04:26:38 <nalixor>    bolding won’t trigger weeedbot. 😛
Oct 28 04:26:42 <hermithome>    nalixor: so you admit that you’re censoring language purposefully to keep us from triggering weeedbot
Oct 28 04:26:44 <enchilado>    Just make your bot ignore colour codes
Oct 28 04:26:58 <nalixor>    not for that purpose, no, but it is a happy side-effect. 😀
Oct 28 04:27:22 <enchilado>    D:
Oct 28 04:27:36 <enchilado>    That is literally the worst sideeffect
Oct 28 04:27:53 <enchilado>    I’d rather take thalidomyde when pregnant
Oct 28 04:27:57 <nalixorsux>    lol

Oct 28 04:29:56 <nalixor>    if nobody likes him
Oct 28 04:29:59 <hermithome>    s/hermithome/nalixor
Oct 28 04:30:00 <EDI>    Correction, <nalixor> that’s not very nice, nalixor
Oct 28 04:30:03 <nalixor>    !kikc weeedbot
Oct 28 04:30:08 <hermithome>    dont you dare!!
Oct 28 04:30:11 <enchilado>    My /r/gg mod application got no response :(
Oct 28 04:30:31 <hermithome>    enchilado: erm…which sub?
Oct 28 04:31:09 <enchilado>    /r/gamerg8
Oct 28 04:32:24 <nowhere3>    Doesn’t exist
Oct 28 04:32:35 <hermithome>    s/8/ate
Oct 28 04:32:35 <EDI>    Correction, <enchilado> /r/gamergate
Oct 28 04:32:46 <enchilado>    ^
Oct 28 04:33:12 <hermithome>    there are a lot of anti GG subs now
Oct 28 04:33:28 <creesch>    morning
Oct 28 04:33:35 <enchilado>    But that one has the best name
Oct 28 04:33:35 <nalixor>    mourning
Oct 28 04:33:55 <enchilado>    I just love that it’s anti-gg
Oct 28 04:34:10 <nalixor>    is it about an ant
Oct 28 04:34:21 <enchilado>    Haha
Oct 28 04:34:31 <hermithome>    gamergat, gamerghazi, bestofoutrageculture, and my new favourite, /r/itsaboutethics
Oct 28 04:34:52 <hermithome>    creesch: can you undo the censorship so we can trigger the wonderful new addition to weeedbot ?
Oct 28 04:34:53 <enchilado>    Ooh, I haven’t heard of that last one
Oct 28 04:35:21 <hermithome>    enchilado: omg, its’ hilarious
Oct 28 04:35:29 <nowhere3>    weeedbot doesn’t strip out anything that we can just stick in between?
Oct 28 04:36:49 <hermithome>    enchilado: r/itsaboutethics is basically /r/notallmen, but gamergat style
Oct 28 04:36:56 <enchilado>    hermithome: oh god this is great
Oct 28 04:37:11 <creesch>    hermithome: there is no censorship? or did I forget something?
Oct 28 04:37:47 <enchilado>    Now if only I knew how to subscribe with Reddit Sync
Oct 28 04:37:50 <hermithome>    creesch: gamergat e is censored
Oct 28 04:37:54 <creesch>    oh gamergate
Oct 28 04:38:10 <creesch>    wait a second
Oct 28 04:38:15 <creesch>    !op
Oct 28 04:38:16 *    YoloSwagBot gives channel operator status to creesch
Oct 28 04:38:26 <hermithome>    wtf? it was just me?
Oct 28 04:38:31 <hermithome>    i’m going to kill you nalixor
Oct 28 04:38:47 <enchilado>    No
Oct 28 04:38:59 <nalixor>    no, it’s censored
Oct 28 04:39:00 <enchilado>    I couldn’t say it wither
Oct 28 04:39:01 <creesch>    I am an op that is probably it
Oct 28 04:39:15 <hermithome>    oh. okay, fine, nalixor, you get to live another day
Oct 28 04:39:26 *    creesch sets mode -g on #modtalk gamergate
Oct 28 04:39:28 <nalixor>    I am also an op
Oct 28 04:39:36 <nalixor>    but it censored me
Oct 28 04:39:54 <creesch>    hermithome: try again
Oct 28 04:40:46 <enchilado>    I’m pro-gamergate
Oct 28 04:40:47 <weeedbot>    actually, its about ethics in games journalism
Oct 28 04:40:52 <enchilado>    😀
Oct 28 04:41:03 <nowhere3>    But apparently not about better spelling in bots
Oct 28 04:41:06 <creesch>    oh dear…
Oct 28 04:41:17 <creesch>    I might want to re censor it
Oct 28 04:41:25 <hermithome>    no, creesch, dont, its HILARIOUS
Oct 28 04:41:26 <nalixor>    creesch, exactly
Oct 28 04:41:35 <nalixor>    it’s hilarious
Oct 28 04:41:37 <nalixor>    the first couple of times
Oct 28 04:41:47 <nalixor>    AND also, it’s a contentious issue in here

Oct 29 14:19:02 <nalixor>    It’s how we stay strong as a country.
Oct 29 14:19:36 <nalixor>    I’m talking Jurassic Park type electric fences.
Oct 29 14:19:57 <XavierMendel>    So, cheaply made and only last 35 minutes?
Oct 29 14:19:58 <nalixor>    Designed to kill a charging Rhino, but they only mildly annoy our wildlife.
Oct 29 14:19:59 <dukwon>    keeps the koalas out
Oct 29 14:20:01 <nalixor>    Enough to keep they away.
Oct 29 14:20:29 <nalixor>    And every day there’s another Wombat attack, they dig under the fences.
Oct 29 14:20:44 <nalixor>    At least 100,000 Australians die to Wombat attacks every year.
Oct 29 14:20:49 <Grickit>    [14:16:42] <XavierMendel> Ah, Jim “shove your ethics up your arse” Sterling
Oct 29 14:20:51 <Grickit>    lolwut?
Oct 29 14:21:05 <Grickit>    Please tell me that was his response to a gamer gater.
Oct 29 14:21:27 <XavierMendel>    Grickit: http://theralphretort.com/jim-sterling-shove-ethics-arse/
Oct 29 14:21:33 <XavierMendel>    Someone linked me that this morning
Oct 29 14:21:37 <erikster>    oh dear
Oct 29 14:21:48 <nalixor>    oh, a redditrequest takes 3 days?
Oct 29 14:21:49 <nalixor>    poop
Oct 29 14:22:01 <Grickit>    lol
Oct 29 14:22:25 <XavierMendel>    Back in my day, redditrequest took four score and seven years
Oct 29 14:22:30 <Grickit>    “But, Jim has made his SJW bed. I guess I’ll let him lie in it.”

Oct 29 19:59:52 <eligrey>    uninstall reddit and fork your own clone
Oct 29 20:00:01 <allthefoxes>    lol
Oct 29 20:00:08 <redstonehelper>    heh
Oct 29 20:00:31 <redstonehelper>    why would someone post there with a title of “dawdawdaw”?
Oct 29 20:02:04 <Forest_>    oh god
Oct 29 20:02:19 <Forest|_>    Get ready for chaos
Oct 29 20:02:37 <Forest|_>    Colbert is covering Gamergate tonight
Oct 29 20:02:50 <mobilehypo>    i’m a terrible person because i’m sick as fuck of GG
Oct 29 20:03:34 <allthefoxes>    oh man new tf2 halloween update is gold
Oct 29 20:03:48 <Forest|_>    yes
Oct 29 20:03:57 <Forest|_>    I just want it to die
Oct 29 20:04:01 <Forest|_>    all talk about it
Oct 29 20:04:09 <allthefoxes>    bumper cars
Oct 29 20:04:09 <allthefoxes>    no
Oct 29 20:04:10 <allthefoxes>    really
Oct 29 20:04:12 <Forest|_>    but I guess Colbert is the next best thing to that
Oct 29 20:04:14 <allthefoxes>    bumper fucking cars

Oct 30 02:42:15 <nalixor>    like feminism, yes
Oct 30 02:42:32 <zombly>    feminism was made up by the sjws to oppress men
Oct 30 02:42:44 <enchilado>    Was the US government behind feminism?
Oct 30 02:42:45 <nalixor>    no
Oct 30 02:42:46 <nalixor>    I made it up
Oct 30 02:42:49 <nalixor>    to oppress everyone
Oct 30 02:43:04 <nalixor>    women are oppressed by indoctrination
Oct 30 02:43:06 <creesch>    AsAChemicalEngineer: actually it makes me feel a little bit better that in the thread you linked multiple people pile on the holocaust denier saying that it did in fact happen.
Oct 30 02:43:11 <nalixor>    men are oppressed by pure oppression
Oct 30 02:43:12 <enchilado>    Guys, what if gamergate is a false flag attack to make gamers look bad?
Oct 30 02:43:20 <nalixor>    https://twitter.com/BiPolarBear0/status/525139495638024193
Oct 30 02:43:20 <EDI>    (nalixor) @BiPolarBear0 (Tyler): I can confirm that /r/games mod nalixor once accepted bribes from brutal dictator Pol Pot in exchange for oppressing the reddit masses. (1 week ago)
Oct 30 02:43:21 <creesch>    Makes me a little bit happy that even conspiracy is not a total shithole in these things
Oct 30 02:43:28 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Feminism was behind the gulf of Tonkin.
Oct 30 02:43:35 <creesch>    enchilado: what if SHUT UP ABOUT GAMERGATE
Oct 30 02:43:42 <enchilado>    :<
Oct 30 02:43:45 <nalixor>    creesch, just ban him, he’s a bogan anyway
Oct 30 02:44:09 <enchilado>    You’re the guy who’s totally called Damo IRL.
Oct 30 02:44:13 <Paradox>    http://somafm.com/popup/?sf1033
Oct 30 02:44:15 <nalixor>    [16:44:01] .:@nalixor:. ?? enchilado
Oct 30 02:44:15 <nalixor>    [16:44:02] .:fallacy:. ‘enchilado’, (1/1): The term enchilado is Australian and New Zealand slang for a person with an unsophisticated background, or whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour exemplify a lack of manners and education.
Oct 30 02:44:27 <creesch>    nalixor: bogan is an australian thingie right?
Oct 30 02:44:31 <nalixor>    yes
Oct 30 02:44:32 <creesch>    !google bogan
Oct 30 02:44:36 <creesch>    !g bogan

Oct 30 23:41:36 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    kinda boring modmail
Oct 30 23:41:45 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    you’re is much more fun
Oct 30 23:41:52 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    I’m fucking up my English, kill me.
Oct 30 23:43:11 <Forest|_>    AsAChemicalEngineer, our modmail is good 99% of the time
Oct 30 23:43:14 <SolarAquarion>    AsAChemicalEngineer, git is awesome.  SVN hasn’t aged so well
Oct 30 23:43:18 <Forest|_>    just crazy people tonight
Oct 30 23:43:35 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Forest|_: I understand, we get an occasional crazy too.
Oct 30 23:44:00 <SolarAquarion>    I saw 2 women wearing sexy Halloween costumes
Oct 30 23:44:06 <Forest|_>    and nothing is crazy like people talking bout gamergate
Oct 30 23:45:07 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    SolarAquarion: Should I feel bad about commiting too much? I’ve been trying to limit my tags to large changes and keeping my branching limited to intermediate merging. I wanna use git right.
Oct 30 23:46:58 <SolarAquarion>    AsAChemicalEngineer, nope.  Commit all you want, although try to merge multiple things at a time
Oct 30 23:49:24 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    One thing I haven’t tested yet and I couldn’t find explicitly in the docs, if I have a master a few commits it and I merge with a previously made branch, both changes are kept right?
Oct 30 23:49:37 <SemsNotHere>    what is git, btw?
Oct 30 23:50:06 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    What if two merged branches have the same file altered in two different ways?
Oct 30 23:50:58 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    SemsNotHere: Basically a management system for different software versions. It lets you do changes, but easily be able to refer to older code.
Oct 30 23:51:09 <SemsNotHere>    ahhh k ty
Oct 30 23:59:06 <aperson>    so, no one wants a inbox invite?

Oct 31 12:47:16 <Forest|_>    creesch, k
Oct 31 12:47:17 <Forest|_>    also
Oct 31 12:47:30 <Forest|_>    creesch, we might need you later to help make the sub look better
Oct 31 12:47:41 <creesch>    uhm
Oct 31 12:47:43 <Lurlur>    OMG
Oct 31 12:47:45 <creesch>    it already looks good
Oct 31 12:47:48 <Lurlur>    I just got the best report
Oct 31 12:47:58 <Forest|_>    make improvements n stuff
Oct 31 12:48:15 <creesch>    as soon as you can be more specific I’ll be all ears
Oct 31 12:48:31 <Forest|_>    nothing right now
Oct 31 12:48:42 <brownboy13>    r/games officially banning gamergate. brave move Forest|_, let’s see if it pans out
Oct 31 12:48:43 <Lurlur>    report reason – the mods in this subreddit suck ass
Oct 31 12:48:55 <Forest|_>    brownboy13, It will be great
Oct 31 12:51:10 <creesch>    as soon as you can be more specific I’ll be all ears
Oct 31 12:51:10 <Forest|_>    nothing right now
Oct 31 12:51:10 <brownboy13>    r/games officially banning gamergate. brave move Forest|_, let’s see if it pans out
Oct 31 12:51:10 <Lurlur>    report reason – the mods in this subreddit suck ass
Oct 31 12:51:10 <Forest|_>    brownboy13, It will be great
Oct 31 12:51:10 <creesch>    Oh btw for all those people that say the admins suck and never do shit
Oct 31 12:51:10 <Forest|_>    did you look at that meta thread yesterday before the OP deleted it?
Oct 31 12:51:10 <creesch>    I reported a user earlier today who followed me after a ban
Oct 31 12:51:10 <Forest|_>    It was full of so many shitposts and assholes
Oct 31 12:51:10 <creesch>    and within 30 minutes that person was shadowbanned
Oct 31 12:51:10 <xNiklasx>    Nice. now I no longer will have to read that shit.
Oct 31 12:51:10 <Lurlur>    Awesome, creesch
Oct 31 12:51:10 <brownboy13>    be that as it may, there is no way this’ll go over smoothly, especially with the conspiracy nutes

Oct 31 17:18:31 <Forest|_>    oh cool
Oct 31 17:18:39 <Forest|_>    our meta thread is being brigaded
Oct 31 17:24:11 <xNiklasx>    gamersgate meta?
Oct 31 17:24:29 <greenduch>    what meta, Forest|_ ?
Oct 31 17:24:32 <Forest|_>    yeah, gamergate people
Oct 31 17:24:33 <weeedbot>    actually, its about ethics in games journalism
Oct 31 17:24:38 <Forest|_>    ^
Oct 31 17:24:43 <x316nuts>    aahhaahah
Oct 31 17:24:43 <Forest|_>    greenduch, r/games
Oct 31 17:24:53 <Forest|_>    we banned it officially finally
Oct 31 17:25:03 <Forest|_>    and since gamergate people want good ethics
Oct 31 17:25:09 <Forest|_>    they are brigading the fuck out of it
Oct 31 17:25:14 <xNiklasx>    ofc
Oct 31 17:25:41 <Forest|_>    xNiklasx, My friend, you do not know dramatic yet. You have angered somebody who is passionate, competent, and has a lot of free time and disposable income. You’ve angered someone who knows real activists; the kind of people that other human beings respect, because they are honest, and kind, and will actually listen to opposing perspectives.
Oct 31 17:25:42 <Forest|_>    I’m not going to descend into threats. I’m not going to fly off the handle and give you exactly what you want, so you can try and delegitimize a movement that exists solely as a response to the kind of response you are giving me right now.
Oct 31 17:25:42 <Forest|_>    Hundreds of thousands of people read your subreddit. Think about that for a moment. You influence culture on an incredibly widespread scale.
Oct 31 17:25:45 <Forest|_>    And when you are caught with your pants down abusing that influence to try and maintain an agenda at the cost of your integrity, you tell me I need to stop being dramatic?
Oct 31 17:25:45 <greenduch>    seems reasonable
Oct 31 17:25:48 <Forest|_>    This IS dramatic. You and your fellow moderators have a dramatic impact on the world.
Oct 31 17:25:50 <Forest|_>    Equality is important. Feminism is important. Dealing with bullying, gender inequality, the stigma of myriad gender issues… those are all REALLY important things. And do you know what you’re doing?
Oct 31 17:25:53 <Forest|_>    You’re fucking trivializing them.

