Second Sight: The Decay: A Horror Mystery Novel

Second Sight: The Decay: A Horror Mystery Novel (Book 1)


A Terrifying World, Hellish visions of a dark past, mass murderers on the loose. A Witty Detective. Only you can solve the mystery behind The Decay… Read at your own risk! No one is safe in the world of Second Sight! Don’t trust anyone you meet there. Can you spot the liars? Can you piece together what’s really happening? You play as Detective Rick Levin. An SBI—Special Bureau of Investigations—Agent on a case to find the cause of an outbreak of mass murders. His hometown has been abandoned for 10 years. It’s rumored that everyone that goes to his hometown, Norcastle, goes insane. Can you survive the horrors back in Norcastle? Better yet can he escape the terrors that lie beyond it? You will see through Rick’s eyes. He will guide you through his epic journey to find the source of the Decay. But it’s up to you to solve the mystery on your own. Everyone you will meet could be lying to you. Don’t trust anyone. You never know who is secretly part of Ravel’s cult. Everyone is a suspect! And everyone has a different point of view. Can you solve the mystery in time or will you lose your mind to The Decay? This novel has two approaches. Choose wisely. You can read it as a casual observer. Or you can dive deeper and find the true ending and solve the case! Can you find it? Can you put the pieces of the puzzle together? Can you separate the difference between the truth and the lies? It’s won’t be easy… good luck!

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