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ok three ways to donate Patreon, tip the web and bitcoin

if you use Patreon and Pledge $1.00 or more per month

you get to be the 1st to download our shows 3 days early and get the only way to download our new monthly specials with all the aerithradio djs


Sep 15 15:59:19 <ForestL>    !mods gaming Sep 15 15:59:20 <redditBot>    r/gaming has 11 mods: qgyh2, Dacvak, V2Blast, AutoModerator, el_chupacupcake, Pylons, pastanate, airmandan, IKingJeremy, synbios16, and Thorse Sep 15 15:59:28 <IKingJeremy>    Sup? Sep 15 15:59:33 <ForestL> Sep 15 15:59:37 <ForestL>    4chan raid Sep 15 15:59:40 <ForestL> Sep 15 16:00:18 <IKingJeremy>    Investigating now. Sep 15 16:00:22 <IKingJeremy>    Thanks for the… Read more →