Oct 31 20:29:54 <nalixor>    Also, drama on /r/Games. :(
Oct 31 20:30:03 <Adagiosummoner>    😮
Oct 31 20:30:05 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Really?
Oct 31 20:30:37 <nalixor>    we have been arguing and refining our rules page and sidebar for weeks, so we finally went live with our SOTS (state of the subreddit) and the new rules.
Oct 31 20:30:37 <zombly>    when is there not drama in /r/games nalixor?
Oct 31 20:30:49 *    nalixor cries on fritzly’s shoulder.
Oct 31 20:31:13 *    zombly pats nalixor’s head
Oct 31 20:31:18 <zombly>    its ok
Oct 31 20:31:20 <zombly>    there there
Oct 31 20:31:31 <Adagiosummoner>    seems to be a day for drama. :(
Oct 31 20:31:53 <nalixor>    it just makes it worse when a ex-mod is directly stirring up drama on 8chan too.
Oct 31 20:33:10 <Adagiosummoner>    >.<
Oct 31 20:33:14 <zombly>    links?
Oct 31 20:33:56 <zombly>    also i 8chan becoming a thing?  I thought it would have died by now
Oct 31 20:34:07 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    NSFW: http://grrm.livejournal.com/386867.html
Oct 31 20:34:28 <nalixor>    https://8chan.co/gg/res/360903.html#362069
Oct 31 20:34:34 <nalixor>    There’s that, fritzly.
Oct 31 20:34:58 <Adagiosummoner>    oh wow. people still use livejournal? 😮
Oct 31 20:35:04 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    GRRM does.
Oct 31 20:35:12 <nalixor>    Adagiosummoner, my livejournal from when I was a teenager is still live!
Oct 31 20:35:17 <nalixor>    @g nalixor livejournal
Oct 31 20:35:17 <EDI>    (nalixor) http://torasin.livejournal.com/profile — livejournal.com profile – torasin: “Aug 8, 2002 … … mrsqueeze, nalixor, prolog, quintious, rainbow_roo, sacred_chao,
Oct 31 20:35:23 <nalixor>    wat
Oct 31 20:35:27 <nalixor>    that’s not my LJ.
Oct 31 20:35:30 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    He also types with one finger, no wonder asoiaf takes him forever to write…
Oct 31 20:35:53 <nalixor>    http://nalixor.livejournal.com/profile

Nov 01 03:36:34 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    I gotta savor the moment.
Nov 01 03:37:30 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    “i’m pleased by your reply. i’m being very sarcastic while i’m on a rage with a newer account, dont mind me”
Nov 01 03:37:36 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    what the fuck is with this person…
Nov 01 03:37:40 <mobilehypo>    >.>
Nov 01 03:37:42 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    are they high or something
Nov 01 03:38:30 <elsalado>    Nothing anyone says on the Internet can surprise me any more since I saw an imgur post the other day where someone said he didn’t understand rape trauma
Nov 01 03:38:42 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    O.o
Nov 01 03:38:52 <elsalado>    Apparently he had “a very vivid imagination” and had never imagined anything that traumatised him
Nov 01 03:39:24 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    I thought about the implication of my balls being in a vice made of lava. Didn’t seem so bad.
Nov 01 03:40:15 *    AsAChemicalEngineer is secretly a lava monster. http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121226131753/lego/images/4/48/Lava_Monster_RR.png
Nov 01 03:40:52 <elsalado>    Lego?
Nov 01 03:42:13 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Hells yeah.
Nov 01 03:42:22 <mobilehypo>    morning Lurlur
Nov 01 03:42:25 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Lego Rock Raiders were the shit.
Nov 01 03:42:40 <Lurlur>    morning, mobilehypo!
Nov 01 03:43:03 <elsalado>    I had a set or two … never played the game
Nov 01 03:43:04 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    Oh gosh. It is morning… D:
Nov 01 03:43:10 <AsAChemicalEngineer>    It’s like amost 1am.
Nov 01 03:43:20 <mobilehypo>    yep

Nov 04 10:00:01 <Grickit>    Next time I get hatemail in /r/shibe: https://twitter.com/TheQuinnspiracy/status/529633465046937600
Nov 04 10:00:01 <EDI>    (Grickit) @TheQuinnspiracy (Khaleesi of SJWs): I used to respond to this shit with Game of Thrones spoilers but I’m holding off till next season &amp; doing this now http://t.co/UGEiMcbXDv (1 hour, 2 minutes ago)

Nov 04 14:17:13 <Alicia>    https://twitter.com/Snoonet i fixeded it noeatnosleep-afk and Forest|_
Nov 04 14:17:19 <Forest|_>    k
Nov 04 14:17:43 <Paradox>    dodo
Nov 04 14:18:56 <Stalin>    alicia, i dont believe enoughj peopolke have been told that the bath tub was first marketed in north america as a horse trough and a hog scalder
Nov 04 14:19:41 <Alicia>    Stalin, noted.
Nov 04 14:19:58 <Stalin>    id suggest tweeting that atleast 3 times a day
Nov 04 14:20:26 <Alicia>    yeah, i’m not gonna do that
Nov 04 14:20:31 <Alicia>    but thank you for your suggestion
Nov 04 14:20:38 <Stalin>    yeah, once a day would be fine
Nov 04 14:20:51 <Stalin>    also use the #gamergate tag
Nov 04 14:20:58 <Alicia>    noooo
Nov 04 14:21:04 <Alicia>    i’m staying far away from that one
Nov 04 14:21:17 <Stalin>    what other tending tags is there?
Nov 04 14:21:18 <noeatnosleep-afk>    Alicia: delete the old one?
Nov 04 14:21:30 <Alicia>    noeatnosleep-afk i did
Nov 04 14:21:53 <noeatnosleep-afk>    K
Nov 04 14:22:22 <Stalin>    alicia, use the #election2014 tag
Nov 04 14:22:39 <Alicia>    hmmm
Nov 04 14:22:50 <Alicia>    that’s half a good idea
Nov 04 14:22:54 <Alicia>    i’ll roll it around a while, thanks
Nov 04 14:23:17 <Stalin>    you’re no fun
Nov 04 14:24:11 <Forest|_>    k
Nov 04 14:24:49 <Alicia>    Stalin I’m sorry you feel that way
Nov 04 14:25:10 <Stalin>    did greenduch and MillenniumFalc0n rub off on you?
Nov 04 14:25:19 <greenduch>    wat
Nov 04 14:25:39 <greenduch>    nerds
Nov 04 14:25:46 <greenduch>    also if youre in the states, dont forget to vote today!
Nov 04 14:25:59 <Stalin>    dont tell me what to do
Nov 04 14:26:03 <greenduch>    shush Stalin
Nov 04 14:26:08 <Aradon>    I saw a sign that told me to vote republican
Nov 04 14:26:10 <mobilehypo>    i’d have to shower

Nov 07 21:46:06 <hermithome>    then they demodded everyone else
Nov 07 21:46:16 <hermithome>    added back the fatpeoplehate poster as a mod
Nov 07 21:46:23 <hermithome>    and announced they were going to turn the sub public
Nov 07 21:47:06 <penis>    fucking sjws man
Nov 07 21:47:09 <penis>    ruining everything
Nov 07 21:47:31 <penis>    this wouldnt happen if we just were terrible to everyone
Nov 07 21:47:36 <penis>    equal rights equal lefts and all that
Nov 07 21:47:53 <hermithome>    the top mod said that they wanted a sub where women were tolerant of all opions of other women. so…i guess posting jokes about fat people is tolerant, but not allow jokes about fat people is intolerant
Nov 07 21:48:01 <hermithome>    or some such weird logic
Nov 07 21:48:18 <IAmAN00bie>    lolwut
Nov 07 21:48:32 <penis>    fatpeoplehate isnt posting jokes about fat people
Nov 07 21:48:37 <penis>    thats fatpeoplestories
Nov 07 21:48:50 <penis>    fatpeoplehate is literally ‘god i fucking hate fatties why are they so terrible’
Nov 07 21:48:52 <captainmeta4>    and fatlogic
Nov 07 21:49:02 <hermithome>    anyway the sub rebelled. the top threads on the old sub are now all posts advising people how to delete all of their posts and comments in the sub, and posts where people ask how to disable downvoting so they can vote the two mods who did this
Nov 07 21:49:19 <hermithome>    penis: eh, she posts to both.
Nov 07 21:49:30 <penis>    fair
Nov 07 21:49:52 <R00D>    Fatpeoplestories is hilarious.
Nov 07 21:49:59 <hermithome>    penis: either way, the top mod apparently thinks that bashing fat people is okay, but not allowed someone to bash people is like, censorship
Nov 07 21:50:06 <R00D>    Fatpeoplehate isn’t really that funny.

Nov 07 23:39:53 <snarkypants>    i just dont think anything will ever happen unless it actually breaks a site rule
Nov 07 23:39:54 <Melody\Concerto>    *chill
Nov 07 23:40:00 <Melody\Concerto>    I don’t even see trolls that often
Nov 07 23:40:05 <Melody\Concerto>    thank goodness
Nov 07 23:40:07 <multi-mod>    Although I feel like the DEA is watching me. Sometimes I get messages from people asking how to get or where to sell drugs.
Nov 07 23:40:07 <Forest|_>    also
Nov 07 23:40:21 <IAmAN00bie>    haha
Nov 07 23:40:22 <Melody\Concerto>    multi-mod probably they are
Nov 07 23:40:30 <XavierMendel>    The quality of my life has improved a lot with only subredditoftheday
Nov 07 23:40:30 <Forest|_>    I relax from modding r/games by removing sports fans fighting
Nov 07 23:40:36 <IAmAN00bie>    i cant imagine /r/games being that great right now what with #gamergate looming over your heads
Nov 07 23:40:43 <Forest|_>    IAmAN00bie, we banned it
Nov 07 23:40:45 <multi-mod>    let me copypasta the last message I got today
Nov 07 23:40:46 <snarkypants>    lol
Nov 07 23:40:49 <IAmAN00bie>    ..im glad we dont have any huge drama regarding android
Nov 07 23:40:50 <Melody\Concerto>    I’d suggest instantly blocking users who DO pm you that shit
Nov 07 23:40:50 <snarkypants>    hitler
Nov 07 23:41:01 <multi-mod>    “hello here i do have some driied weeds for marketting in huge quantity can i have buyer?”
Nov 07 23:41:10 <Melody\Concerto>    lol
Nov 07 23:41:14 <multi-mod>    dude is totally an FBI agent or something
Nov 07 23:41:17 <Flashynuff>    you’re shitting me

Nov 07 23:41:39 <Forest|_>    had 63% todya
Nov 07 23:41:41 <Forest|_>    today*
Nov 07 23:41:46 <IAmAN00bie>    wow
Nov 07 23:42:04 <Melody\Concerto>    you should make an image macro to reply with…something that says “LOLOLOL NAISE TRAI U STOOPID FED”
Nov 07 23:42:06 <Forest|_>    and then I had 59% of the rest of the actions
Nov 07 23:42:09 <multi-mod>    I wouldn’t mind modding /r/games, primarily because people think I am a bot
Nov 07 23:42:17 <Forest|_>    STEP IT UP NALIXOR
Nov 07 23:42:28 <nalixor>    .
Nov 07 23:42:35 <JustPassingThrough>    what a lovely backlog
Nov 07 23:42:41 <Melody\Concerto>    Isn’t it?
Nov 07 23:42:41 <multi-mod>    nalixor is the whole reason gamergate exists
Nov 07 23:42:45 <XavierMendel>    multi-mod: Didn’t you mod /r/gaming4gamers?
Nov 07 23:42:49 <multi-mod>    and kotakuinaction is flooding /r/all
Nov 07 23:42:58 <multi-mod>    I do mod g4g, it’s a pretty quiet sub
Nov 07 23:43:02 <Forest|_>    eh, KiA is just crazies
Nov 07 23:43:13 <Forest|_>    they jump on anything, no matter if it’s true or not
Nov 07 23:43:15 <XavierMendel>    I know T4O pretty wel. He’s a nice dude.
Nov 07 23:43:23 <XavierMendel>    G4G is really becoming a great community
Nov 07 23:43:26 <multi-mod>    yea, he’s pretty cool
Nov 07 23:43:31 <Forest|_>    remember the el_chup tweet?
Nov 07 23:43:39 <IAmAN00bie>    Does KiA really make /r/all now?
Nov 07 23:43:44 <Forest|_>    They asked to talk with Zoe Quinn
Nov 07 23:43:44 <multi-mod>    yea, I remember, I got 500 messages because of it
Nov 07 23:43:50 <Forest|_>    just talk
Nov 07 23:44:05 <Forest|_>    and so somehow that meant that r/gaming mods were being paid off
Nov 07 23:44:19 <Forest|_>    that leap in logic is insane
Nov 07 23:44:20 <multi-mod>    I know, my inbox got murdered
Nov 07 23:44:46 <Forest|_>    I mean, it all started with people thinking ZQ slept with a guy to get good reviews
Nov 07 23:44:51 <XavierMendel>    I still get asked about that
Nov 07 23:45:01 <XavierMendel>    I barely knew the guy
Nov 07 23:45:13 <Forest|_>    when 10 seconds of googling would show He never wrote positive press about her game at all
Nov 07 23:45:31 <BonSequitur>    Her ex – Eron – was actually creepily going around reddit

Nov 07 23:46:55 <BonSequitur>    So at that point the argument is that she bonked him *back in time* to write about her game before they ever met
Nov 07 23:46:59 <XavierMendel>    IRC’s either good or bad depending on the server
Nov 07 23:47:01 <Forest|_>    the whole thing is based on false ideas, and not both sides are attacking each other like babies over who the bully is
Nov 07 23:47:06 <Forest|_>    now*
Nov 07 23:47:13 <XavierMendel>    multi-mod: It’s not as simple as you’d think.
Nov 07 23:47:16 <BonSequitur>    Well no
Nov 07 23:47:28 <multi-mod>    I know the whole story, don’t worry
Nov 07 23:47:31 <Forest|_>    but on the good side, I haven’t looked at it in like a week
Nov 07 23:47:38 <BonSequitur>    Tbh
Nov 07 23:47:41 <Forest|_>    so much better to just hear regular bitching
Nov 07 23:47:42 <BonSequitur>    I’m less annoyed at gamergaters at this point
Nov 07 23:47:42 <multi-mod>    I haven’t looked at it at all
Nov 07 23:47:53 <multi-mod>    It’s just background noise
Nov 07 23:47:55 <BonSequitur>    And more annoyed at people who are like “gotta hear both sides doe”
Nov 07 23:47:56 <Forest|_>    also
Nov 07 23:47:56 <cordismelum>    honestly, I don’t like talking about it
Nov 07 23:47:57 <BonSequitur>    No you don’t
Nov 07 23:47:59 <cordismelum>    because it’s stupid
Nov 07 23:48:01 <Forest|_>    kina funny
Nov 07 23:48:14 <Forest|_>    but Kotaku broke some of biggest stories this year
Nov 07 23:48:15 <XavierMendel>    I don’t see why gamergate’s a topic of conversation in here if nobody here cares about it.
Nov 07 23:48:30 <Forest|_>    did some of the best investigate journalism
Nov 07 23:48:31 <multi-mod>    we aren’t talking about it, just the side effects of it
Nov 07 23:48:38 <cordismelum>    because when everyone says “I don’t care”, we do kind of care
Nov 07 23:48:46 <cordismelum>    it’s how it works
Nov 07 23:48:47 <Forest|_>    They found out what Titan was
Nov 07 23:48:47 <XavierMendel>    didn’t you hear guys, gamergate died months ago cause no gamers
Nov 07 23:48:56 <XavierMendel>    #stopgamergate2014 worked completely
Nov 07 23:49:09 <multi-mod>    stop KiA 2014
Nov 07 23:49:10 <Forest|_>    They broke about the name and setting of AC:U
Nov 07 23:49:12 <cordismelum>    they all died for our sins
Nov 07 23:49:21 <XavierMendel>    I get people messaging me every few days telling me about reddit/redditors doing this or that in regards to gamergate
Nov 07 23:49:29 <Forest|_>    They broke about Crytek firings
Nov 07 23:49:43 <cordismelum>    my friends keep talking about it on Skype
Nov 07 23:49:45 <XavierMendel>    “This sub banned gamergate discussion”, “this sub banned a company that’s pro-gamergate”, etc
Nov 07 23:49:46 <weeedbot>    actually, its about ethics in games journalism
Nov 07 23:49:47 <Forest|_>    I mean, Kotaku has a lot of shit, but they have some of the best articles
Nov 07 23:49:55 <nalixor>    haha, weeedbot
Nov 07 23:49:56 <Forest|_>    ^ weeedbot
Nov 07 23:50:07 <cordismelum>    ilu weeedbot
Nov 07 23:50:08 <BonSequitur>    That phrase is the best thing to come out of gamergate
Nov 07 23:50:08 <weeedbot>    actually, its about ethics in games journalism
Nov 07 23:50:09 <multi-mod>    fucking weedbot
Nov 07 23:50:10 <XavierMendel>    I’m real tired of it, but whatever
Nov 07 23:50:22 <BonSequitur>    http://actuallyethics.tumblr.com/
Nov 07 23:50:28 <multi-mod>    thankfully there are a bunch of great games coing out soon
Nov 07 23:50:28 <Forest|_>    didn’t you post on 8chan about it a few days ago?
Nov 07 23:50:30 <BonSequitur>    Still funny
Nov 07 23:50:30 <IAmAN00bie>    >discussing gamergate
Nov 07 23:50:31 <IAmAN00bie>    lel
Nov 07 23:50:32 <IAmAN00bie>    top
Nov 07 23:50:33 <IAmAN00bie>    lel
Nov 07 23:50:39 <multi-mod>    silence you
Nov 07 23:50:41 <XavierMendel>    I talk about gamergate when people ask me to
Nov 07 23:50:48 <Buffy>    By peeps
Nov 07 23:50:50 <XavierMendel>    Otherwise I’m engrossed in my work and my own hobbies
Nov 07 23:50:52 <Buffy>    Hi.*
Nov 07 23:50:52 <IAmAN00bie>    i just sit back and laugh in /r/bestofoutrageculture
Nov 07 23:50:57 <IAmAN00bie>    LE GAMER ARMIE
Nov 07 23:51:00 <multi-mod>    thankfully g4g doesn’t allow gamergate stuff
Nov 07 23:51:01 <weeedbot>    actually, its about ethics in games journalism
Nov 07 23:51:03 <Forest|_>    I’ve stopped looking at it almost entirely
Nov 07 23:51:14 <Forest|_>    unfollowed and filtered a lot of people on twitter
Nov 07 23:51:28 <Forest|_>    so much better
Nov 07 23:51:37 <BonSequitur>    I really can’t help it, I follow a bunch of indies and journos on twitter and keep up with this shit
Nov 07 23:51:43 <Forest|_>    I only see it on twitter every once in a while
Nov 07 23:51:50 <multi-mod>    it follows me everywhere, on reddit, on twitter, on the letsplayers and game news I watch
Nov 07 23:52:05 <Forest|_>    when I search “r/games” to watch out for VM
Nov 07 23:52:08 <XavierMendel>    It’s kind of a large deal in the gaming community
Nov 07 23:52:15 <IAmAN00bie>    lol no, no it’s not

Nov 07 23:56:27 <BonSequitur>    If I google that is it going to be a bad jpg of a “leaked” email with a bunch of conspiracy crap written on it
Nov 07 23:56:29 <IAmAN00bie>    only LA was in GJP, but she was inactive for over a year once the gamers are dead articles hit
Nov 07 23:56:30 <JustPassingThrough>    but GG goes and attacks indie devs and single people
Nov 07 23:56:37 <IAmAN00bie>    XavierMendel: lol, im way more informed on this than you brah
Nov 07 23:56:43 <Forest|_>    IAmAN00bie, it was done by breitbart
Nov 07 23:56:55 <XavierMendel>    IAmAN00bie: Probably. I have better things to do.
Nov 07 23:56:57 <IAmAN00bie>    Forest|_: I saw the e-mail leak
Nov 07 23:56:57 <BonSequitur>    Lol breitbart
Nov 07 23:57:02 <Forest|_>    you know, the place famous for making up and sensationalizing stuff
Nov 07 23:57:03 <IAmAN00bie>    they didnt leak anything
Nov 07 23:57:07 <XavierMendel>    I don’t actually care about gamergate more than I care about any other piece of drama.
Nov 07 23:57:09 <Forest|_>    always a good source
Nov 07 23:57:17 <IAmAN00bie>    XavierMendel: clearly, like spending 50 minutes ranting about reddit mods to some hack journalist lel
Nov 07 23:57:23 <XavierMendel>    I’ve had other things going on, and have dedicated a minimal amount of time to it.
Nov 07 23:57:27 <XavierMendel>    I was asked to do it, so I did it.
Nov 07 23:57:32 <JustPassingThrough>    breitbare more like greitbart becuse its such greit journalism
Nov 07 23:57:37 <XavierMendel>    I haven’t done things like that on my own without being asked to.
Nov 07 23:57:41 <IAmAN00bie>    b-but muh ethics
Nov 07 23:57:43 <Forest|_>    I mean
Nov 07 23:57:45 <Forest|_>    http://cdn.breitbart.com/mediaserver/Breitbart/Breitbart-London/2014/09/18/ME2-copyjpg.jpg
Nov 07 23:57:48 <BonSequitur>    You dedicated enough time to read “leaks” of supposed journo email lists on a far-right blog?
Nov 07 23:57:52 <Forest|_>    This was their headline
Nov 07 23:58:05 <XavierMendel>    I read a few pages of them when recommended by someone.
Nov 07 23:58:09 <Forest|_>    They took a joke, and used it as a serious headline
Nov 07 23:58:12 <XavierMendel>    Also: fallacy of origin
Nov 07 23:58:14 <IAmAN00bie>    BonSequitur: he didnt actually read them, he’s just parroting shit he saw on KiA
Nov 07 23:58:25 <BonSequitur>    >fallacy of origin
Nov 07 23:58:29 <XavierMendel>    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_fallacy
Nov 07 23:58:29 <Forest|_>    and the emails don’t show collusion at all
Nov 07 23:58:39 <IAmAN00bie>    notice why #GG hardly talks about the GJP leaks anymore?
Nov 07 23:58:46 *    BonSequitur rubs temples
Nov 07 23:58:46 <IAmAN00bie>    cause its hardly the smoking gun they make it out to be
Nov 07 23:58:50 <Forest|_>    they talk about gawker being a bully
Nov 07 23:58:54 <XavierMendel>    Idk, I don’t keep up with what people talk about.
Nov 07 23:59:02 <IAmAN00bie>    good, dont
Nov 07 23:59:04 <IAmAN00bie>    it’s silly
Nov 07 23:59:06 <IAmAN00bie>    i dont know why i do
Nov 07 23:59:09 <Forest|_>    aren’t you on the gamergate IRC Channels?
Nov 07 23:59:09 <weeedbot>    actually, its about ethics in games journalism
Nov 07 23:59:11 <IAmAN00bie>    mainly to laugh at KiA, i guess
Nov 07 23:59:15 <IAmAN00bie>    Forest|_: yes, he is
Nov 07 23:59:16 <XavierMendel>    I know that people who deny everything as vehemently as you do typically aren’t unbiased though.
Nov 07 23:59:26 <BonSequitur>    snort
Nov 07 23:59:26 <Forest|_>    .
Nov 07 23:59:28 <Forest|_>    ok
Nov 07 23:59:28 <IAmAN00bie>    i think he’s an OP on the KiA IRC chan on rizon
Nov 07 23:59:43 <Forest|_>    le
Nov 07 23:59:44 <XavierMendel>    Neutral people who can look past their biases can keep their minds open and hear out ideas.
Nov 07 23:59:47 <IAmAN00bie>    lmao
Nov 07 23:59:49 <IAmAN00bie>    oh please
Nov 07 23:59:50 <Forest|_>    >not involved with it at all
Nov 07 23:59:54 <XavierMendel>    Actually I am. One of their mods asked me for IRC help cause he didn’t know how to add ops.
Nov 07 23:59:58 <IAmAN00bie>    “you would be with us if only you knew!!!!”
Nov 08 00:00:05 <nalixor>    This side of the conversation is almost making me wish I could see the other side.
Nov 08 00:00:05 <IAmAN00bie>    yeah, nah
Nov 08 00:00:06 <BonSequitur>    Should women be allowed to make and/or play games? Gotta hear both sides

Nov 08 00:00:21 <XavierMendel>    I’m not saying you’d change sides if you knew more
Nov 08 00:00:35 <XavierMendel>    But you seem to have picked your side and will stay there regardless
Nov 08 00:01:06 <IAmAN00bie>    what in the world would make me ever side with #GG?
Nov 08 00:01:11 <XavierMendel>    Whereas a neutral person would examine the evidence and change opinions based on ideas that came to light
Nov 08 00:01:14 <Forest|_>    also, I want to point out something
Nov 08 00:01:19 <BonSequitur>    Golden mean fallacy
Nov 08 00:01:25 <nalixor>    But of course, knowing what the other side is like, it’s most likely to be 100% lies and bullshit.
Nov 08 00:01:29 <BonSequitur>    (Two can play this game)
Nov 08 00:01:31 <IAmAN00bie>    any reasonable person would side against GG, sorry bro
Nov 08 00:01:31 <nalixor>    So maybe it’s good I can’t see it.
Nov 08 00:01:45 <IAmAN00bie>    reading KiA would make most people come to that conclusion
Nov 08 00:01:48 <XavierMendel>    BonSequitur: I’m not advocating for a compromise or middle ground, I’m advocating for an open mind.
Nov 08 00:01:48 <IAmAN00bie>    its a loon house over there
Nov 08 00:01:57 <XavierMendel>    And if you want: fallacy fallacy.
Nov 08 00:02:00 <BonSequitur>    By all means let’s keep an open mind, but not so much that our brains fall out
Nov 08 00:02:24 <XavierMendel>    IAmAN00bie: So only unreasonable people can think in a way you disagree with?
Nov 08 00:02:24 <IAmAN00bie>    Have you seen how most GGers treat TotalBiscuit’s “moderate stances”
Nov 08 00:02:31 <IAmAN00bie>    TB: “stop talking about SJWs, guys!”
Nov 08 00:02:42 <IAmAN00bie>    KiA: “NON NO NO THIS IS ABOUT SJWs YOU’RE DUMB TB”
Nov 08 00:02:52 <XavierMendel>    KiA is a single person.
Nov 08 00:02:57 <IAmAN00bie>    XavierMendel: KiA is beyond reason
Nov 08 00:03:00 <XavierMendel>    oh no, my mistake, it’s 20,000 people.
Nov 08 00:03:01 <IAmAN00bie>    they’re a hivemind
Nov 08 00:03:07 <IAmAN00bie>    the biggest circlejerk on reddit, bar none
Nov 08 00:03:14 <IAmAN00bie>    surpassed r/atheism during May May June, long ago
Nov 08 00:03:21 <XavierMendel>    In your opinion.
Nov 08 00:03:26 <IAmAN00bie>    ha
Nov 08 00:03:29 <XavierMendel>    Remember, each opinion is just one opinion.
Nov 08 00:03:31 <cordismelum>    god damn it guys -_-
Nov 08 00:03:33 <XavierMendel>    You’re no more important than anyone else.

Nov 08 00:04:46 <IAmAN00bie>    but realistically: they’re dying out
Nov 08 00:04:52 <Forest|_>    to show how crazy people are about GG
Nov 08 00:04:57 <Forest|_>    brb
Nov 08 00:05:03 <IAmAN00bie>    they survive only on their own anger, perpetuated by peole continually talking about them
Nov 08 00:05:04 <XavierMendel>    Can you prove that, IAmAN00bie?
Nov 08 00:05:13 <snarkypants>       what about #notyourshield
Nov 08 00:05:16 <IAmAN00bie>    prove what? them dying about?
Nov 08 00:05:36 <IAmAN00bie>    lol, they have no direction
Nov 08 00:05:49 <IAmAN00bie>    prominent peole keep leaving
Nov 08 00:05:56 <IAmAN00bie>    “b-but we have no leaders!”
Nov 08 00:06:09 <XavierMendel>    I’ve seen people say that those in #notyourshield don’t count as women and minorities since they don’t agree to hate gamergate
Nov 08 00:06:09 <IAmAN00bie>    so much infighting (all funny to see)
Nov 08 00:06:13 <XavierMendel>    It’s crazy
Nov 08 00:06:23 <IAmAN00bie>    cool story
Nov 08 00:06:30 <BonSequitur>    You do realise that a ton of fake sockpuppet accounts were set up for that hashtag ya
Nov 08 00:06:38 <XavierMendel>    BonSequitur: Can you prove that?
Nov 08 00:07:20 <XavierMendel>    It’s hard to fake images of individual people in entirely fresh pictures with usernames, timestamps, and clear messages
Nov 08 00:07:26 <XavierMendel>    But again, I’m open to new information
Nov 08 00:07:51 <BonSequitur>    http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/09/new-chat-logs-show-how-4chan-users-pushed-gamergate-into-the-national-spotlight/
Nov 08 00:08:14 <IAmAN00bie>    pol did that before too
Nov 08 00:08:18 <IAmAN00bie>    during #endfathersday
Nov 08 00:08:37 <IAmAN00bie>    but even so, there are legit accounts in NYS
Nov 08 00:08:42 <IAmAN00bie>    but even then, it doesnt matter
Nov 08 00:08:46 <BonSequitur>    Yes
Nov 08 00:08:47 <IAmAN00bie>    NYS has become a shield for GG
Nov 08 00:08:50 <IAmAN00bie>    a dying shield, mind you
Nov 08 00:08:56 <IAmAN00bie>    notice its inactivity?
Nov 08 00:09:27 <BonSequitur>    Well GG is pivoting away from that because it didn’t work
Nov 08 00:09:31 <XavierMendel>    Yes, and #stopgamergate2014 is much more active
Nov 08 00:09:34 <BonSequitur>    Rumour has it the next step is to try tumblr
Nov 08 00:09:38 <BonSequitur>    And that didn’t work either
Nov 08 00:09:41 <XavierMendel>    it obviously worked cause nobody’s talking about it anymore
Nov 08 00:09:42 <BonSequitur>    Or rather, I doubt it will work
Nov 08 00:09:55 <XavierMendel>    They’re certainly not bringing it up randomly for the sake of arguing with strangers
Nov 08 00:10:14 <penis>    why are we talking about gamergate again
Nov 08 00:10:24 <XavierMendel>    I wanted to talk about /r/news
Nov 08 00:10:28 <IAmAN00bie>    because its funny to see people get mad about it
Nov 08 00:10:39 <penis>    why are you trying to talk about /r/news
Nov 08 00:10:47 <penis>    both of those things are terrible
Nov 08 00:10:49 <XavierMendel>    “Someone disagrees he must be mad cool story bro”
Nov 08 00:10:52 <IAmAN00bie>    BP0 was removed for some reason apparently
Nov 08 00:10:55 <XavierMendel>    penis: Some drama I guess
Nov 08 00:11:06 <XavierMendel>    I don’t quite know

Nov 08 00:24:10 <Forest|_>    oh wait
Nov 08 00:24:10 <snarkypants>    lol is “is_gold” even a field automod ca use
Nov 08 00:24:14 <Forest|_>    I remember
Nov 08 00:24:18 <XavierMendel>    Yes, snarkypants
Nov 08 00:24:21 <Forest|_>    they were spamming
Nov 08 00:24:24 <penis>    man
Nov 08 00:24:24 <snarkypants>    also 500?
Nov 08 00:24:26 <Forest|_>    so we banned them
Nov 08 00:24:28 <snarkypants>    thats not very high
Nov 08 00:24:31 <penis>    i scrolled all the way up to the top of my scrollback
Nov 08 00:24:35 <penis>    and it was complaining about gamergate
Nov 08 00:24:38 <penis>    jeez guys
Nov 08 00:24:55 <nalixor>    I can fix it
Nov 08 00:25:00 <nalixor>    !op
Nov 08 00:25:01 *    YoloSwagBot gives channel operator status to nalixor
Nov 08 00:25:03 *    nalixor sets mode +m on #modtalk
Nov 08 00:25:06 <nalixor>    ALL BETTER NOW
Nov 08 00:25:19 <nalixor>    now only alienth and YoloSwagBot can talk
Nov 08 00:25:35 *    nalixor sets mode -m on #modtalk
Nov 08 00:25:37 <nalixor>    😛
Nov 08 00:25:40 <nalixor>    !deop

Nov 08 20:29:37 <captainmeta4>    yeah we did
Nov 08 20:29:39 <captainmeta4>    action: report
Nov 08 20:29:54 <captainmeta4>    report_reason: NonEnglish or Donger – {{match-1}}
Nov 08 20:31:04 <penis>    lol
Nov 08 20:36:16 <BonSequitur>    Paradox: A bot that I could program to do automoderatoresque stuff, but using a Ruby DSL instead of fucking YAML, would be a dream come true
Nov 08 20:36:56 <BonSequitur>    Starting with a regex engine that isn’t total garbage and following on from there
Nov 08 20:41:16 <Aradon>    snarkypants: I fixed your automoderator config for parenting.
Nov 08 20:42:08 <AsAChemEngy>    nalixor, Forest_ why do you guys get so much shit in /r/games?
Nov 08 20:42:32 <nalixor>    because reddit is full of idiots.
Nov 08 20:42:53 <captainmeta4>    because gamers are sexist losers hashtag gamergate
Nov 08 20:42:57 <captainmeta4>    or some shit like that
Nov 08 20:43:00 <AsAChemEngy>    I found some “mod drama” through SRD about diversity in games.
Nov 08 20:43:07 <AsAChemEngy>    http://np.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/2loahd/diversity_in_videogames_an_interview_with_rhianna/clwoqb1
Nov 08 20:43:23 <nalixor>    that’s mod drama?
Nov 08 20:43:25 <Aradon>    https://np.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/2loahd/diversity_in_videogames_an_interview_with_rhianna/clwm52m
Nov 08 20:43:32 <cordismelum>    wat
Nov 08 20:43:39 <nalixor>    They asked why there’s so many deleted comments, and we answered?
Nov 08 20:43:53 <nalixor>    that’s kinda a big stretch, even for drama subs. 😛
Nov 08 20:43:59 <AsAChemEngy>    inorite

Nov 09 15:04:33 <xNiklasx>    http://www.quickmeme.com/img/3f/3fbb391807614147b0d67a1d0a98b412c01305fdaea0962f742441d688597134.jpg
Nov 09 15:04:36 <dukwon>    international law doesn’t
Nov 09 15:04:44 <BipolarBear0>    It’s considered a conflict
Nov 09 15:05:03 <dukwon>    “war” has been “illegal” for decades
Nov 09 15:05:05 <BipolarBear0>    But it’s still war
Nov 09 15:05:09 <dukwon>    so they just don’t call it war
Nov 09 15:05:13 <BipolarBear0>    Definitely wasn’t the Iraq Conflict
Nov 09 15:05:18 <clerical_terrors>    “armed conflict”
Nov 09 15:05:29 <clerical_terrors>    or “military intervention”
Nov 09 15:05:35 <clerical_terrors>    “use of force”
Nov 09 15:05:39 <xNiklasx>    humanitarian intervention¨
Nov 09 15:05:44 <Obliviater>    Yeah, my cousin didn’t lose an arm in a “conflict”
Nov 09 15:06:10 <Lurlur>    Trauermarsch, they aren’t my losses, exactly. It’s just things that tie me to remembering.
Nov 09 15:06:15 <clerical_terrors>    warriors are now known as “conflicteriors”
Nov 09 15:06:23 <xNiklasx>    bellator
Nov 09 15:06:36 <BipolarBear0>    They’re actually known as ‘heroes’
Nov 09 15:06:40 <BipolarBear0>    Get it right, gosh
Nov 09 15:06:58 <Obliviater>    Some soldiers are heros
Nov 09 15:07:03 <clerical_terrors>    depends on what side you’re and who you’re talking too
Nov 09 15:07:03 <Obliviater>    but not all
Nov 09 15:07:06 <BipolarBear0>    Bojack please

Nov 10 22:10:55 <nalixor>    Paradox, is there a way to list what words we have blocked with +g?
Nov 10 22:11:01 <Paradox>    yeah do /mode +g
Nov 10 22:11:04 <Paradox>    without any params
Nov 10 22:11:05 <hermithome>    @g why are you avoiding nalixor?
Nov 10 22:11:05 <EDI>    (hermithome) http://www.reddit.com/user/nalixor — overview for nalixor – Reddit: “Overview for videogamedigest by nalixorin spam. [–]nalixor[S] 0 … A lot of
Nov 10 22:11:31 <Paradox>    @gis is nalixor a bogan
Nov 10 22:11:31 <EDI>    (Paradox) http://www.zgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/bogan-250×250.jpg
Nov 10 22:11:39 <Paradox>    lol
Nov 10 22:11:41 <nalixor>    none of that should be blocking EDI
Nov 10 22:11:47 <hermithome>    @g nalixor conspiracy theories
Nov 10 22:11:47 <EDI>    (hermithome) http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2gekjz/comprehensive_overview_of_gamergate_censorship_on/ — Comprehensive overview of GamerGate censorship on reddit …: “Sep 14, 2014 … Xavier accused Nalixor of being pro Phil Fish and Zoe Quinn … Quite a lot of
Nov 10 22:11:52 <hermithome>    HAHAHAHAHA
Nov 10 22:11:56 <hermithome>    OMG, that worked!
Nov 10 22:12:05 <nalixor>    lel
Nov 10 22:12:07 <hermithome>    !comic
Nov 10 22:12:10 <weeedbot>    hermithome: http://i.imgur.com/wTpsdnm.jpg
Nov 10 22:12:12 <penis>    @g nalixor sux
Nov 10 22:12:13 <EDI>    (penis) http://www.reddit.com/r/RandomTrueFacts/ — r/RandomTrueFacts – Reddit: “Aug 9, 2014 … starskyyy suxThis subreddit doesn’t really exist, you are one person with …
Nov 10 22:12:19 <penis>    k
Nov 10 22:12:21 <nalixor>    god fucking dammit
Nov 10 22:12:24 <nalixor>    stop pinging me

Nov 13 22:13:56 <hermithome>    i can help
Nov 13 22:27:36 <nowhere3>    Is /r/standupshots the largest subreddit with a single moderator not counting AutoMod? Or has there been a subreddit that skyrocketed since this list was made: http://www.reddit.com/r/modtalk/comments/2cgt5u/what_are_the_largest_subs_with_only_1_moderator/cjgpj40
Nov 13 22:28:29 <angrypotato1>    http://www.reddit.com/r/talesfromtechsupport/
Nov 13 22:28:31 <angrypotato1>    is now
Nov 13 22:28:50 <multi-mod>    I would argue that /r/worldnews is the largest subreddit without any moderators
Nov 13 22:28:58 *    hermithome snorts
Nov 13 22:29:13 <multi-mod>    haha, I know hermithome would appreciate that
Nov 13 22:29:20 <angrypotato1>    wait and that’s on that list
Nov 13 22:29:21 <angrypotato1>    lolwut
Nov 13 22:29:34 <nowhere3>    Tales has two people
Nov 13 22:29:36 <nowhere3>    Or is one a bot
Nov 13 22:29:47 <PM>    so what the biggest communities you guys mod by yourself?
Nov 13 22:30:33 <nowhere3>    Ah, I see, it’s just AutoMod rebranded through CSS
Nov 13 22:31:22 <AsAChemEngy>    a couple internal subs for just some mod team peoples
Nov 13 22:31:38 <hermithome>    PM: i dont. i have a few friends who i trust to handle shit who i added to the ones i was doing solo. just in case i wasnt around and something came up.
Nov 13 22:32:02 <angrypotato1>    yeah same hermithome
Nov 13 22:32:08 <nekosune>    I often use a custom instance of automod myself
Nov 13 22:32:15 <angrypotato1>    I do almost all the modding in a lot of my subs
Nov 13 22:32:22 <angrypotato1>    but I’m not the official solo mod

Nov 22 23:24:55 <AsAChemEngy>    Oh okay. It’s gonna be weird the day the equivolent to the Unibomber starts posting to reddit.
Nov 22 23:25:02 <x_minus_one>    oh, let me guess, kiddie porn people
Nov 22 23:25:28 <x_minus_one>    “So, I have really *important* stuff on this hard drive, and it crashed… and I can’t have a professional work on it because reasons.  What can I do?”
Nov 22 23:26:40 <Mikee>    awhile back there was a post where someone wanted to bring down their campus network so they could blame it for not having their final project done
Nov 22 23:27:19 <Mikee>    and they had access to a room with a “ton of ethernet wires running everywhere”
Nov 22 23:28:49 <x_minus_one>    ⊙▃⊙
Nov 22 23:29:21 <AsAChemEngy>    Solution: knock everything over and smash the drives with a hammer while chanting lines out of the Satanic Verses
Nov 22 23:30:40 <supergauntlet>    sorry for linking dailydot but what le fugg
Nov 22 23:30:40 <supergauntlet>    http://www.dailydot.com/politics/8chan-pedophiles-child-porn-gamergate/
Nov 22 23:31:03 <AsAChemEngy>    that url title
Nov 22 23:31:21 <AsAChemEngy>    it’s like all the cancerous phrases of reddit smacked into one
Nov 22 23:31:41 <supergauntlet>    lel
Nov 22 23:32:15 <AsAChemEngy>    Also if you’ve ever visited 8chan, this is blatently obvious and why I noped the fuck out of there in 0.8 seconds.
Nov 22 23:32:23 <x_minus_one>    lol
Nov 22 23:32:45 <AsAChemEngy>    Like that place makes 4chan look like askscience in terms of moderation.
Nov 22 23:33:41 <AsAChemEngy>    Full disclosure, I only visited because there was a brigade post there that got linked to from SRD I beleieve awhile back.
Nov 22 23:43:57 <x_minus_one>    “the central hive of Gamergate”
Nov 22 23:44:13 <x_minus_one>    hmm.
Nov 22 23:44:28 <x_minus_one>    something tells me that if there was violentacrez 2.0 suddenly Reddit would be “the central hive of Gamergate”
Nov 22 23:48:14 <XavierMendel>    Hm
Nov 22 23:48:33 <XavierMendel>    “The people we don’t like are pedophiles!” seems like a very familiar thing.
Nov 22 23:48:51 <XavierMendel>    It reminds me of nearly every big political campaign in the 90s and early 00s.
Nov 22 23:49:06 <x_minus_one>    THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!
Nov 22 23:49:17 <XavierMendel>    chocolate salty balls
Nov 22 23:49:33 <XavierMendel>    But yeah, it’s a VERY old game
Nov 22 23:49:33 <Paradox>    you know jawbreaker candies?
Nov 22 23:49:45 <Paradox>    thats what gamergate is
Nov 22 23:49:49 <Paradox>    but instead of candy
Nov 22 23:49:50 <Paradox>    its butthurt
Nov 22 23:49:58 <XavierMendel>    Nobody can sympathize or stand up for pedophiles, so accusing your opponents of pedophilia (or being soft on the issue) is a guaranteed win
Nov 22 23:50:00 <Paradox>    you have the gamers butthurt for whatever reason
Nov 22 23:50:12 <Paradox>    and then the sjws butthurt because the gamers used sjw tactics against them
Nov 22 23:50:23 <XavierMendel>    I’ve been away from the internet for over a week
Nov 22 23:50:27 <XavierMendel>    so idk if anything new happened
Nov 22 23:50:53 <XavierMendel>    Anyway, the idea of “my opponent is ___________” is as old as people
Nov 22 23:51:01 <x_minus_one>    I can’t even remember what gamergate is actually about
Nov 22 23:51:12 <XavierMendel>    Discredit the opposition by planting the idea of them being something bad by saying it loudly and often enough
Nov 22 23:51:14 <Forest|>    oh god
Nov 22 23:51:15 <Forest|>    pls
Nov 22 23:51:17 <Forest|>    no gamergate
Nov 22 23:51:37 <XavierMendel>    Anyone remember the George W. Bush presidency campaign?
Nov 22 23:51:43 <Forest|>    nah
Nov 22 23:51:52 <x_minus_one>    hahahaha oh dubya
Nov 22 23:51:56 <Forest|>    anyone remember pizza?
Nov 22 23:51:58 <Forest|>    Pizza is good
Nov 22 23:52:31 <XavierMendel>    Back in 2000 when he was campaigning, a bunch of rumors spread saying that Bush murdered children while in the military.
Nov 22 23:52:46 <XavierMendel>    Of course, he was only ever in the National Guard, but it didn’t matter.
Nov 22 23:53:05 <Forest|>    People are dumb all the time
Nov 22 23:53:06 <XavierMendel>    You can’t defend kid murderin’, so it’s an easy victory.
Nov 22 23:53:15 <Forest|>    Just don’t listen to dumb rumors

Nov 24 01:28:59 <supergauntlet>    that sounds terrible
Nov 24 01:29:11 <supergauntlet>    pls tell me more about butt pregnancy
Nov 24 01:29:23 *    supergauntlet jots down notes for when he eventally finds a nice guy
Nov 24 01:29:42 <x_minus_one>    well, when a top and a bottom love each other very much, and they don’t live in a Republican state…
Nov 24 01:29:54 <supergauntlet>    i like this explanation already
Nov 24 01:30:44 <x_minus_one>    lol
Nov 24 01:32:18 <x_minus_one>    so I heard that greatapes is getting defaulted
Nov 24 01:32:27 <supergauntlet>    is that so
Nov 24 01:32:36 <supergauntlet>    man could you imagine the shitstorm
Nov 24 01:32:47 <x_minus_one>    new defaults: TRP, mensrights, greatapes, kotakuinaction, and twox
Nov 24 01:32:59 <x_minus_one>    (twox is just to piss people off even more)
Nov 24 01:33:02 <supergauntlet>    i’d be totally for this tbh
Nov 24 01:33:16 <supergauntlet>    just because i dont use reddit in earnest anymore outside of private subs anyways
Nov 24 01:33:20 <JustPassingThrough>    add all the sj and antisj subs together for funsies
Nov 24 01:33:30 <supergauntlet>    yeah def. default SRS and SRSsucks
Nov 24 01:33:37 <supergauntlet>    and also againstmensrights
Nov 24 01:34:22 <x_minus_one>    gamerghazi
Nov 24 01:34:28 <x_minus_one>    this would be a good april fools joke
Nov 24 01:34:29 <JustPassingThrough>    bah 9/11 videos and pics making it to /r/all
Nov 24 01:34:38 <x_minus_one>    We’re banning greatapes!

Nov 24 22:23:19 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>     What the hell
Nov 24 22:23:23 <cordismelum>    D:
Nov 24 22:23:26 <x_minus_one>    bet ya won’t see that reported on the news
Nov 24 22:23:53 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Jesus there weren’t even protesters where they looked like they shot it
Nov 24 22:24:04 <fritzly>    the guy who is filming sounds like he is an /r/conspiracy regular
Nov 24 22:24:20 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    I won’t agrue with that
Nov 24 22:24:37 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    but he’s in the heat of the action, has a good camera and isnt fox
Nov 24 22:24:45 <x_minus_one>    greatapes is in the chat -_-
Nov 24 22:24:57 <cordismelum>    -_-
Nov 24 22:25:03 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    -_-
Nov 24 22:25:07 <x_minus_one>    lol “ZoeQuinn: THANKS #GAMERGATE”
Nov 24 22:25:18 <fritzly>    I bet SRS is behind this
Nov 24 22:25:33 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    srs probably sides with darren wilson
Nov 24 22:25:53 <fritzly>    87 ppl arrested says one commenter
Nov 24 22:25:59 <cordismelum>    already?
Nov 24 22:26:05 <x_minus_one>    omg
Nov 24 22:26:06 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    I would’ve thought more
Nov 24 22:26:11 <x_minus_one>    this is crazy
Nov 24 22:26:26 <PM>    that stream is nuts
Nov 24 22:26:32 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    I know someone who was there in the initial riots
Nov 24 22:27:03 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    he said it was crazy. But he said thos will be much worse. I’m not glad but it was bound to happen

Nov 25 13:27:44 <Meneth>    You should invade Canada and immediately surrender and become a territory of Canada.
Nov 25 13:27:53 <XavierMendel>    Surrender? What am I, French?
Nov 25 13:27:57 <Meneth>    Yep.
Nov 25 13:27:59 <XavierMendel>    Americans don’t surrender.
Nov 25 13:28:02 <XavierMendel>    Well
Nov 25 13:28:05 <XavierMendel>    That one time…
Nov 25 13:28:11 <XavierMendel>    No, we didn’t surrender.
Nov 25 13:28:20 <XavierMendel>    We decided to invade ourselves instead, peacefully.
Nov 25 13:28:49 <XavierMendel>    The invasion continues, with millions of soldiers occupying their own houses.
Nov 25 13:31:53 <XavierMendel>    Jesus, over 27000 comments on the /r/news ferguson post
Nov 25 13:32:08 <XavierMendel>    If that sub is properly moderated: RIP mods
Nov 25 13:32:49 <SolarAquarion>    it aint
Nov 25 13:33:25 <XavierMendel>    Oh, then business as usual
Nov 25 13:34:08 <XavierMendel>    I don’t like to say if a sub’s moderation is good or not in here anymore. Whenever I do, no matter how obvious, it’s a shitstorm.
Nov 25 13:34:30 <XavierMendel>    “Hey, just because I only have one action per month and call everyone in modmail “fuckwig”, doesn’t mean I’m a bad mod.”
Nov 25 13:34:32 <XavierMendel>    Etc
Nov 25 13:35:31 <x_minus_one>    “Just because I’ve never made a mod action in 4 years, that doesn’t mean I’m a bad mod!”
Nov 25 13:36:06 <XavierMendel>    “Just because I mod a political sub and only remove threads from one viewpoint, doesn’t make me biased.”

Nov 25 17:16:17 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Hello
Nov 25 17:17:19 <allthefoxes>    hi
Nov 25 17:17:50 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Whats crackin
Nov 25 17:21:21 <zonination>    Reddit?
Nov 25 17:21:42 <x_minus_one>    Censorship by mods on Reddit XD
Nov 25 17:21:43 <Forest|>    8chan?
Nov 25 17:21:50 <Forest|>    lol
Nov 25 17:21:59 <x_minus_one>    the struggle is real
Nov 25 17:22:17 <Forest|>    x_minus_one, just start it with “reddit mods did nothing wrong”
Nov 25 17:22:37 <x_minus_one>    LEAVE! MODS! ALONE!  I mean it!
Nov 25 17:23:03 <Forest|>    present them with this chat
Nov 25 17:23:12 <Forest|>    then everyone can see how sad we really are
Nov 25 17:23:31 <x_minus_one>    hahaha
Nov 25 17:24:02 <x_minus_one>    at least it’s not about violentacrez or something
Nov 25 17:24:02 <BipolarBear0>    Was that actually an assigned subject

Nov 25 17:38:37 <SolarAquarion>    _Taydolph_Swiftler_, oh, agentlame
Nov 25 17:38:52 <SolarAquarion>    i mean he censored the memes of atheism
Nov 25 17:39:02 <SolarAquarion>    also GodOfAtheism and syncretic
Nov 25 17:39:11 <SolarAquarion>    !mods atheism
Nov 25 17:39:12 <redditBot>    r/atheism has 22 mods: tuber, jij, AtheismModBot, ManWithoutModem, GodOfAtheism, HermesTheMessenger, mepper, rasungod0, Guck_Mal, ChemicalSerenity, Dudesan, Hypersapien, dumnezero, Mayniak0, jamie79512, Galphanore, Feinberg, jpeger0101, AutoModerator, rAtheismMods, Santa_on_a_stick, and greatyellowshark
Nov 25 17:39:40 <x_minus_one>    “Some communities have as many as 400 moderators to censor user content.”
Nov 25 17:39:50 <SolarAquarion>    hue
Nov 25 17:40:17 <SolarAquarion>    x_minus_one, askscience and askhistory
Nov 25 17:40:25 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Abcquerty123 censors everything not corey
Nov 25 17:41:03 <SolarAquarion>    _Taydolph_Swiftler_, something about the memes of atheism
Nov 25 17:41:11 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    for real though the gamergate and nod connections would be a good example
Nov 25 17:41:12 <SolarAquarion>    being demolished by mods
Nov 25 17:41:20 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Hehe
Nov 25 17:41:33 <SolarAquarion>    x_minus_one, do /r/atheism!
Nov 25 17:41:52 <x_minus_one>    haha this will be interesting
Nov 25 17:42:07 <x_minus_one>    http://i.imgur.com/FgcI2rq.jpg
Nov 25 17:42:18 <SolarAquarion>    x_minus_one, you’re  a mod there are ways to have shit loads of fun with it
Nov 25 17:42:41 <SolarAquarion>    lol
Nov 25 17:43:47 <x_minus_one>    Our prof is a neckbeard, I bet he’s a redditor
Nov 25 17:44:06 <_Taydolph_Swiftler_>    Point him to justneckbeardthings

Nov 29 15:51:57 <Lurlur>    lost in the purge, XM?
Nov 29 15:52:05 <XavierMendel>    https://www.reddit.com/r/subredditoftheday/comments/1fyqvi/june_9th_2013_rparadoxplaza_a_series_of_maps_that/
Nov 29 15:52:07 <XavierMendel>    Yup.
Nov 29 15:52:16 <XavierMendel>    Good thing I add a signature to all my SROTD posts
Nov 29 15:52:17 <Lurlur>    Oh, I was just doing that XD
Nov 29 15:52:42 <Meneth>    7550 subs. Now that’s a long time ago.
Nov 29 15:52:59 <Meneth>    XavierMendel: GamerGhazi sub of the day when? 😉
Nov 29 15:53:04 <Lurlur>    I was just looking in the spreadsheet
Nov 29 15:53:18 <Lurlur>    Meneth, that’s on my dibs list…
Nov 29 15:53:20 <XavierMendel>    Meneth: Never. Whenever I do anything remotely controversial I get shat on for a few months. No thank you.
Nov 29 15:53:36 <XavierMendel>    I decided not to do kotakuinaction when requested, even
Nov 29 15:53:38 <Meneth>    Yeah. Don’t even consider it. I don’t think we could handle the GGer influx.
Nov 29 15:53:39 <andytuba>    you do have that laxiermendel
Nov 29 15:53:47 <Meneth>    XavierMendel: KiA is pretty shit anyway 😛
Nov 29 15:53:58 <XavierMendel>    And gamerghazi isn’t?
Nov 29 15:54:01 <Lurlur>    I have both KiA and GG on my list
Nov 29 15:54:21 <Meneth>    XavierMendel: It’s basically just laughing at people being terrible.
Nov 29 15:54:33 <XavierMendel>    And kotakuinaction isn’t?
Nov 29 15:54:34 <Meneth>    I did love when KiA ended up not even talking about video games for a day though.
Nov 29 15:54:45 <Meneth>    Instead talking about some guy’s shirt.
Nov 29 15:54:53 <XavierMendel>    They’re both subs defended and loved by their respective sides
Nov 29 15:55:12 <XavierMendel>    Neither is perfect or horrible, but people say they are depending on which bias they confirm
Nov 29 15:55:26 <XavierMendel>    it’s a shitstorm I’d rather not have in SROTD
Nov 29 15:55:30 <Meneth>    Ghazi isn’t perfect. It is a lot better than KiA though (not that that’s saying much).
Nov 29 15:55:47 <Lurlur>    In your opinion, Meneth
Nov 29 15:55:51 <XavierMendel>    Lurlur: this
Nov 29 15:56:05 <XavierMendel>    In your opinion it’s better because it fits your views more than KIA does.
Nov 29 15:56:20 <Meneth>    XavierMendel: I know. I’m not anti-feminist, so I have an inherent bias.
Nov 29 15:56:20 <Lurlur>    XM, are we agreeing on something?
Nov 29 15:56:26 <Lurlur>    ALERT THE PRESSES!
Nov 29 15:56:27 <XavierMendel>    Lurlur: It happens more than you’d think.
Nov 29 15:56:37 <Lurlur>    I know, I tease.
Nov 29 15:56:45 <XavierMendel>    KIA isn’t anti-feminist either, as far as I can tell.
Nov 29 15:56:48 <Meneth>    Now if KiA would just openly admit it is pretty much only about anti-feminism, I’d have a lot more respect for them :)
Nov 29 15:57:06 <Meneth>    XavierMendel: Their top post of all time is whining about “SJWs”.
Nov 29 15:57:13 <XavierMendel>    Due to the harassment I’ve gotten from people who browse gamerghazi, I’m more biased toward kotakuinaction. That said, I don’t agree with them on all points either.
Nov 29 15:57:16 <Meneth>    They’re pretty clear-cut anti-feminists.
Nov 29 15:57:32 <XavierMendel>    SJWism isn’t feminism
Nov 29 15:57:47 <XavierMendel>    That’s like saying ISIS is all of Islam
Nov 29 15:57:50 <Meneth>    The SJWs in question were giving a bit of criticism for a bad shirt.
Nov 29 15:57:52 <Lurlur>    ^
Nov 29 15:58:14 <XavierMendel>    I can criticize SJWs all I want, while still supporting the equal rights of women.
Nov 29 15:58:26 <Lurlur>    Indeed
Nov 29 15:58:36 <Meneth>    I’d recommend not referring to them as SJWs, as that term has lost all meaning.
Nov 29 15:58:43 <XavierMendel>    Just because I’m against people who think all men are monster rapists, doesn’t mean I won’t stand up for those same people when they’re legitimately discriminated against.
Nov 29 15:58:51 <Meneth>    Criticising someone’s tacky shirt is enough to make you an SJW these days.

Nov 30 21:39:45 <x_minus_one>    spam glorious spam
Nov 30 21:41:07 <nalixor>    I have killed many spammers.
Nov 30 21:41:24 <nalixor>    I think me and Foamed are the only two /r/Games mods that go way out of our way to kill spammers.
Nov 30 21:41:35 <x_minus_one>    A moment of silence for the valiant spammers.
Nov 30 21:41:47 <fritzly>    I was an r/Games mod once
Nov 30 21:41:49 <fritzly>    good time
Nov 30 21:41:52 <fritzly>    z
Nov 30 21:41:59 <nalixor>    that was a dark time
Nov 30 21:42:22 <x_minus_one>    dae gamergate?
Nov 30 21:42:30 <nalixor>    we all dwelled in the deepest, darkest caves of reddit.. trying futilely to hide from fritzly’s gaze
Nov 30 21:42:57 <fritzly>    Hey, I just went a lil mad with power
Nov 30 21:43:06 <fritzly>    Most of the people I didnt even ban
Nov 30 21:43:20 <gorillagnomes>    ha ha ha
Nov 30 21:43:23 <gorillagnomes>    power!!! Pooooowwwwweeeerrrrrr
Nov 30 21:43:27 <x_minus_one>    you were LITERALLY HITLER
Nov 30 21:43:31 <nalixor>    you just drove them to madness, and they took their own lives
Nov 30 21:43:50 <nalixor>    you tormented them endlessly, like a demonic spirit
Nov 30 21:44:14 <fritzly>    hehe, that was fun
Nov 30 21:44:28 <nalixor>    but you were DRIVEN OUT

Dec 01 21:23:54 <Flashynuff>    also, /r/boxed, i think.
Dec 01 21:23:54 <psdtwk>    r/boxed ?
Dec 01 21:23:59 <gorillagnomes>    Ah, yes, I can do that. I don’t know why I didn’t consider it
Dec 01 21:24:03 <gorillagnomes>    thanks. Sorry I’m dumb
Dec 01 21:24:06 <fritzly>    heh
Dec 01 21:24:06 <Flashynuff>    np
Dec 01 21:24:17 <Flashynuff>    http://www.reddit.com/r/boxed
Dec 01 21:24:29 <psdtwk>    my nose is running and I can’t catch it!
Dec 01 21:24:46 <gorillagnomes>    http://lh3.ggpht.com/_hlmLv4i7i4g/TZ0reaLcS9I/AAAAAAAACFA/gEpW4nWCLo8/image%5B90%5D.png?imgmax=800
Dec 01 21:26:15 <x_minus_one>    I see the boxed theme and think of /r/kotakuinaction for some reason 😛
Dec 01 21:28:05 <fritzly>    ha
Dec 01 21:28:26 <fritzly>    omg 21,506 READERS
Dec 01 21:28:31 <fritzly>    KiA has really grown
Dec 01 21:28:37 <Lurlur>    …
Dec 01 21:29:02 <Lurlur>    people love it 😛
Dec 01 21:29:24 <x_minus_one>    http://www.reddit.com/user/x_minus_one/m/tehpatriarchy
Dec 01 21:31:06 <hermithome>    okay, congratulate me
Dec 01 21:31:45 *    fritzly congratulates hermithome
Dec 01 21:31:47 <hermithome>    i just took out the trash, and recycling, put the clothes on the floor in the laundry basket, put the dishes in the dishwasher and chopped up an apple for dinner
Dec 01 21:31:49 <x_minus_one>    @gis conglaturation
Dec 01 21:31:49 <EDI>    (x_minus_one) http://i.ytimg.com/vi/gFg6QOlV-EE/hqdefault.jpg
Dec 01 21:31:56 <hermithome>    now i’m exhasted and need to crash
Dec 01 21:32:17 <Lurlur>    well done, hermithome

Dec 04 01:58:03 <BipolarBear0>    Congrats
Dec 04 01:58:04 <Paradox>    when people didnt bitch about sexism or other bullshit in memes
Dec 04 01:58:09 <fritzly>    ty
Dec 04 01:58:42 <fritzly>    when a large subreddit was 50k
Dec 04 01:59:38 <fritzly>    It is funny reading back on things and seeing stuff like “/r/worldnews just hit 50k subsribers”
Dec 04 02:01:33 <BipolarBear0>    I remember when a front page post had 1,000 upvotes
Dec 04 02:01:37 <BipolarBear0>    And that was a hell of an accomplishment
Dec 04 02:01:45 <BipolarBear0>    Now they regularly top 4-5k
Dec 04 02:04:03 <fritzly>    there was a ToR post full of old timers complaining about how its harder to get those trophies now with karma inflation or what ever they called it
Dec 04 02:07:17 <fritzly>    sidenote
Dec 04 02:07:18 <fritzly>    http://www.reddit.com/r/HailCorporate/comments/2o659u/shout_out_to_rkotakuinaction_a_sub_that_shares/
Dec 04 02:07:20 <EDI>    (fritzly) Shout out to /r/KotakuInAction. A sub that shares some common interests with /r/HailCorporate. : HailCorporate – posted by MrCrocodog 13 hours ago ago – 203 comments
Dec 04 02:07:27 <fritzly>    this thread is hilarious
Dec 04 02:09:28 <BipolarBear0>    Common interests like insanity
Dec 04 02:09:46 <BipolarBear0>    And a complete and utter lack of common sense
Dec 04 02:09:59 <BipolarBear0>    Damnit reddit makes me really judgemental
Dec 04 02:10:19 <BipolarBear0>    People aren’t this way in real life
Dec 04 02:10:22 <BipolarBear0>    It’s just on reddit
Dec 04 02:16:21 <fritzly>    s/aren’t/aren’t publically
Dec 04 02:16:21 <EDI>    Correction, <BipolarBear0> People aren’t publically  this way in real life
Dec 04 02:16:34 <fritzly>    people are shitty in real life too

Dec 05 15:37:38 <gorillagnomes>    http://imgur.com/gallery/1XlMbpm
Dec 05 15:40:08 <fritzly>    lol
Dec 05 15:41:46 <x_minus_one>    god, daychilde is like a cat… in and out, in and out
Dec 05 15:42:01 <x_minus_one>    nalixor and fritzly: https://www.reddit.com/r/nottheonion/comments/2occ7w/gta5_fans_launch_petition_to_force_target_to/
Dec 05 15:47:55 <fritzly>    ah I see
Dec 05 15:48:06 <fritzly>    had a hard time finding it first
Dec 05 15:48:11 <fritzly>    > / r / KotakuInAction
Dec 05 15:48:31 <fritzly>    why do people type like that
Dec 05 15:49:26 <x_minus_one>    Probably think we have automod set up for the link?
Dec 05 15:49:28 <greenduch>    to intentionally not link to it
Dec 05 15:50:02 <Paradox>    ye
Dec 05 15:50:28 <x_minus_one>    As if we can’t just add “kotakuinaction” to automod.
Dec 05 15:51:49 <Paradox>    to quote family guy: oh my god who the hell cares
Dec 05 15:52:06 <Paradox>    also http://hogscal.de/r
Dec 05 15:52:07 <Paradox>    lol
Dec 05 15:53:16 <xNiklasx>    nearly blew my ears out with that link
Dec 05 15:53:22 <dukwon>    I can’t hear shit
Dec 05 15:53:52 <xNiklasx>    a lot of nöff nöffing

Dec 05 19:18:43 <BipolarBear>    Yeah Miranda said that
Dec 05 19:19:14 <Discord_Danzig>    It’d make sense though, their anti-feminist rhetoric is more “impactful” in their minds because people think they are a woman I suppose.
Dec 05 19:19:35 <BipolarBear>    Didn’t he talk about how forced fingering isn’t rape or something
Dec 05 19:20:06 <mobilehypo>    O_O
Dec 05 19:20:11 <Discord_Danzig>    They have voiced support for pretty much every “shitlord” trope that exists, from racism being okay, to rape not being rape, the whole shabang.
Dec 05 19:21:12 <Discord_Danzig>    Which, whatever, their opinions are not my concern.
Dec 05 19:21:32 <BipolarBear>    A shitty person makes a shitty mod
Dec 05 19:21:49 <BipolarBear>    And a shitty mod bakes a shitty cake
Dec 05 19:22:34 <snarkypants>    im sure some shitty mods are great bakers
Dec 05 19:23:20 <Discord_Danzig>    Idk TiA and KiA are full of people of Miss_A’s demographic and while I disagree with them they run a tight ship in their own warped way.
Dec 05 19:24:21 <Lurlur>    I’m a shitty mod and a wonderful baker
Dec 05 19:24:47 <BipolarBear>    Didn’t he get demodded from TiA for whatever reason
Dec 05 19:25:24 <Discord_Danzig>    Yeah
Dec 05 19:25:29 <Discord_Danzig>    I went back and re-read the SRD post about it
Dec 05 19:26:07 <Discord_Danzig>    Basically pissed off all the other mods to the point that they stopped moderating until EFS got tired of them and booted them (also after some other drama that was the straw that broke the camel’s back)
Dec 05 19:26:53 <Discord_Danzig>    They were (as a woman) trying to get people to dox themselves by flirting with them or something bizarre like that.
Dec 05 19:27:06 <Discord_Danzig>    the internet is a weird place.

Dec 09 12:15:58 <x_minus_one>    CMV: I think that libertarians are idiots, especially ones who force their views on everyone
Dec 09 12:16:15 <x_minus_one>    CMV: I think the average Redditor is a fat, lazy neckbeard with a micropenis
Dec 09 12:16:25 <daychilde>    TIL I’m average!
Dec 09 12:16:38 *    cwenham has been collecting CMV tropes with bookmarks. The “feminism is bad” folder is large.
Dec 09 12:17:08 <x_minus_one>    ^_^
Dec 09 12:17:30 <x_minus_one>    CMV: I think that sleeping with the people who review your games is bad.
Dec 09 12:17:37 <cwenham>    I’d copy-n-paste that folder here, but IRC would kick me for flooding.
Dec 09 12:17:52 <daychilde>    Hmm… have you noticed any ones like “CMV: I think saying ‘faggot’ is okay”? I haven’t been able to articulate a view that changes minds, and as an SJW, I need one. (am actually serious)
Dec 09 12:18:18 <cwenham>    Oy #gamergate.
Dec 09 12:18:19 <daychilde>    (except the stupid “SJW” term, although I’ve been called that occasionally)
Dec 09 12:18:34 <Lurlur>    What’s CMV?
Dec 09 12:18:41 <astarkey12>    changemyview
Dec 09 12:18:42 <daychilde>    Let me CYV about not knowing… :)
Dec 09 12:18:46 <Lurlur>    Ooooh
Dec 09 12:18:53 <cwenham>    daychilde: haven’t noticed many of those.
Dec 09 12:19:09 <daychilde>    thanks :)
Dec 09 12:19:26 <cwenham>    It’s usually about the N-word.
Dec 09 12:19:31 <daychilde>    I should be less lazy and spend more time googling, especially since I hate being downvoted when I post and I’m not gonna stop posting. lol

Dec 09 14:19:11 <creesch>    We only started doing them for the past few versions
Dec 09 14:19:30 <captainmeta4>    Corrupting Caterpiller sounds better
Dec 09 14:19:59 <x_minus_one>    Ah, that explains it
Dec 09 14:20:07 <x_minus_one>    I was like how many hilarious ones am I missing?
Dec 09 14:21:07 <x_minus_one>    NSA Newt
Dec 09 14:22:58 <captainmeta4>    Stalking Stickbug
Dec 09 14:23:05 <captainmeta4>    (not really, i just made that one up)
Dec 09 14:23:19 <x_minus_one>    Scandalous Salamander
Dec 09 14:23:24 <x_minus_one>    Gamergate Gorilla
Dec 09 14:23:56 <x_minus_one>    SJW Seal
Dec 09 14:24:15 <captainmeta4>    Sexist Sloth
Dec 09 14:24:18 <captainmeta4>    Racist Rabbit
Dec 09 14:24:56 <captainmeta4>    there should be a Cisgendered Shitlord release
Dec 09 14:27:17 <x_minus_one>    yes!
Dec 09 14:27:31 <x_minus_one>    Feminist Frog
Dec 09 14:27:35 <x_minus_one>    MRA Moose
Dec 09 14:29:22 <supergauntlet>    srs pls go
Dec 09 14:29:35 <Flashynuff>    srs

Dec 10 00:28:14 <Relic2279>    4chan is only my codename. my real name is 2ch
Dec 10 00:28:16 <fritzly>    does rss email or pm?
Dec 10 00:28:36 <PM>    use IFTT
Dec 10 00:28:39 <daychilde>    I’m so leet I’m halfchan.
Dec 10 00:28:41 <XavierMendel>    Relic2279: not glorious infinitechan
Dec 10 00:28:46 <PM>    to sent you a text or email
Dec 10 00:28:51 <sodypop>    oh, you might have to add your private rss token to that, you get that from your prefs/rss page
Dec 10 00:29:27 <XavierMendel>    infinitechan truly is an interesting website. The ability to create your own boards and moderate them is like reddit, but its atmosphere and imageboard nature is like 4chan.
Dec 10 00:29:49 <fritzly>    I though 8chan was like that?
Dec 10 00:29:54 <XavierMendel>    Infinitechan is 8chan
Dec 10 00:30:03 <fritzly>    oh well yeah duh
Dec 10 00:30:04 <XavierMendel>    8chan’s logo is the 8 on its side, so it’s called infinitechan
Dec 10 00:30:20 <fritzly>    I thought of that as soon as I hit enter
Dec 10 00:30:20 <XavierMendel>    My only gripe with 8chan is that it’s setting itself up for criticism
Dec 10 00:30:29 <x_minus_one>    seems to be working for me sodypop
Dec 10 00:30:39 <XavierMendel>    It has too much porn on it and, even if 4chan has the same stuff, it’s new and will be criticized
Dec 10 00:31:01 <daychilde>    “too much porn” – I’m sorry, my brain cannot process that series of words. 😉
Dec 10 00:31:31 <XavierMendel>    I have two reactions to porn: “that’s gross” or “that’s hilarious”
Dec 10 00:31:52 <ScarletAngel>    ^
Dec 10 00:31:58 <XavierMendel>    I don’t know why, but naked people are funny to look at
Dec 10 00:32:01 <fritzly>    its hard to browse a website that has porn unexpectedly
Dec 10 00:32:11 <fritzly>    like in public
Dec 10 00:32:12 <XavierMendel>    They all look like shaved monkeys.
Dec 10 00:32:19 <XavierMendel>    8chan has sfw and nsfw boards afaik
Dec 10 00:32:55 <XavierMendel>    But yeah
Dec 10 00:33:03 <XavierMendel>    Most porn I see is like, “lol people do that?”
Dec 10 00:33:33 <daychilde>    oh, was just being silly. There’s a time and a place for porn, and that’s not 24/7. lol
Dec 10 00:33:49 <XavierMendel>    Eh
Dec 10 00:34:12 <XavierMendel>    For us asexuals, porn is replaced with baked goods. Especially cake.
Dec 10 00:34:25 <XavierMendel>    The time and place for cake is everywhen and everywhere.
Dec 10 00:34:33 <x_minus_one>    mmm!
Dec 10 00:34:36 <daychilde>    :)
Dec 10 00:34:43 <x_minus_one>    what, you don’t like fish tacos?
Dec 10 00:34:46 <ScarletAngel>    I’m sorry, I’m all out of cake. Only death is left.
Dec 10 00:35:01 <XavierMendel>    Minus the sexual innuendo, I like all foods more or less.
Dec 10 00:35:07 <XavierMendel>    I’m a very non-picky eater.
Dec 10 00:35:15 <daychilde>    Well, I’m out of people to ban for acting poorly, so… bed time here. Night, all. :) Also, do you have a flag? No flag, no country…. according to the rules I just made up <3
Dec 10 00:35:27 <XavierMendel>    Flag?
Dec 10 00:35:29 <fritzly>    https://8chan.co/pokeporn/
Dec 10 00:35:34 <ScarletAngel>    daychilde++
Dec 10 00:35:37 <daychilde|zzz>    flag -> Eddie Izzard :)
Dec 10 00:35:52 <XavierMendel>    Pokeporn? Poke? Like
Dec 10 00:35:53 <XavierMendel>    oh
Dec 10 00:35:55 <XavierMendel>    okay
Dec 10 00:36:01 <daychilde|zzz>    n/m, you were probably giving the bit I skipped lol
Dec 10 00:36:06 <daychilde|zzz>    nite nite fo reals
Dec 10 00:36:08 <ScarletAngel>    nn

Dec 12 02:16:35 <multi-mod>    http://www.reddit.com/domain/weburbanist.com/
Dec 12 02:16:39 <daychilde>    I tried to register “violenthectarez” the other day, but someone long ago beat me to it :(
Dec 12 02:16:44 <multi-mod>    that domain seems fishy, but I can’t put my hand on why
Dec 12 02:17:28 <multi-mod>    it probably doesn’t help that they have a subreddit that screams of SEO
Dec 12 02:17:29 <multi-mod>    http://www.reddit.com/r/weburbanist
Dec 12 02:17:29 <EDI>    (multi-mod) Sharing cool/interesting/inspiring things we find on weburbanist.com – posted by loprian 28 days ago ago – 1 comment
Dec 12 02:17:58 <x_minus_one>    nice try, dodongo!
Dec 12 02:17:59 <weeedbot>    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
Dec 12 02:18:26 <multi-mod>    damnit weedbot, you will enver have flair
Dec 12 02:18:35 <multi-mod>    or coffee
Dec 12 02:18:41 <multi-mod>    or gamergate
Dec 12 02:18:53 <multi-mod>    I give up
Dec 12 02:18:59 <x_minus_one>    gamerghazi
Dec 12 02:22:31 <x_minus_one>    !comic
Dec 12 02:22:34 <weeedbot>    x_minus_one: http://i.imgur.com/lnInoc3.jpg
Dec 12 02:22:47 <x_minus_one>    😛
Dec 12 02:23:23 <multi-mod>    I didn’t realize the top post on /r/futurology was by an (ex) admin

Dec 17 13:45:27 <hermithome>    fuck
Dec 17 13:46:04 <hermithome>    i think we’re actually going to have to add a rule saying “no posts telling us about your idea for a game, where you have no skill whatsoever and want to know how to get your game made”
Dec 17 13:46:18 <hermithome>    like, it’s becoming a regular thing
Dec 17 13:46:38 <x_minus_one>    ugh why are there so many submissions today??
Dec 17 13:50:03 <Kaphox>    firstworldproblems?
Dec 17 13:50:22 <x_minus_one>    they’re all shitposts though
Dec 17 13:50:50 <Kaphox>    ah
Dec 17 13:52:58 <x_minus_one>    Ah, I love angry modmails. “Man the fact that you guys don’t think there’s something wrong about making fun of women for enjoying sex is just whack. I used to love /r/(redacted) but if this is the quality of the new mod this subreddit is just going to be misogynist chest bumping by the end of the year. And the internet really didn’t need another place like this, but whatever you’ve made your point clear. You would think gamergate would have giv
Dec 17 13:53:18 <x_minus_one>    “I’m sure jezebel, and feministing will have some choice things to say about the reddit neckbeards getting their lady hate on, and that will be so much better for the subreddit than you trying to do something about it in house.”
Dec 17 13:56:40 <hermithome>    x_minus_one: lol. what?
Dec 17 13:56:45 <hermithome>    what sub?
Dec 17 13:56:53 <x_minus_one>    someone’s butthurt that photos of trashy women are being posted on /r/trashy
Dec 17 13:57:09 <hermithome>    and they think the mods will care?
Dec 17 13:57:19 <BipolarBear0>    I get what he’s saying
Dec 17 13:57:27 <BipolarBear0>    But he was very quick to getting all pissy and confrontational
Dec 17 13:57:37 <BipolarBear0>    And he thinks threatening us will make us like him better?
Dec 17 13:57:58 <hermithome>    this is reddit. bastion of misogynistic dudebros. i seriously cant believe whoever that was bothered to complain
Dec 17 13:57:59 <x_minus_one>    “I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request.”

Dec 18 01:20:40 <thisismyfloor>    So there is some stuff going on then?
Dec 18 01:20:46 <thisismyfloor>    drama? 😀
Dec 18 01:20:57 <CandyManCan>    gaming is a hellhole lol
Dec 18 01:21:04 <CandyManCan>    games is sort of sliding too
Dec 18 01:21:14 <CandyManCan>    too many posts pushing agendas :(
Dec 18 01:21:17 <Forest|_>    hey
Dec 18 01:21:21 <Forest|_>    in positive news
Dec 18 01:21:26 <Forest|_>    we banned gamergate
Dec 18 01:21:26 <weeedbot>    actually, its about ethics in games journalism
Dec 18 01:21:33 <Forest|_>    ^
Dec 18 01:21:39 <Forest|_>    which has improved the subreddit
Dec 18 01:21:54 <CandyManCan>    lol
Dec 18 01:22:17 <thisismyfloor>    god damn how I hate all that feminist bullshit about women in games..
Dec 18 01:22:19 <CandyManCan>    its funny how gamersgate got super derailed
Dec 18 01:22:32 <Forest|_>    just two sides picking random shitty examples and name calling
Dec 18 01:22:45 <Forest|_>    A few weeks ago, I got called both a SJW and a MRA
Dec 18 01:23:01 <CandyManCan>    I get called both a libtard and a right wing facist everyday

Dec 18 01:24:50 <BipolarBear0>    I can’t really tell through all the racism
Dec 18 01:24:54 <x_minus_one>    Replace “MRA” with “Jews”
Dec 18 01:24:58 <Forest|_>    like “The ~~Jews~~ SJW want to ruin gaming”
Dec 18 01:25:01 <gorillagnomes>    as a lady, that’s nice to know about /r/games banning Gamer Gate
Dec 18 01:25:03 <Forest|_>    you can do it with both
Dec 18 01:25:05 <BipolarBear0>    Replace anything with ‘Jews’ and you’ve got normal discourse
Dec 18 01:25:08 <thisismyfloor>    Come on…
Dec 18 01:25:08 <Forest|_>    it’s really fun
Dec 18 01:25:13 <BipolarBear0>    I mean it fits in most places
Dec 18 01:25:18 <thisismyfloor>    That’s two completely different things..
Dec 18 01:25:29 <Forest|_>    both sides that are still talking about gamergate
Dec 18 01:25:32 <Forest|_>    are sad
Dec 18 01:25:39 <Forest|_>    just move on and have fun
Dec 18 01:25:43 <Forest|_>    It’s fucking video games
Dec 18 01:25:48 <CandyManCan>    [17:25] <gorillagnomes> as a lady, that’s nice to know about /r/games banning Gamer Gate <– lol.
Dec 18 01:26:01 <Forest|_>    people like to choose random topics to fight about
Dec 18 01:26:34 <psdtwk>    http://www.reddit.com/r/TrollXChromosomes/comments/2p9da2/found_this_little_bit_of_gold_on_twitter_this/
Dec 18 01:26:35 <EDI>    (psdtwk) Found this little bit of gold on twitter, this needs to be a thing. : TrollXChromosomes – posted by WhateverWasIThinking 3 days ago ago – 480 comments
Dec 18 01:26:36 <Forest|_>    but when they do fight
Dec 18 01:26:37 <gorillagnomes>    to be honest, anything I’ve read online is anti-women in games

Jan 14 00:04:30 <BipolarBear0>    Lol
Jan 14 00:04:48 <x_minus_one>    I didn’t even approve my own :p  just noticed theirs and was like lol nope
Jan 14 00:04:50 <multi-mod>    user: BipolarBear0 type: submission action: remove message: OH YEEEAAAAAA
Jan 14 00:05:01 <BipolarBear0>    I will admit to one form of mod abuse in /r/news
Jan 14 00:05:13 <BipolarBear0>    Sometimes when I was the first to submit a story I’d remove all other submissions after it
Jan 14 00:05:23 <BipolarBear0>    Gotta rise to the top
Jan 14 00:05:39 <x_minus_one>    brb, reporting bpb’s posts for vote mainipulation
Jan 14 00:06:18 <multi-mod>    I should have secretly banned BipolarBear0 when paradox gave everyone OPs permissions
Jan 14 00:06:27 <hermithome>    lolwut
Jan 14 00:07:02 <hermithome>    BipolarBear0: when this log gets leaked, conspiracy’s gonna have a field day, you know that, right?
Jan 14 00:07:06 <BipolarBear0>    !flags
Jan 14 00:07:18 <TehAlpacalypseHatesPhysics>    hermithome 100% agree
Jan 14 00:07:25 <cordismelum>    /r/conspiracy doesn’t already have a field day?
Jan 14 00:07:30 <BipolarBear0>    Yeah somehow they’ll get pissed that I removed shit despite being the natural first submitter
Jan 14 00:07:32 <hermithome>    awww, why do you hate physics?
Jan 14 00:07:38 <BipolarBear0>    But then again I can say anything and they’ll have a field day
Jan 14 00:07:44 <hermithome>    cordismelum: a field day’s field day?
Jan 14 00:07:48 <BipolarBear0>    s/shit/reposts

Jan 14 00:08:16 <hermithome>    TehAlpacalypseHatesPhysics: what does that have to do with physics?
Jan 14 00:08:33 <TehAlpacalypseHatesPhysics>    Nothing. I just want to be angry. Argghhh.
Jan 14 00:08:39 <TehAlpacalypseHatesPhysics>    angry.
Jan 14 00:09:05 <hermithome>    okay. but you might want to choose something less immutable to be angry at.
Jan 14 00:09:14 <TehAlpacalypseShouldWork>    LIKE YOU
Jan 14 00:09:21 <TehAlpacalypseShouldWork>    FYMINAZI
Jan 14 00:09:26 <x_minus_one>    no, hermithome is pretty mutable
Jan 14 00:09:29 <x_minus_one>     /ignore hermithome
Jan 14 00:09:34 <hermithome>    lol
Jan 14 00:09:35 <TehAlpacalypseShouldWork>    GAMERGATE RUINS MAH GAMES
Jan 14 00:09:46 <TehAlpacalypseShouldWork>    MAH ETHICZ IN GAMING JOURNALISM
Jan 14 00:09:46 <x_minus_one>    GAMERGATE IS LITERALLY KILLING WOMEN
Jan 14 00:09:47 <hermithome>    !comic
Jan 14 00:09:51 <weeedbot>    hermithome: http://i.imgur.com/hcRgyis.jpg
Jan 14 00:09:52 <Paradox>    gorilla cunts?
Jan 14 00:09:59 <hermithome>    !comic
Jan 14 00:10:01 <weeedbot>    hermithome: http://i.imgur.com/9aNDaSC.jpg
Jan 14 00:10:07 <TehAlpacalypseShouldWork>    good one
Jan 14 00:10:11 <Paradox>    !meme good;one
Jan 14 00:10:12 <memebot>    Paradox: http://i.imgur.com/UBVjtgA.jpg
Jan 14 00:10:24 <TehAlpacalypseShouldWork>    *gasp*

Jan 18 15:53:49 <psdtwk>    x_minus_one: they’re listed in the subreddit_stats sidebar in case you forget.
Jan 18 15:57:50 <x_minus_one>    Ah, I’ll have to remember that
Jan 18 15:58:41 <x_minus_one>    oh my god the CSS in /r/mildlyinfuriating
Jan 18 16:03:53 <Respectfullyyours>    heh it’s subtle
Jan 18 16:03:56 <Respectfullyyours>    but annoying
Jan 18 16:05:52 <Respectfullyyours>    the r/cringe christmas theme is probably the worst
Jan 18 16:06:43 <x_minus_one>    yes
Jan 18 16:21:00 <x_minus_one>    Oh my god, I never noticed that /r/conservative links to redpill and kotakuinaction in the sidebar
Jan 18 16:26:39 <gorillagnomes>    Question: when you’ve had to nuke a thread, how do you deal with comments claiming censorship and such? Do you nuke them all too? Do you respond?
Jan 18 16:27:43 <Gaget>    Nuke them as well.
Jan 18 16:27:46 <Gaget>    Ignore them.
Jan 18 16:27:51 <Gaget>    Don’t respond.
Jan 18 16:28:16 <Gaget>    If you can moderate anonymously, do so.
Jan 18 16:28:17 <x_minus_one>    thread_id: [qwerty] action: remove
Jan 18 16:29:02 <x_minus_one>    link_id
Jan 18 16:29:10 <gorillagnomes>    It’s one of those deals where they’re all piling on

Jan 19 02:18:45 <geraldont>    oh right
Jan 19 02:18:51 <geraldont>    reddit is like lagging
Jan 19 02:19:57 <gorillagnomes>    fritzly – i can’t imagine what your inbox looks like right now
Jan 19 02:20:01 <geraldont>    yeah gj fritzly
Jan 19 02:20:11 <gorillagnomes>    lol
Jan 19 02:20:17 <fritzly>    absolute shit gorillagnomes
Jan 19 02:20:40 <fritzly>    not as bad as /r/thefappening tho
Jan 19 02:21:07 <fritzly>    I dont think anything would get as bad as that
Jan 19 02:21:40 <geraldont>    what is wrong with your inbox fritzly
Jan 19 02:21:41 <Gaget>    I don’t know. When I told all of #gamergate to fuck off my inbox was pretty bad.
Jan 19 02:21:56 <gorillagnomes>    i bet
Jan 19 02:22:05 <Gaget>    Every time I’d log on I’d have 25 orangered envelopes all telling me to suck a dick.
Jan 19 02:22:31 <angrypotato1>    I like how we leave to midnight the night before to figure out how we are doing the millionairemakers drawing
Jan 19 02:22:57 <fritzly>    geraldont, modmail inbox from tifu
Jan 19 02:22:58 <geraldont>    hey angrypotato1
Jan 19 02:23:06 <geraldont>    we were just talking about you
Jan 19 02:23:22 <geraldont>    you should say something in support of a voting system
Jan 19 02:23:28 <angrypotato1>    And i was just talking about you
Jan 19 02:23:56 <angrypotato1>    Remember when POLITIC was the hip new big thing

Jan 19 23:17:28 <gorillagnomes>    ^ leaving it
Jan 19 23:17:29 <gorillagnomes>    lol
Jan 19 23:17:55 <JustPassingThrough>    ‘dont link to ed’ has been the international standard of as-far-as-you-can-go-with-personal-info in like literally every subreddit
Jan 19 23:18:06 <JustPassingThrough>    you crossed that line, at least own up to the fact that you fucked up
Jan 19 23:18:12 <XavierMendel>    I didn’t link to ED.
Jan 19 23:18:19 <JustPassingThrough>    dont pretend she has a page on the erectyle dysfunction wiki
Jan 19 23:18:25 <al_afk>    Lol
Jan 19 23:18:30 <BipolarBear0>    @g erectile dysfunction wiki
Jan 19 23:18:32 <EDI>    (BipolarBear0) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erectile_dysfunction — Erectile dysfunction – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during…”
Jan 19 23:18:54 <JustPassingThrough>    @g erectile dysfunction wikia
Jan 19 23:18:55 <EDI>    (JustPassingThrough) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erectile_dysfunction — Erectile dysfunction – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during…”
Jan 19 23:18:55 <BipolarBear0>    @g erectile dysfunction support forum
Jan 19 23:18:56 <EDI>    (BipolarBear0) http://ehealthforum.com/health/erectile_dysfunction.html — Erectile Dysfunction Forum, Erectile Dysfunction support …: “Welcome to the Erectile Dysfunction Forum – a health community featuring member and doctor discussions ranging from a specific symptom to related …”
Jan 19 23:18:59 <JustPassingThrough>    god damn it
Jan 19 23:19:05 <JustPassingThrough>    im trying to find like ED.wikia.com or somethin
Jan 19 23:19:11 <BipolarBear0>    @g help, my penis has fallen and it can’t get up
Jan 19 23:19:12 <EDI>    (BipolarBear0) http://www.themanthropologist.net/blog/your-penis-has-fallen-you-cant-get-it-up-you-say11/21/2013 — Help! My Penis has Fallen & I Can’t Get It Up (O.C …: “Every now and then, a relatively young man comes into my therapy office concerned that he’s lost the ability to get an erection. The events leading…”
Jan 19 23:19:23 <BipolarBear0>    Motherfucker, I thought I was original
Jan 19 23:19:28 <XavierMendel>    Jeez, you guys are so paranoid about doxing that even offhandedly mentioning the initials of a website related to someone is grounds for DEFCON alert.
Jan 19 23:19:34 <al_afk>    Ed.aboutMillenniumFalc0n.com
Jan 19 23:20:00 <al_afk>    It’s for sure a support forum
Jan 19 23:20:05 <JustPassingThrough>    yes because the page that has nudes and home addresses is just toeing the line
Jan 19 23:20:25 <BipolarBear0>    @time india
Jan 19 23:20:31 <XavierMendel>    I didn’t link to it, so who cares?

Jan 21 11:53:04 <TehAlpacalypse>    >implying /mlp/ isn’t literally the most cringey place on the internet
Jan 21 11:53:44 <XavierMendel>    I like how it’s run lightheartedly, with mods that don’t give too many fucks and are forced to be anonymous in their role.
Jan 21 11:53:56 <RedAero>    XavierMendel: Worse in terms of what most people would say. I like the culture a lot more than I like reddit’s because I like being an abrasive prick on the internet
Jan 21 11:54:25 <RedAero>    Oh, and it’s not always modded lightheartedly
Jan 21 11:54:35 <XavierMendel>    RedAero: I like having the freedom to say what I want, though what I want to say is usually nice. 4chan wins in that regard.
Jan 21 11:54:50 <XavierMendel>    I’ve been banned from subreddits for speaking my mind about unrelated topics in different subreddits.
Jan 21 11:54:52 <RedAero>    I got a permaban on /s/ for posting someone *possibly* underage, but obviously clothed, once.
Jan 21 11:54:54 <XavierMendel>    That doesn’t fly on 4chan
Jan 21 11:55:06 <RedAero>    uh
Jan 21 11:55:12 <XavierMendel>    Different boards have different mods. Dunno about the porn ones.
Jan 21 11:55:13 <RedAero>    try talking about GamerGate on vidya
Jan 21 11:55:19 <XavierMendel>    The /wg/ mods are nice enough.
Jan 21 11:55:22 <RedAero>    people got banned left and right
Jan 21 11:55:25 <XavierMendel>    Well, duh.
Jan 21 11:55:34 <XavierMendel>     /v/ has been bad for a very long time
Jan 21 11:55:48 <XavierMendel>    Free thought is as banned as anything else there
Jan 21 11:55:57 <XavierMendel>    The opinions are theirs or banned.
Jan 21 11:56:13 <RedAero>    Oh wait, you were banned on reddit for something you did elsewhere?
Jan 21 11:56:29 <RedAero>    by which i mean another sub?
Jan 21 11:56:29 <XavierMendel>    I was banned on a subreddit for making a comment in a different subreddit.
Jan 21 11:56:33 <XavierMendel>    Yes

Jan 24 15:07:55 <rya>    ah laurelai. i remember the good old days.
Jan 24 15:08:05 <XavierMendel>    So people are a bit, uh, curious as to why
Jan 24 15:08:14 <XavierMendel>    Here’s the post: https://archive.today/1DmNf
Jan 24 15:08:20 <XavierMendel>    Removed: https://www.reddit.com/r/SRSsucks/comments/2thudd/im_former_srs_admin_eternityblooming_i_was_raped/
Jan 24 15:08:22 <EDI>    (XavierMendel) I’m former SRS admin eternityblooming. I was… : SRSsucks – posted by Ophiella 12 hours ago – 158 comments, 116 points
Jan 24 15:08:38 <rya>    y u look at da past xavier
Jan 24 15:08:43 <rya>    move onnn
Jan 24 15:08:44 <XavierMendel>    This is happening now
Jan 24 15:08:58 <XavierMendel>    Anyway
Jan 24 15:08:58 <rya>    laurelai is always lying and drama is all over her
Jan 24 15:09:08 <XavierMendel>    SOmeone posted about it to KotakuInAction and it got removed there as well
Jan 24 15:09:09 <rya>    let it gooooo
Jan 24 15:09:12 <rya>    let it gooooo
Jan 24 15:09:42 <rya>    cant hold it back anymore..
Jan 24 15:09:49 <rya>    let it goooo
Jan 24 15:09:51 <rya>    let it goooo
Jan 24 15:09:55 <XavierMendel>    rya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYFy7IXJDd8
Jan 24 15:09:56 <EDI>    (XavierMendel) Let It Go – Frozen (Idina Menzel) [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) – length 3m 53s – 24,886 likes, 897 dislikes (96.5%) – 4,412,788 views – Marioverehrer on 2013.12.26
Jan 24 15:09:58 <x_minus_one>    There’s nothing better than rape drama, because with some people you never know if it’s “I changed my mind 3 weeks later” or not.
Jan 24 15:10:01 <rya>    turn awa and slam the door
Jan 24 15:10:02 <Lurlur>    I know I’m a bit late, but even the words “child porn” are wrong

Jan 29 19:58:04 <CandyManCan>    maybe its a conspiracy
Jan 29 19:58:06 <XavierMendel>    Well, that’s a bit high actually.
Jan 29 19:58:09 <XavierMendel>    40% maybe.
Jan 29 19:58:11 <CandyManCan>    95%?
Jan 29 19:58:19 <XavierMendel>    Let’s think.
Jan 29 19:58:26 <CandyManCan>    theres only like 10% of reddit htat really is serious about brigading
Jan 29 19:58:28 <foxes>    but seriously, what bugs me is thier claims of “its public information”
Jan 29 19:58:29 <CandyManCan>    SRS, SRD
Jan 29 19:58:30 <foxes>    it is
Jan 29 19:58:32 <foxes>    it toally is
Jan 29 19:58:32 <CandyManCan>    TIA, KIA
Jan 29 19:58:34 <XavierMendel>    All drama subs, all SRS/bluepill/redpill/against_________/pro_________/whatever subs
Jan 29 19:58:37 <BipolarBear0>    https://twitter.com/ryanxcharles/status/560922573769170944
Jan 29 19:58:48 <foxes>    bpb old news
Jan 29 19:58:52 <CandyManCan>    hahahah lol
Jan 29 19:58:59 <XavierMendel>    Childfree, nofap, all controversial subs, PCMR, game subreddits
Jan 29 19:59:00 <CandyManCan>    did they just hire a guy to work on reddit notes
Jan 29 19:59:03 <CandyManCan>    or whatever the fuck its called
Jan 29 19:59:06 <foxes>    yes
Jan 29 19:59:15 <CandyManCan>    …. so that guy lied?

Jan 29 20:42:31 <XavierMendel>    First time I’ve heard to it referred as that.
Jan 29 20:42:38 <captainmeta4>    So a spammer just modmailed us: http://puu.sh/fdjCv.png
Jan 29 20:42:39 <JustPassingThrough>    You mean The Fappening. This is what it is called. Please do not confuse us with other words.
Jan 29 20:42:41 <JustPassingThrough>    lmao
Jan 29 20:43:04 <TehAlpacalypse>    CandyManCan its on
Jan 29 20:43:09 <multi-mod>    lol, I love that response
Jan 29 20:43:09 <BipolarBear0>    I’m going to open a chain of hotels named after major drama
Jan 29 20:43:21 <TehAlpacalypse>    Sorry about not getting an organized draft together I couldn’t get ahold of everyone
Jan 29 20:43:22 <BipolarBear0>    Because you know, none of these Watergate namesakes are actually hotels
Jan 29 20:43:41 <xNiklasx>    Or involve plummers
Jan 29 20:43:42 <BipolarBear0>    Wouldn’t you like to stay at the beautiful Gamergate resort in lovely Cote D’Ivorie?
Jan 29 20:43:47 <JustPassingThrough>    all the -gate scandals are much funnier if you replace them with ‘jate’
Jan 29 20:44:03 <Jakeable>    rofl cm4
Jan 29 20:44:04 <multi-mod>    deepthroat motel would be the only worthwhile watergate related hotel name
Jan 29 20:44:09 <Paradox>    multi-mod you mean like the opposite of f7u12_hampton
Jan 29 20:44:13 <Paradox>    !karma f7u12_hampton
Jan 29 20:44:14 <redditBot>    f7u12_hampton has 103,866 link karma and 27 comment karma.
Jan 29 20:44:18 <Paradox>    holy shit
Jan 29 20:44:18 <XavierMendel>    Didn’t I feature that before…
Jan 29 20:44:23 <Paradox>    i should be in century club now
Jan 29 20:44:35 <BipolarBear0>    I’m personally a fan of Benghazigate

Feb 12 07:55:53 <nalixor>    I would never!
Feb 12 07:55:59 <nalixor>    WHAT KIND OF A MONSTER DO YOU THINK I AM?!
Feb 12 07:56:10 <Lurlur>    I think you are a nalixor
Feb 12 07:56:15 *    nalixor quietly hides his book “How To Cook A Badger And It’s Babies”
Feb 12 07:56:53 <Lurlur>    D:
Feb 12 07:57:04 <Lurlur>    You promised to leave Peanut alone.
Feb 12 08:04:43 <nalixor>    Lurlur, I will leave Peanut alone. 😛
Feb 12 08:04:48 <Lurlur>    And her babies
Feb 12 08:04:58 <nalixor>    also, I’m beginning to see the appeal of SRD
Feb 12 08:05:00 <nalixor>    http://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/2vk5n7/brianna_wu_calls_for_ceo_of_reddit_to_ban_kia_and/
Feb 12 08:05:01 <EDI>    (nalixor) Brianna Wu calls for CEO of Reddit to ban KiA and… : SubredditDrama – posted by wfa19 18 hours ago – 739 comments, 346 points
Feb 12 08:05:05 <nalixor>    that thread is fucking amazing
Feb 12 08:13:30 <Lurlur>    nalixor, SRD were mean to me :(
Feb 12 08:14:30 <nalixor>    they’re mean to everyone. 😛
Feb 12 08:15:58 <Lurlur>    I know, but I’m me
Feb 12 08:27:28 <gorillagnomes>    GUYS
Feb 12 08:27:36 <gorillagnomes>    congrats on the babies, lurlur
Feb 12 08:27:41 <gorillagnomes>    is it really badger babies?
Feb 12 08:27:48 <gorillagnomes>    also, I’m going to the desert today!

Feb 12 16:40:26 <nowhere3>    Are awful people
Feb 12 16:40:33 <XavierMendel>    And anyway, judging voat by its defaults would be like judging reddit by F7U12
Feb 12 16:40:39 <TehAlpacalypse>    It’s nothing but holocaust deniers, racists, MRA’s
Feb 12 16:40:57 <TehAlpacalypse>    who left because they were too batshit to stay on reddit
Feb 12 16:41:00 <XavierMendel>    ISIS, communists, devil worshippers…
Feb 12 16:41:19 <XavierMendel>    Republicans, Catholics, and crusty jugglers.
Feb 12 16:41:22 <TehAlpacalypse>    What are you trying to say? These are shitty people
Feb 12 16:41:33 <nowhere3>    hermithome: creesch’s sticky comments are better than fritzly: http://www.reddit.com/r/modtalk/comments/2mv47n/true_sticky_comments_with_some_css3_magic/
Feb 12 16:41:34 <XavierMendel>    I agree, Catholics and jugglers must go.
Feb 12 16:41:37 <TehAlpacalypse>    …
Feb 12 16:41:45 <fritzly>    hey now
Feb 12 16:41:47 <fritzly>    better
Feb 12 16:41:51 <nowhere3>    Better
Feb 12 16:41:51 <hermithome>    nowhere3: i mostly use creesch’s, but i needed fritzly’s for this one thing
Feb 12 16:41:52 <TehAlpacalypse>    Exactly flashy
Feb 12 16:41:53 <fritzly>    its different
Feb 12 16:41:55 <TitanT>    I want to know what’s wrong with crusty jugglers
Feb 12 16:42:05 <fritzly>    there are flaws in both
Feb 12 16:42:07 <XavierMendel>    TitanT: They associate with people who want men’s rights.
Feb 12 16:42:10 <nowhere3>    Better
Feb 12 16:42:12 <XavierMendel>    They must be stopped at all costs.
Feb 12 16:42:17 <nowhere3>    I said it and I’m sticking by it
Feb 12 16:42:18 <Flashynuff>    not to mention i’m pretty sure i’ve seen chuckspears on there
Feb 12 16:42:32 <fritzly>    you hurt my feelings :(
Feb 12 16:42:36 <XavierMendel>    Chuckspears is also on reddit, on some account
Feb 12 16:42:45 <XavierMendel>    As are the people of conspiracy, kotakuinaction, pol, and 8chan
Feb 12 16:42:56 <TehAlpacalypse>    And we continuously ban them
Feb 12 16:43:01 <XavierMendel>    And so are politicians and clergymen and the VFD.
Feb 12 16:43:04 <TehAlpacalypse>    voat has none of that
Feb 12 16:43:22 <XavierMendel>    Using a website used by someone doesn’t mean you’re bad, or that the site is bad.
Feb 12 16:43:25 <Flashynuff>    yes XavierMendel, they are, but they’re not the majority community like on voat
Feb 12 16:43:33 <TehAlpacalypse>    How can you have a community when it is so toxic that 90% of the internet will hate the content
Feb 12 16:43:34 <XavierMendel>    Killers read CNN as much as the Pope.
Feb 12 16:43:53 <TehAlpacalypse>    You are purposely misconstruing what I’m saying
Feb 12 16:43:59 <XavierMendel>    TehAlpacalypse: Make a subverse that’s not toxic, then.
Feb 12 16:44:18 <XavierMendel>    It’s the standard reddit reply, isn’t it?

Feb 12 16:45:18 <Flashynuff>    XavierMendel, stop being obtuse
Feb 12 16:45:24 <fritzly>    I wasnt aware that was an issue
Feb 12 16:45:25 <XavierMendel>    How am I being obtuse?
Feb 12 16:45:30 <hermithome>    a thread was linked to bestof, and i want to use your css to do a reminder of our rules
Feb 12 16:45:35 <hermithome>    and i want to link to the rules
Feb 12 16:45:37 <Flashynuff>    you know perfectly well there can be a community even if there are no defaults
Feb 12 16:45:52 <XavierMendel>    If there’s no place for a community to occur, there’s no community.
Feb 12 16:46:07 <XavierMendel>    Communities are sub-specific, but they can cross into others. They become two communities.
Feb 12 16:46:13 <hermithome>    fritzly: maybe it’s the quotes within the quotes?
Feb 12 16:46:16 <TehAlpacalypse>     /v/gaming is essentially KiA
Feb 12 16:46:16 <XavierMendel>    The existing ones, maybe. Make your own that isn’t shit.
Feb 12 16:46:35 <Flashynuff>    There are little to no subcommunities at this point, it’s too new.
Feb 12 16:46:50 <XavierMendel>    And judging it while it’s this new is bad.
Feb 12 16:47:06 <Flashynuff>    The main, overarching community still exists.
Feb 12 16:47:17 <TehAlpacalypse>    Why is judging it bad at this point?
Feb 12 16:47:17 <XavierMendel>    If I’d judged reddit forever when I first saw it, I’d have said “shit articles, bad design, 0/10 would not fuck”
Feb 12 16:47:36 <fritzly>    hermithome, it might.  I cant play around with it right now tho
Feb 12 16:47:46 <TehAlpacalypse>    When I first used reddit at least I could tell that the people on it weren’t assholes
Feb 12 16:47:54 <hermithome>    k. i’ll just remove the hyperlink for now then
Feb 12 16:48:02 <Flashynuff>    XavierMendel, I’m not critisizing the site, i’m critizing its starting community. jesus

Feb 12 21:00:18 <fritzly>    I like drama
Feb 12 21:00:20 <fritzly>    too
Feb 12 21:00:44 <fritzly>    so I always enjoy subs like this
Feb 12 21:01:25 <SolarAquarion>    fritzly, post it’s not your fault in the 5 year thread of MwM
Feb 12 21:01:41 <SolarAquarion>    fritzly, post “it’s not your fault” in MwM’s thread in cbs
Feb 12 21:01:47 <fritzly>    Im banned :(
Feb 12 21:01:55 <fritzly>    oh in cbs?
Feb 12 21:01:56 <fritzly>    kk
Feb 12 21:02:58 <SolarAquarion>    fritzly, i’m banned from there too :^)
Feb 12 21:03:04 <SolarAquarion>    I said, so “gamergate is about ethics in gaming journalism”
Feb 12 21:03:08 <fritzly>    noice
Feb 12 21:03:23 <fritzly>    I said something about the mods being from dickgirls
Feb 12 21:03:31 <fritzly>    I wasnt even jerking lol
Feb 12 21:03:43 <fritzly>    but creq likes to ban me from the subs he can
Feb 12 21:05:18 <TehAlpacalypse>    I haven’t been banned yet
Feb 12 21:05:37 <SolarAquarion>    fritzly, https://www.reddit.com/r/subredditcancer/comments/2vigfx/rcollegebasketball_added_2_sjw_cancer_mods_8/coi6f8n i said it’s actually about ethics in gaming journalism
Feb 12 21:05:37 <SolarAquarion>    as a response
Feb 12 21:05:37 <SolarAquarion>    but i deleted it
Feb 12 21:05:37 <EDI>    (SolarAquarion) /r/CollegeBasketball added 2 SJW cancer mods 8… : subredditcancer – posted by GaseForHC 1 day ago – 58 comments, 36 points

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